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How to Choose the Right Affiliate Product to Promote on Amazon

Do you want to increase your earnings with Amazon affiliate program? If you want to boost your earning with Amazon, I will tell you one simple secret that will guarantee your success with Amazon. The secret is to choose the right product to promote.

You know, Amazon has plenty of products in their listing. You can’t just choose any product and expect good earning by promoting that product. There are some rules that you need to apply in order to find the most profitable product for you to promote. Here are 5 rules to choose the right Amazon product to promote.

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1. The price tag should be reasonably high

Since the commission you will get from Amazon will be quite low (4% at the start), you have to choose the product that will get you reasonable commission for each sale. The product you choose on Amazon should have at least $200 price tag. This is the first rule that you need to follow. Any product that is lower than this suggested price tag may not give you good result in your promotion. This price tag will make sure that you get decent commission for each sale.

2. The product must be bestseller

This is obvious as you want to promote product that sells well. If the product belongs to the bestseller section, you will at least know that the product is selling well on Amazon. It means that when you promote this product, you will have more chance to get people buy this product from your affiliate link. Although you can promote non-bestseller product, it will give you significant difference in earning if you compare it with promoting bestseller product.

3. The product must have more than 4.5 star review

This is to ensure that your promoted product has good quality. Product with more than 4.5-star review will encourage more people to buy it. If you promote a product with low star review, you will have difficult time promoting the product because people will view the product as low quality and not worth buying. At least, most of them. Product with good affiliate review has better perceived value for the potential customers.

4. There is enough demand for the product in the search engine

Since you will use search engine for your product promotion, you need to make sure that the product you choose has good number of search in Google. Just make some keyword research once you find your potential Amazon product that you want to promote by the product name as a keyword. If you see more than 1000 global monthly search, it means that you can potentially make some money from promoting this product.

5. Choose product with more than 20 reviews

If the product has high review rating, but only 3 people are actually reviewing the product, it means that the rating is not accurate enough to represent the overall product quality and consumer satisfaction. That’s why you need to choose product with more than 20 reviews. Make sure that the first 5 reviews give positive rating (4-5 stars) for the product.

If you promote Amazon product, you will tend to get higher conversion. Why? That’s because Amazon is regarded as a reputable company. People no longer feel afraid to purchase from Amazon because they know that it is a good company. By choosing the right Amazon product to promote, you can increase your commission because it will be a lot easier for you to generate sales for your promotion.Also learn How to increase your Amazon affiliate earning quickly

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Hope you liked this post about choosing the right product on amazon.Do share your opinions with us in comments.

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by Saad Naeem

I am an Admin and Co-Editor at & T shirt Printing Dubai Company in Dubai called, providing fresh tips for blogging. Make sure to subscribe to my blog for fresh business ideas

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  1. I started to use Amazon back in October and although I’ve had quite a few number of clicks I’ve only made three sales but these tips are solid and I’m sure they will come to great use. I would just like to say that I choose the lower end value products in my niche simply because I believe that they are more likely to sell more in quantity. Anyone not using Amazon affiliates as a money making platform is missing out, I also believe that 2012 will be a great year for sales on Amazon so get in now.

  2. It was really a blow when Amazon discontinued their affiliate program in Illinois. That always had tons of potential as an income-generator. Anyway, really great post. Very informative!

    1. oh never really heard of that, so are they back or still discontinued? 

  3. Saad:

    Great tips for ensuring better results with Amazon niche sites. These are very similar to what I use to determine the best product to market.
    I agree that marketing higher priced items will make you more money but you should also sell lower priced items so you can get more sales and increase your sales percentage. This way you can make more money on the higher ticket items.

    Take care!

    – Rick

    1. Thanks Rick , lower priced items never really worked for me so i sticked to higher price because higher priced have serious buyers thats what I believe.

  4. I totally understand, if you try something and it doesn’t work for you then don’t do it. After all, it takes the same amount of time and effort so you might as well go for the higher priced items.

    Take care!

    – Rick

    1. yes , what ever works with who ever just stick to that , master it first before moving to a new thing.

  5. nice tips i was really looking for it coz from past few years m struggling in affiliate markte

    1. Glad you liked it , for me conversion has been 40% per month and i realized what i was doing so right , so shared the tips over here. Amazone is great for selling stuff as before trust Amazon and will likely to buy it.

  6. Affiliate marketing is really very easy if know main strategies. I’m doing it from last 6 months, getting good amount. No fear about google panda, penguin, money , donkey etc…

  7. amazing tips. i will do following your guildes. thank

  8. there a way to promote amazon associates if we have no blog or website..thanks..

    1. hey aira , yea why not you can use facebook and twitter and promote it to your fans.

  9. Hi Saad,

    How many products do you promote from amazon? Do you particularly promote a niche product or just in any products you like as long as the price is high, has 4.5 ratings and lots of reviews?

    Which one would you recommend? A niche product or any products?


  10. Nice tips Saad, the problem again is finding the best way to promote your Amazon Affiliate links.


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