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10 WordPress Amazon Plugins for your Blog

Are u running a blog promoting amazon products ? Are you using amazon cloud service like Amazon S3? If ‘yes’ then these 10 WordPress Amazon plugins might help you a lot with amazon promotions and services.

1. Amazon Link

This amazon plugin helps to add Amazon products easily to your WordPress blog.The product can be linked and represented by an image,text,thumbnails and even flash widgets.The links generated for the amazon products is adjusted automatically for all amazon sites like Amazon UK , Amazon US etc based on the visitors location.

Download Amazon Link


amazon plugin

Do you want to increase your amazon affiliate sales? Then this plugin is meant for you.Easyazon is a Premium Amazon WordPress plugin that i am using now in my blogs to promote Amazon products.Its very easy to use and it also enables integration of amazon products in blog posts.This plugin has improved my conversion rate to a great extent .

For more details about this plugin you can read our EasyAzon Review- Best Amazon plugin for WordPress .

3.Amazon Widgets Shortcodes

This plugin is used to easily manage the amazon links and widgets such as product preview,product links,Slideshow Widget of your blog.Supports all amazon sites with built in translations.It also supports easy insertion from TinyMCE.

Download Amazon Widgets Shortcodes

4.Amazon Autoposter

This plugin will find amazon products automatically and also creates an amazon ad on your blog.You can specify the keyword for searching related products for your blog and the contextual ad for the products will be displayed to your blog visitors.

Download Autoposter Plugin


Take your WordPress blog to the cloud using Amazon S3 .This cloud storage plugin will give options on choosing what to store in the cloud.You can choose to only store pages or media files to the Amazon cloud.Learn more about how this plugin works and download it

Download WP2Cloud Plugin


ScrapeAZon plugin is used to display the reviews of the customers for the Amazon products that you have reviewed in your blog posts to your visitors.This will help to improve the suggestion of products to the readers by giving the customers review of the product to your readers.

Download ScrapeAZon

7.Amazon S3 Photo Gallery

This plugins allows to host your photos for your photo gallery using the amazon simple storage service (Amazon S3).You can easily create a photo gallery with this plugin using the uploaded photos.

Download Amazon S3 Photo Gallery

8.WP Amazon Ads

This plugin is a Amazon revenue sharing plugin which can be used to display amazon ads in Multi author blogs and also to share the Amazon revenue earned to other authors of the blog.The authors can include their affiliate id and get their share of revenue by contributing to your blog.

Download WP Amazon Ads Plugin

9.Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer

This plugins searches and finds the amazon links on your blog and automatically converts them into Amazon affiliate links.For this plugin to work automatically you must provide all your amazon affiliate ID’s once .It even localize the affiliate links such that the visitors from us will be sent to and not or some other country level domains of Amazon.

Download Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer

10.Amazon Store Plugin for WordPress

With this wp plugin you can create your amazon store integrated with a shopping chart for your blog.This will make it easier for your readers to buy the products.You could also categorize products and list products based on categories with this plugin.While importing products your product posts are automatically created in the category you have selected.

Download Amazon Store Plugin

Looking for highly converting premium Amazon Wordpress themes ? Click here

Hope our list of  WordPress Amazon Plugins were helpful.Do let us know what wp plugins are you using to promote amazon products and other amazon related services ?

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by Saad Naeem

I am an Admin and Co-Editor at & T shirt Printing Dubai Company in Dubai called T shirt printing, providing fresh tips for blogging. Make sure to subscribe to my blog for fresh business ideas

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  1. Amazon has the great potential on Paying user high money. And i thing for managing those plugins are over here.

    1. Conversion on amazon is really good , amazon is a good trusted source so people are more likely to buy the product you recommend to them.

  2. The Amazon Ads (8) and the Amazon Photo Gallery (7) are the top two wordpress plugins of my choice. These are easy to install and fit in perfectly with my blog content. I really recommend them!

    Saad Naeem, thank you for this list! I will try a couple of new plugins I didn’t hear about until now!

    1. Thats great! may be you should try easyazon as well, we are using this on this blog and it has increased our conversions by a lot.

  3. great list of plugins added few of them..thnakss

    1. Thanks mohit , which one you really liked from the list?

  4. Amazon affiliate although not the best, they are very good and easy to apply. I too have some Amazon affiliate products but have not used any plugins. I think you have listed all the good ones, its now a matter of person taste. Thanks for this good list of Amazon plugins.

    1. Hey Mate.

      Nice and easy to use and implement, but the % you get per sale is quite low. I ran 3-5 blogs that sold a product, it was a low ticket item and as you would imagine the commission was lousy.

      I suggest using Amazon to sell High Ticket items or else you will make peanuts. (Unless you like making peanut :D)

  5. Great list Saad, how are you getting on with EasyAzon? I’ve had a little success with it on my other blog’s, but I seem to do better without any plugin on my main blog, just raw Amazon affiliate links in posts with nofollow seem to work well, plus a few product reviews. I also agree with Simmeon, I’ve noticed that low ticket items really do get you peanuts.

  6. I did not know that Amazon has lots of plugins for WP. Thanks for sharing these, Saad.

    1. yes there a lot more Wordpress amazon plugins but these are my favourite and have tested them out on my blogs.

  7. Thanks for sharing a great list of plugins,Saad.

    1. Your welcome Linda Samith, glad you liked the list. 🙂

  8. Saad Naeem looks like you have some success with Amazon unfortunately i try it but could not succeed in it.

    1. that only happens when you are not recommending the product which is related to that post, try to optimise your pages for amazon and make sure to recommend the product which your readers would love to buy.

  9. Hi Saad,

    Wow – These are great! Especially if you have an affiliate amazon account to have products and ads featured on your blog and or website – whether it is your own or affiliate products. This is great not only for the user experience but the overall ROI from your blog and or website in terms of generating revenue. Wordpress has some of the best and easiest plugins available to help you manage your website – And the Amazon plugins, well, the screenshots speak for themselves.

  10. Thanks a ton for the info, searched a lot about it but didn’t get enough information about it. Your article is very informative….thnks 4 sharing. I just wanted to write for you. Can you email me or contact me via blog. I don;t have enough backlinks. I am a newbie.

    1. Thanks Richards, really glad that I could help you. You can use our contact US page to let us know where I can help you.

  11. Thanks for recommending WP Amazon ads. Its amazing. Loving it already (Y)

    1. your welcome Khalid, make sure to join our mailing list to stay up to date with us.

    2. thank you khaled , really glad that you liked the post 🙂

  12. Hey Saad,
    Great Plugin list. You told about “Amazon Autoposter” and it is very useful plugin for my blog. Thanks for sharing this great article.

    1. your welcome Anirban , really glad that I could help you with this post.

  13. Some days back i wrote about WP plugins for beginners and today I got to read about amazon plugins from your blog. My knowledge about plugins is increasing day by day lol .. thanks for sharing !

    1. lol yea thats what happens when you follow great blogs , you knowledge increases 😀 thanks for following us , really appreciate it.

  14. Saad You are great Blogger. I am much impressed by this post of amazon. Plz continue your struggle in this regard to get us updates with new techniques.

    1. Thank you , i will try to provide quality content as much as i can ::)

  15. Thanks for sharing the informative article!My knowledge about plugins is increasing day by day lol ,it helps me a lot!

  16. Great list of plugins/resources for Amazon associates. I have a site dedicated to teaching people how to make money with Amazon and I am surprised that you have not included WPZon Builder in this list. I have tried them all and tthe Zon is be far the best.
    Have you tried it?

    1. Thanks Alex , when I was creating this post, I wanted to give free amazon plugins to my readers but I was looking around and there are pretty amazing premium amazon plugins, I might add few to the list here. Thanks for the recommendation.

  17. hey Saad,

    Excellent resources for Amazon plugins to increase sales. Great work.

    Thank you.

  18. This wonderful plugins going to boost my sells on Amazon for sure all thanks to you my dear friend.

    1. your welcome Heater, I beleive this it your first comment on seoallrounder so Welcome here.

      I invite you to join me on facebook and twitter so you can stay up to date with us. 🙂

  19. If I didn’t see it with my own eyes I would have rated Amazon Links at least 4 stars, maybe 5 for a free plugin.

    It does everything it says it does and I love it. It’s very well written.

    Plugin author has his own Affiliate links built in so it sends to his affiliate code under your API. I had to edit out his links which are in the amazon.php file and replace them with my own. They start on line 516.

    Use this with caution and MAKE SURE YOU EDIT OUT HIS LINKS!

    Now that I have done that it works beautifully.

  20. Well, I have found this nice little plugin that is not enlisted in your list above and it’s great just because it will automatically post daily deals from Amazon to you WP Site, you can target it for niches and you can configure it’s placement. Feel free to try it by clicking onto my name.

  21. Saad, i dont run amezon products, then i can use this plugin?

  22. I am happy reading your article about plugin for Amazon affiliate. I will try using one by one. Thank you.

  23. Nice list of plugins Saad! Are there plugins to show post specific products. I.e. don’t want to show amazon ads on all the post but on few selected ones on the right side bar.?

    1. Check eazyazon mentioned in the post , that will do exactly what you are looking for.

  24. hello dear saad

    well i love the article with the aws-plugins. GREAT stuff. Keep on writing such great and useful articles!



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