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5 Tips to Generate Your First Affiliate Sale

Your first affiliate sale is very motivating. This is the moment that most affiliates cherish. Without his first sale, someone won’t be able to become super affiliate. If you have difficulty to generate your first affiliate sale, follow these 5 tips:

1. Start your promotion plan

Don’t just sit down and expect miracle to happen. Actually start your promotion plan. However, it is important for you to have an actual plan to promote your affiliate product. So, before you begin to start your plan, you have to create the plan. Actually, it is simple. Just fill this information and you will have new promotion plan waiting to be executed:

– Your niche
– Your affiliate network
– Your product
– Your landing page
– Your main promotion method
– Your additional promotion method

Once you know about the big picture of your affiliate promotion, start executing your plan consistently.

2. Focus on one product that you trust

By focusing on one product to promote, you will have better progress. Think about it. If you focus on 3 products to promote, you will divide your attention and efforts into three product promotion. But, if you focus on only one, you are giving your attention and efforts directly for the promotion of that one product. Thus, your result will be better. It is better to earn more with one product than to earn less with multiple products. So, focus to promote one product that you trust.

3. Don’t be ‘greedy’ in your first try

Be simple. Affiliate marketing is not complicated. You are promoting other people’s product and you’ll get commission for each sale. So, follow one simple system that will ensure that you get the sales from your promotion. Trying multiple internet marketing methods will not give you effective result. If you are ‘greedy’ by hopping from one method to another method without giving the chance for the method to work, it will keep yourself in the failure zone. So, if this is your first try in affiliate marketing, simply choose one appealing promotion method and stick with it until you see some results. Only then, you can experiment with other methods as much as you like.

4. Create a simple system

If you can generate passive income from affiliate marketing, do you want to do it? The ultimate goal for any affiliate marketer should be passive income. It is the idea that you’ll keep getting sales even without active promotion effort on your part. To achieve this goal, you have to create a simple system. Let me give you one idea. Create a small blogger blog as your sales funnel and drive traffic to it. This is a simple system. This simple system will help you to get passive income from your affiliate promotion.

5. Begin to write effective landing page copy

If you want to be able to sell product online, you have to learn about how to write effective landing page copy. As an affiliate, your job is to persuade and entice your audience to buy your affiliate product. You can only do this by refining your copywriting skill. Learn more information about how to write effective landing page copy and apply that information to your affiliate marketing promotion. You will get better and better result every time you apply your knowledge and skill.

Those are some valuable tips that will help you to generate your first affiliate sale. Remember that it actually isn’t hard to get your first sale. But most people are too lazy to even work for it. If you follow the tips above, you won’t go into the wrong direction.


by Saad Naeem

I am an Admin and Co-Editor at & T shirt Printing Dubai Company in Dubai called T shirt printing, providing fresh tips for blogging. Make sure to subscribe to my blog for fresh business ideas

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