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How to Make Your Banner ads More Profitable

Banner advertising is one of the best solutions to attract new customers into your online business. However, most banners are not profitable. If you experience similar problem with your banner, here are 7 small tune-ups to make your banner more profitable:

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1. Have more focus on the text, not the graphic

What matters most on your banner is your text—how you communicate with your audience through your banner. Don’t focus on the graphic because graphically appealing banner doesn’t guarantee success. Focus on what you write on your banner. Make it simple, catchy, and inviting.

2. Make brief instruction to your audience

Call to action is very important in order to attract people to respond positively to your banner. Without call to action, you won’t be able to attract their interest to click your banner ads. However, make your call to action brief. For example: “Get Your Free Quote Today”. This is a brief call to action that you can use. It’s inviting and simple.

3. Show the benefits of your product clearly

In your banner, you have to show your audience the benefits that they will get. If you are advertising your web hosting service, make sure to list the benefits, such as:

– 24/7 Support Live Chat
– 99.0% Uptime Guarantee
– CPanel
– Stable Server
– Only $5/Month

Those are the benefits you’re presenting to your audience in a short and simple manner. You don’t need to list all the benefits. Let you audience check the full benefits of your service in your landing page.

4. Don’t distract, adapt!

Don’t create a banner that will only distract your audience. Before creating your banner, look at the place where you will put your banner. Adapt with the design of that website so that people won’t get distracted with your banner. The key is to adapt, not to distract.

5. Advertise only on relevant websites

It is important to expand your reach, but you have to avoid advertising on irrelevant websites because it will render your banner ineffective. Choose one to two relevant websites to put your banner for a start. Test your banner first, and expand later. Remember that relevancy is very important here.

6. Copy the best headline

Make sure to write excellent headline for your banner. This is the main attraction that will either make your audience interested in your service or not. Copy the best headline you’ve ever seen and modify it a little. Make it your own headline for your banner. One example of good headline is this: “The Smartest Hosting Solution”.

7. Position your banner in hot spot

Positioning is important in order to get the best response from your banner. If you position your banner in the wrong place, no matter how good your banner, it won’t get noticed by your audience. So, choose a strategic place for your banner. The best place is always above the fold, where your audience can see your banner without scrolling the page.

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Those are some small tune-ups that you need to apply in order to make your banner more profitable.

by Saad Naeem

I am an Admin and Co-Editor at & T shirt Printing Dubai Company in Dubai called T shirt printing, providing fresh tips for blogging. Make sure to subscribe to my blog for fresh business ideas

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