5 Must Have Tools for Blogging Besides Content!

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“Content is King” We all have heard that , a very common phrase we come across when blogging but is that all? , what do you think about it? I do agree that content is king but what if that content is not reaching out to the people , or people cannot reach out to your content.

So whats the point of having this content when it cannot reach out to your potential readers for who you are trying to post here for , am I right?

No doubt how interesting your content is , but without the right tools how can you reach out to them?

I will show you 5 must have tools for blogging that you need to convey your message to the world.

On-page SEO

What On page Search Engine optimisation means is that you should add meta description to your website for example , all your pages should have H1 title and description tags. This way not only people can know what your site is about but google will go through your website and list you in their search engine and send targeted people to your website.

Tools Recommended for On page SEO :-

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Off Page SEO

Another important part of SEO is off page , off page seo is mainly getting links to your site , google calls these links as votes the more you have , the more reputation you will get from google. This kind of link building is highly not encouraged by google because google want your website to get link naturally but many people are creating backlinks manually , before creating these link make sure you are getting links from high authority sites and make them look as natural as you can.

One link from high authority site is better than 100 crappy backlinks and crappy backlinks can get your site penalised by google.

Few off page linking methods :-

  • Commenting on other blogs
  • Guest posts on good blogs
  • Submit content to Article directories
  • Rss aggregators
  • Blogroll links (don’t buy them , get from your friend on similar niche)

P.S. Dont use any automatic tool for off page link building! it can penalize you website and might not ever recover.

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Security is an essential part of your blog , hacker are getting smart day by day and there’s no way you can keep your blog secure than having regular backups. Many people suggest free WordPress plugins to keep your blog secure but what about your database? Database is the heart and soul of your blog , it has your posts , comments and all the meta information. Hackers will always find a solution to inject in your database and extract the data or infect it with a malware which will harm all your sites on same hosting account. To keep your self safe, we suggest you to use secure hosting and a good backup tools for WordPress like :-

  • Bluehost
  • VaultPress

Social Media

Social Media is on the boom right now and is the fastest way to get readers for your blog but before you jump in to social media make sure to know from where you can get most of your readers , if you have blog about images then pinterest or stumble upon is your best choice and if it is about blogging , tech , sports then Facebook is your best option. Choose only one platform to start with and learn more on how to get readers from social media. Engaging with your users and solving their problem personally is a great way to build your fans and subscribers list.

Tool Recommended : Add sharing buttons on your blog, commonly used buttons are :-

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Digg
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • Stumbleupon
  • LinkedIn

Speed Up Your Blog

Who doesn’t love speed? I am sure you want to browse through website which are blazing fast , amazon did a research and found a 20% decrease on their sales when their site speed was increased from 2 seconds to 2.7seconds.  Google has made page speed one of the important factor for ranking the sites. Good blog speed doesn’t only increase speed but also decrease your bounce rate.

Tools to check and analyse your Blog Speed :-

Tools to make your WordPress blog fast instantly :-

Read : 10 ways to increase Wordpress speed

These are must have add ons to your blog besides your content , failing to apply these on your blog can hurt your blog from reaching out it potential readers or customers.


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  1. Simmeon says

    Morning Saad,

    Oh no, I only have 4/5 is that good?
    I’m not using a CDN at the moment, now that may change soon but as it stands I’m alright. Social shares are really impacting how we are ranked, 0 shares = less love from search engines, need to make sure we are getting our content shared – so get those buttons on display.

    You’ve listed great points that are mandatory for blogging, nice post.

    • says

      Hey Simmeon Whats up , Social button are crucial for all the website now, social media is a great tool to work with if the right strategies are put in to it.

      btw do you know maxcdn is giving free 1terabyte , why dont you get it. 1terabyte can easily run a blog for next 3-4years. It a great deal and you should get it before its too late ;)

    • says

      Well pinterest right now is not that great , but what if I tell you pinterest give’s you do follow link unlike other social networks and its pr7. Will you still not share on pinterest?

  2. says

    I’m still in confusion about On-page SEO. Let me know one thing Saad, have you added H1 tag and description tag in this post? If yes, than point that part in reply to me please.

    • says

      Ehsan you are really confused with on page seo , let me help you mate.

      Title is always H1 , WordPress it self is highly search engine optimised all the title ar h1.

      you dont really have to add meta description now , google is so advanced that it reads your whole content and automatically makes meta description , it was that olden times when we had to tell google about our page but now adding keywords and description is pretty waste of time.

      One thing more google normally makes meta description out of your opening paragraph so make sure to add your keyword in there.

      Hope i answered your question bro :)

  3. Nizam says

    Really useful strategies to implement besides good content. Mostly on-page and off-page SEO are very important. Thanks Saad :)

    • says

      Onpage Seo is one time setup and not care about it where as offpage seo is a never ending process, we have to work hard to gain reputation so other people can start linking to us :)

  4. Ryan Biddulph says

    Hi Saad,

    Make your posts easy to share. Include social share buttons in prominent spots. Leverage your presence. Super tips here.

    Share other people’s posts. Some return the kind act. Both parties prosper. Simple, timeless, all powerful formula.

    Thanks Saad!


    • says

      Nice to see you here Ryan, sharing has done wonders for people, I am seeing many sites who have quit optimising for search engine and started focussing on social media traffic only.

  5. Jane says

    Page speed is a serious issue and it is important to have supporting tools to improve page speed; especially with the given number of (inevitable) plugins we are using, we totally need a hand on improving page speed.

    Thanks for the useful list Saad.

    • says

      Nice to see you here jane,

      I am using 25 heavy plugins here but w3 cache and maxcdn are doing their job pretty well as I am scoring 91 in google speed. I am kinda obsessed with website speed like google.

  6. says

    Hi saad,
    Really appreciate your efforts for helping us. Well I’m using all these factors for my blog, but recently I’ve heard about the MaxCDN but unfortunately I’m not able to create an account. Because I’m still under 18 and didn’t have any Credit Card or Paypal any alternate for this. Please guide me further your help would be really appreciated.
    And thanks for writing such a great post for us ;)

  7. says

    That was fantastic. Yeah I do agree although content is King still you need to reach people to get your content be noticed. If you really into blogging you have to outreach your blog for others to know. Be sure again that your content is really a king on page and off page seo is a great help too thanks for sharing.

  8. Anton Koekemoer says

    Hi Saad,

    Great post. And yes – these are some of the most valuable aspects when it comes to having a good and successful blog. The tools you’ve mentioned are some of the best one available on the market – though there are some others than can contribute value – especially depending on what social media networks you are engaging on and where your target market spends most of their time.

  9. says

    When it comes to security and speed up blogging, most of the people lack to optimize their blogs.

    Page speed is proved one for getting good search engine ranking, we should speed up our site to readers stay long time on our site.

    Valuable post, thanking you Saad.

  10. Deepak says

    That makes my day with that perfect article.
    I usually get problem with speed of blog and loading time of page ( I use W3 page cache). And i will be soon trying SEOPressor as i get some money added in my account. While quite a great content.

  11. says

    The rules of SEO world are changed now. You have mentioned Article submission as an effective backlink startegy but I beg to differ, after recent updates by Google it’s almost as good as dead. If you want evidence check out what happened to ezinearticles.com on SEMRush. Now there are only two techniques which are still bearing fruits they are blog commenting and guest posting. I pray they don’t get hit by Google too.

    • says

      That a great comment kelly, now you cannot see ezine and semrush on google at all as people has spammed it will less quality articles but it doesn’t mean that its not beneficial. I have 5 articles on ezine and they give me really good traffic and in the last update those articles for pr4. My site wasn’t effected at all but i would say try to put unique and good article on articles directories because they might be banned from google but not from bing and yahoo. So they are good way to get some traffic on your site :)

  12. says

    Quite a list Saad and here are some more tools that I often use:

    Traffic travis for Keyword competition Check
    Free Keyword monitor for Keyword position check
    Windows live writer for Offline Blogging
    Managewp for managing multiple Blogs…
    Bufferapp for Social media buffering
    Hootsuite and Socialoomph for automation…

  13. says

    I stumbled upon this post while browsing but once I started reading I got quite impressed. The saying that Content is King has put too much focus on content and new bloggers are neglecting other aspects of a successful blog. Especially off-page SEO and back-ups. As regards off-page people usually out-source their work and end-up accumulating a lot of low quality links and they rarely keep any back-up for their site. If a site gets hacked or malfunctions it sends them months back. Therefore, I think new bloggers should focus on these issues as well.

  14. Ben Ko says

    Hi Saad, thanks for the tips. I would like to know about the security and back up things. What if I have a very strong password for the hosting account? Is there any chance for the hackers to hack it?

    • says

      Hey Ben , yea even if you have a strong hosting password with good hosting , hackers will find a way to inject in your database so thats why I would recommend you to use a backup service which keeps your files elsewhere and not on your hosting account.

  15. says

    yes the page speed and social sharing signals and backlinks are main factors to push your content page to the top levels…and thanks alot for the great tools you have suggested “Google Page speed”
    &Pingdom once more tool i would like to add is see your website as the eye of search engine..ho pe you like it and thanks again Saad Naeem for this wonderfull post

  16. says

    thats a good number of list. Thanks a lot for share.. loved your article..
    Its really important to a newbie like me to have a look n use these tools!.. thanks for the share

  17. Mike says

    Excellent blog post. All the things which you have explained here are simply awesome. You are awesome writer Saad. I am reading your each and every post. :)

    Thank you

  18. says

    Hi, Its great help for me, as I do not know much about all these things. But your post is in so simple and easy language that I understand the importance of these tools.

  19. Jonathan Belcher says

      This is a great post! Never really thought about the speed of my blog loading as having much an effect on how I rank.

      Otherwise, everything else you said about sharing your blogs on social sites and getting quality links is a MUST. Thank you for this post.


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