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7 Effective Link Building Tips to Achieve Top Rank in Google

One of the most important parts of building a successful website is link popularity. If you are doing effective link building for your website, you will be able to achieve high rank in search engine result page quickly and easily. Here are 7 effective link building tips to achieve top rank in search engine result page:

1. Submit your articles to top-ranking article directories

Choose several top-ranking article directories and submit your original article to those directories. What you should consider are,,,, and Write quality articles, not crap. Although you’re going to build link with your articles, you have to give value to your readers.

2. Post quality comments to related blogs

Make a list of 10 blogs that are related to your website. Subscribe to their RSS feeds so that you’ll know first-hand when they got updated. As soon as you see the update, post your quality comment to those blogs. Don’t forget to leave your link there.

3. Write guest posts to top-ranking blogs

With the same list of 10 blogs, contact each of the blogger and offer them your guest post. Remember that you have to make sure to build professional image when you ask them to become their blog contributor. With your guest post, you will be able to place quality link to your website.

4. Put your link in your forum signature

Participate in forums and place your website link in your forum signature. Then, post on those forums frequently so that people notice you as an active member of the forums. Once you’ve gained this recognition, it is easy to bring traffic to your website through your forum signature. Moreover, forum signature will give you more boosts in your search engine ranking.

5. Write a press release about your website

Press release websites have high search engine position and search engines often regard those websites as high-rank websites. So, it won’t hurt you to write a press release about your website and place your link there. You will experience instant boost in your rank and your traffic once you’ve published your press release.

6. Submit your videos to various video-sharing websites

Youtube and Daily Motion are your best friends in video marketing. They have strong ranking and linking from them will give your website an extraordinary traffic. Place your link in your video description and post your video regularly. Once per day is enough to keep traffic flowing to your website.

7. Bookmark your posts with social bookmarking tools

Social bookmarking tools will help your website to go viral very quickly, especially Digg and Stumble Upon. Moreover, they are high-rank websites that will give you nice link juice. Every time you post a new content to your website, make sure to publish your link to those social bookmarking tools. The more the better; you’ll have stronger link popularity if you place your link in those bookmarking websites.

Those are some effective ways to achieve top rank in search engine result page. Follow those tips diligently, and you will be able to achieve higher rank quickly.

by Saad Naeem

I am an Admin and Co-Editor at & T shirt Printing Dubai Company in Dubai called T shirt printing, providing fresh tips for blogging. Make sure to subscribe to my blog for fresh business ideas

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  1. All these are well tried and tested methods, great list. Forum signature over time can really bring in targeted visitors as well as increase rank in Google.

    1. thanks fab , for stopping by.

  2. Great list! I always work on posting quality comments on related blogs.And now i’ll try the remain

  3. Kindly tell about press release, if you can write a detailed post so we will be understanding this in more detail.


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