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6 Tips for Small Site Link Building

All websites need backlinks to increase their search engine rankings. A backlink is a link from an external website pointing back to your website. Google treats these back links as a referral or a recommendation from that website that your website contains quality content that is useful and relevant. For SEO purposes, you want links from high authority websites with powerful domain recognition and age. Here are six tips for small site link building.

Brand Your Name
The first step to link building is creating quality content that people want to link to. Develop a large catalog of quality articles and media. Post this content to your website on a regular basis to get entry in the search engines for your content. You also want to start developing your social media profiles so your customers have a way to get in touch with you. Put links to your content on your social media websites to increase backlinks and get your followers to your website.

Do the Research
Back links from other sites need to be relevant to the content of your blog. You don’t need links from a tech blog if you are a health blog. Research the sites you want to be linked from and find out who runs them. Develop a list of your target websites from who you want back links. You need to find something that you can offer them to get the back link. Some websites will accept payment for a link. If you do not have cash, you’ll need to find other ways to entice them.

Guest Post
Guest post to blogs to get your name out there. Guest posts serve two purposes: name recognition and back links. Writing a guest post gets your name out to the websites existing customer base. This develops name and brand recognition to your website and earns you additional traffic. Many websites put a link to your website in your guest post blog back to your website. This back link refers the readers to your website and increases your back link quota.

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Make Contacts
Many people send out cold call emails to websites to get backlinks. This technique may have some results but you’ll get better results with a more personal touch. Find the number to call the website owner or their agent. You may also contact them through social media channels on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Introduce yourself, your product and your website and make a connection with that person.

Have Something to Offer
You are going to need something to offer in exchange for the link. You rarely get something for nothing in life. Some websites accept payment in exchange for a link on their website. You may not have the cash to go this route yet. Other options include offering a discount on your product or service. You may also offer a guest post to their website. Websites need relevant and updated content and may accept your guest post as a valid way to back link to your website.

Alumni Offers
By virtue of their age, .EDU domain and customer base, universities have a powerful domain. Almost all universities have an alumni page where they offer promotions and discounts to get people to sign up as an alumni for the university. These pages are used to entice people to become alumni members. Offer a discount or promotion on your product or service on this page. The university lists your website as the enticement to get people to sign up for their alumni and you get a back link to your website from a powerful domain with authority in the search engines.

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