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5 Common Misconceptions about Article Marketing

Article marketing is one of the best ways to attract high quality traffic to your website. Whether you want to promote your product, affiliate product, service, or local business, it is important to eliminate any misconceptions about article marketing. Once you eliminate the common misconceptions, you will be able to do article marketing better. Here are 5 common misconceptions about article marketing:

1. SEO is everything

Many people are too obsessed with SEO. They are spending hundreds of dollars just to invest on SEO. They have one goal in mind: they want to rank high in the search engine result. And their underlying mindset is that SEO is the only way to achieve their goal. This is the greatest misconception in article marketing. To eliminate this misconception, you have to understand the purpose of your article. Your purpose for writing articles is to attract potential customers to your website. Writing quality article is the best way to attract new potential customers to your website. Don’t obsess with SEO. Remember that your goal is to give valuable information so that people are interested with your product.

2. Article marketing is for backlink building

Those people who obsess too much with SEO treat article directories as mere backlinking channels. This is a gross misconception. Article marketing is your channel to communicate with your potential customers. Think about article directories as the middlemen between your business and your audience. You’re using those article directories because they have superior traffic. Remember that backlink building should only be regarded as bonus for doing article marketing. It’s called article marketing because you are using article as your promotion tool. It’s not link marketing.

3. Distributing your articles to multiple article directories will give you better result

There are not too many good article directories out there. In fact, many article directories that most people submit for backlinking purpose have become content farm that are slowly dumped by Google and other search engines. Therefore, distributing your articles to multiple article directories will not give you any significant boost for your traffic. It is much better if you focus on one or two article directories and drive traffic from those directories instead of using article directories for backlinking purpose. Choose the biggest and most popular article directory as your primary channel of article marketing.

4. Writing any article will make you some cash

Most people completely misunderstood about the whole concept of article marketing. Writing article can bring you traffic, but it isn’t true that any article will give you quality traffic. Low quality article will give you traffic, but will they convert? Only by writing high quality, unique, and original article you will be able to drive high quality traffic that actually converts. Remember that you are writing article to presell, to persuade, and to entice your potential customers. You are not writing article to build backlink.

5. Your job is only to write articles

The secret is continual conversation with your audience. Writing article mindlessly will not get you anywhere. The secret is to write engaging and interesting article that will ticks your reader’s mind–article that will make your readers to think about taking your offer. So, your job is not only to write articles. You have to converse with them, build relationship, becoming an expert, build trust and reputation, and actually do repeat business with your readers.

Those common misconceptions are what lead most people fail in article marketing. Article marketing is a great way to attract high quality traffic to your website. However, most people completely miss this point. Writing crappy articles that offer no value at all will only drive measly traffic that doesn’t convert. If you want to improve the result from your article marketing campaign, start breaking those misconceptions about article marketing as soon as possible.

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