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MailChimp vs Aweber : Battle of the Beasts


Choosing the right email list services provider is critical to any business. Such a service provides valuable targeted visitors to a business’ website, a constant source of traffic, repeat traffic and sales of the services and products of the business. Since this service is a mainstay for any successful business, you should choose an auto-responder service after carefully considering the features offered and those you require for your business. The following guidelines should help you towards that end.


MailChimp offers a free subscription option of their service, for an indefinite period of time, but only as long as you have fewer than 2,000 subscribers and you send out fewer than 12,000 emails a month. While this may sound enticing, you do not have access to their full suite of features and services. Excluded from the free subscription are features such as delivery doctor (this tests your campaigns at the click of a button to identify potential problems with consumer ISPs and spam filters), inbox inspector (this ensures your email looks great in major email clients), time warp (ensures email delivery and times of delivery), and the full auto-responder capabilities is not included.

Aweber however, charges $1 for the first month of service and although this trial service provides for only 500 subscribers, it allows unlimited email sending, a 30-day money back guarantee and access to their full-featured service. Following the trial month, Aweber charges $19.99 for the first 500 subscribers.

aweber or mailchimp


In both Aweber and MailChimp the user interface provides many features, tools and functions to learn so the learning curve may be steep for some. Aweber provides many how-to videos for practically everything so you are never at a loss trying to figure anything out. Aweber’s interface may not be as user friendly but it certainly is powerful. MailChimp provides guides and videos as well as a colorful, user friendly interface. The two services seem equally matched as far as their interface is concerned.

Form Design Tools

Aweber offers a large variety of custom form designs for your opt-in forms. A wizard allows you to customize the size, wording, font and color elements of the designs. The process focuses more on inbuilt opt-in forms, and although it may be a little slow, you will not run out of design ideas. You may also use these forms to create a mini website and host it on Aweber’s site.

MailChimp provides external opt-in forms that can be used as opt-in pages hosted on MailChimp’s site. A skilled web designer could make his own forms from scratch using MailChimp’s design tools. The GUI tool can be used even by novices to create designs including pop-ups. The service provides only three templates for onsite forms and they are known as Naked, Classic and Super Slim.

Drafting and Email Design 

Although Aweber provides a good choice of email templates to choose from, it does not have very sophisticated text editing software. Care should be taken when text is copied and pasted into the email templates. Aweber has advised they will be releasing a new version of the text editor that will be more user-friendly and will fix current problems experienced by the current editor.

MailChimp however, supplies a large number of email templates, ranging from highly stylized to very basic. The interface for designing HTML emails is very flexible and you may even host images on their site. The site runs much slower however, and that is possibly because of the loaded images used by its user interface.

Email Tracking

Aweber provides a sophisticated tracking system that tells which links a subscriber clicked on, when they were clicked and when emails were opened. MailChimp provides no such tracking, and only uses a rudimentary system of placing a star next to a subscriber who opens an email. Conversion tracking is provided by Aweber for those who sell products on their websites, and users of the sites can be traced from the email links to the websites.

Another distinction between the two services is that your domain links in an email are emailed in the exact format with Aweber emails, whereas with MailChimp the links are converted to very long and strange looking links that many subscribers are wary of clicking. The links in the Aweber emails do not look suspicious to readers and using them result in high click through rates.

Auto Responder Efficiency

Aweber and MailChimp manage their email lists differently. Aweber manages its email follow up sequence by assigning a number to each message that goes to its subscribers, and each message is spaced by a certain number of days from the last message. It is always possible to tell which messages were sent to which subscribers. In the MailChimp system, it is possible to send emails to just a few subscribers of a list based on specific criteria. The same is not possible in the Aweber system. Both systems are equally effective in their follow-up methods.


Aweber certainly has the edge over MailChimp in the area of support. Live customer support is available with Aweber Monday through Sundays at specified times by telephone and through live chat, and international customer support is possible with a special number. Support can also be reached through email. The only support available with MailChimp is email, and customers may wait up to 24 hours before they receive a response to their queries.


In the end, when considering MailChimp or Aweber, Aweber’s powerful email follow-up and tracking system, as well as their high email delivery rate, by far outweighs that of MailChimp. In its favor, MailChimp allows greater form design flexibility, but once the form is designed, deliverability and tracking become features for daily monitoring and concern, and that is the strong point for the Aweber system.

MailChimp’s terms of service does not let you to promote affiliate products whereas Aweber does, so an online marketer will need to carefully scrutinize the TOS of the auto-responder he is considering before he makes a decision to purchase.

Aweber‘s introductory $1 price for the first month makes it easily affordable for any marketer now starting out, especially as access is given to all resources of the service. When all features and services are considered, Aweber offers a better and more powerful auto-responder service than MailChimp.

I have made my first sale with commission of $97 with only 9 subscribers in my list.

 Its never too late to start building your email list , join now and start connecting with your lost visitors!


Promote Your Ebook Online : 10 Easy Ways!


Writing an eBook is quite tricky, but promoting it online can be such a hassle. No matter what kind of an eBook you’ve written, reaching your audience should be your top priority. Unlike in the pre-internet days when the power of promoting a book was a job for reviewers and publishers, nowadays it is much easier to get you book to the target audience by yourself.

Usually, there are two things that come with promoting your eBook, the good news and the bad news. For instance, the bad news is that the electronic publishing sector is very difficult to conquer and hence it’s the ultimate game that can make you either a winner or a loser. On the other hand, if your eBook fails, it is not usually about its content being poorly written but rather poorly promoted.

Basically, the promotion of your eBook is something entirely under your control. Nevertheless, if you’ve been struggling to achieve this with little or no success, the following tips for how to promote your eBook online will surely help you.

Learn How to Write a Ebook for Free

Promote Your Ebook Online…

1. Promote Yourself As The Author

This is one of the most effective ways you can use to promote your eBook online. There are several ways you can use to accomplish this but most of them involve being proactive. For instance, you can start by submitting quality articles to article directories like Ezines, and proceed to making a few guest appearances on related blogs.

2. The Earlier You Start, The Better

This is one of the most powerful and essential steps that you can take towards promoting your eBook online. This means that, before the actual writing of the eBook begins, you should start building a network of reviewers and supporters. Also, ensure that you keep track of anyone who demonstrates genuine enthusiasm for your eBook project. Try as much as possible to keep in touch with such people as the project evolves by sending them direct emails or through social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

3. Gather Reviews

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 10.00.55 AMWhile a full synopsis tells your potential readers what you eBook is all about, a brief description can help pique their interest. Feedbacks from you readers play a key role in making you realize how valuable and intriguing your work is, instead of boasting about it. For instance, to achieve such feedbacks, you must round up reviews by encouraging customers, colleagues, friends or even family members to submit reviews. You can also use some websites or services that specialize exclusively in eBook reviews. Gather these reviews and publish them on your website as long as they portray your E-Book’s content positively.


4. Offer Valuable Content (write a remarkable eBook)

Creating valuable content for your readers is the best approach that makes it easier for you to market your book. Majority of people prefer an eBook that offers valuable content, therefore if your eBook is not content rich, keep working on it until it is. To establish if the value of your eBook’s content meets your reader’s expectations, ask you friends to give you their feedback.

5. Publish a Blog

The most ideal vehicle for promoting ideas, products, opinions and eBooks is a blog. For instance, majority of blog platforms are designed to be search engine friendly, a factor that can deliver more potential readers. Blogs can also offer you with a variety of opportunities to promote your eBook online by teasing your target audience with excerpts or post reviews.

6. Build a website

This is the most prudent idea for you if you are an upcoming eBook author without a full website in place. As the publication day approaches, build a full a website that includes a dedicated blog for your eBook where you can post corrections, updates and responses to reader comments and suggestions. Also, include eBook’s sample chapters and a link for your potential readers to purchase the eBook. Ideally, the more content you can put on your website the better because search engines like Google favor content-rich websites.

7. Start an Affiliate Program (Brings in Money & Boost in Branding)

Promoting your eBook via an affiliate program will not only generate more exposure but also sales for your published work. Actually, it is the best way to expose your eBook to new audience by targeting your program at content publishers in your niche. For the best results, you can share generous commissions with your affiliates and still gain healthy profits since publishing an eBook is relatively an inexpensive endeavor.

8. Create an eBook pitch

You should consider writing at least 3 sales pitches for your eBook: 10 seconds, 30 seconds and 60 seconds. In this case, if someone asks what the eBook is all about, offer him/her the 10 second pitch and if he/she responds with interest, have a pitch that’s relatively longer ready. You can practice these pitches on your friends to check if they work.

9. Contribute To Web Forums

It is quite evident that almost every field has at least one or two online forums where interested people share new ideas. Find these forums and join them, contribute freely by giving advice and reaching out to help others. Post a link to your website or blog in any forum based on your eBook’s niche.

10. Socialize

According to a recent research, it has emerged that more authors are flocking the social media to promote their work. Actually, such social networks including Twitter and Facebook provide you with an excellent platform to promote your work. There always a high chance that majority of your potential audience are plugged into the social networking space and hence it’s up to you to find, connect and engage with them.

It is strongly recommended you should employ an approach of building a following instead of the one geared towards driving instant sales. As much as social networking is such a great tool to promote your eBook online, readers can edge you out if you are too thick with your promotional approaches.

In the modern world, the eBook market is not only thriving, it’s also exploding given that the power of traditional publishing has been taken over by electronic publishing. As a matter of fact, many authors are having more success with electronic formats than traditional prints. However, you eBook can only be successful if it is well promoted.

How to Write an Ebook in Under 30min and Make Money!


If you are here then you already know how important it is to create an Ebook.

Ebooks are great! they give you a change to create a brand name and provide huge benefits in long term for any blogger but the problem with most bloggers is that they find it hard to write an ebook because they think its going to take lot of time.

Am I right?

Today I will teach you how you can create your Ebook fast in just under 30 minutes for your blog which will bring in huge income for your blog and guess what you don’t have to sell this ebook , you can give it away at no cost and yet make lots of money.

Recently I have written an ebook on how to make money from Amazon , which got 500+ downloads in 4days and has generated more than $1000 for me and YES! I gave it free to my subscribers 😉

So let begin and learn how I made this ebook.

Step 1. 

Compile all your blog posts , make sure to choose the best content from your blog and another thing you want to make sure is that all your content is relevant to your ebook title. If I am promoting ways to earn to Amazon then I don’t want to put articles like “how to do affiliate marketing”. The more relevant your article will be the more your readers will engage and try to finish reading your ebook.

You don’t want to bore your readers by making your ebook lengthy so try to choose between 5-7 epic content post and note down the urls in notepad or somewhere.

Simple isn’t it?

Step 2

Go to and download their  free software , its just like Microsoft office but not very advance yet its great for creating ebooks (Thats what we want it for, yea?)

Now you have downloaded installed the software , open it and create a beautiful cover page including your blog logo , ebook picture and title.

On the next page , paste all the link which you have saved in notepad and do some formatting , Arial size 12 is good readable font setting for an Ebook. Make sure to add copyright footer text on all the pages.

What I love about openoffice is that your hyperlinks stay in contact when you save it as pdf , this is exactly how I made so much money. I recommended products like hosting , wordpress list building tools and created hyperlinks in the text. Additionally I added a resource page at the end of my ebook with all the tools that are needed to start an amazon site.

Now do a final check of your ebook , make sure all content is fine and is in order.

Now go to file > export as pdf

create ebook

Saving Ebook as PDF on openoffice

Final Step

Great your Ebook is ready! How easy was it?

Now its time to design a kicka$$ cover page for your ebook , remember that people are going to download your ebook only on based on the cover page so you have to make it as compelling as you can. 5 ways how your can achieve this is by creating a

  • Title that should be Loud and Clear
  • Ebook size on your blog page should not be small or too big.
  • Use colors that meet your blog theme.
  • Tag Line
  • Author name

Good Examples are like

ebook coverhow1_copy

If you are good at photoshop then you can make them or you just go to and hire someone to make for you in just $5.

your ebook is complete and ready to go on your blog! I hope this will tutorial help you create awesome ebooks in just a matter of minutes which your readers will love to share and read and boost your brand name.

Next Read Will be on 10 ways to promote your ebook ! Subscribe to my email listing and be the first one to know when its published.

How to Start a Amazon Niche Site on WordPress


Perhaps you’ve heard about building an online business, one that you can work on from anywhere. Maybe you want a way to make some extra money every month without quitting your regular job, or maybe you’re ready to hand your boss your walking papers. But how exactly does one do that? Well, one of the best ways to make money online is to start a Amazon niche site on wordpress.

Maybe you’ve heard that that there’s lots of money to be made as an Amazon affiliate, but you have no idea what that means. How do you start a Amazon niche site on wordpress and make money? Well first you need to understand exactly what an Amazon affiliate does.

Amazon is a big supporter of affiliate marketing. That means that if you have a website or an email list and you link to a product on Amazon from your website, then when that person clicks through that link and buys the product (or anything else from Amazon) within a certain timeframe, you get a commission or percent of the sales price of that item. The person running the website with the link is the affiliate of Amazon. Sounds simple right? Well here are the steps to start a Amazon niche site on WordPress.

1. Sign up to become an Amazon affiliate.

You can’t just link to an Amazon product from your website. You need to make sure that you’re signed up as an affiliate with Amazon – this way every link you promote will have a tracking code unique to you in it – and you’ll be sure to get paid. Check out this link to start the process:

2. Decide on your niche 

A niche simply refers to a subset of products you want to sell. Amazon sells everything under the sun and it would be hard to start a successful Amazon niche site on WordPress if you tried to sell everything from computers to toasters. Rather pick a niche – like small electronics, or kitchen supplies, or toys that you want to focus on. This will make it a lot easier to create epic content site that will attract visitors. Browse though the Amazon categories to see what you’re interested in. Also check out the Biggest Sellers list, best sellers in each category and the most popular products to determine a great niche. And don’t forget to consider the average price of the items in your niche. With Amazon you earn a percent – usually around 6% of every sale you refer. If you refer someone and they buy something like a kitchen tool that costs $10 you might only make 60 cents. On the other hand if your niche is household appliances like coffee makers that cost $100, you might make $6 for every customer you refer.

3. Pick a domain name.

A domain name is the web address or the url your Amazon niche wordpress site will be hosted on. You can search and select a name at one of the companies that sell both domains and website hosting like Bluehost – you can check them out at It’s reputable company and you get a domain name for as little as around $10 a year.

4. Get Awesome Hosting!

Once you’ve picked your website name you’ll have to choose a webhosting company. A webhost is the company or place that will host or house your website. Good ones, like Bluehost have plans for every level of business, from small Amazon niche sites to much larger websites. A good hosting company will make it easy to install WordPress to manage your site. Plans at Bluehost start at around $5 a month. Join Bluehost now and Get Free Domain. Check Now!

5. Install WordPress.

WordPress is a free content management system for websites. Though sometimes thought of as simply a blogging platform, when you install WordPress onto your website you have an easy to use, easy to update way to add text, pictures – and products – to your Amazon niche site.

6. Pick a High Converting Amazon WordPress theme

One of the great things about WordPress is that you can select from many different themes or skins that determine the look and feel of your website. There are free themes, but many of them lack key features you’ll need when creating an Amazon niche site. You’ll want a theme that allows you to easily load Amazon products, add Amazon banners, is SEO (Search Engine Optimized) friendly, has social sharing tools included and is easy to set up. Take a look at wpzonertheme for a great, easy to install Amazon niche site wordpress theme.

Check Out All the Amazon WordPress Themes which I have reviewed earlier.

7. Load your theme and start adding products –

this may seem like the easy part, but you’ll want to pick products that have great customer ratings, are popular and that fit into your niche.

Learn How to Choose a Product on Amazon & How To Write a Amazon Product Review

8. Drive Traffic to your site –

You won’t get any commissions if people don’t come to your site. That’s why your niche selection, and your wordpress theme is key. A theme like wpzonertheme makes it easy to add additional pages and posts to your site that are related to niche. For instance, if your site focuses on high end coffee makers, as its niche, perhaps you’ll want to include favorite recipes featuring coffee, or the best coffee spots around the world. This will help your Amazon niche site grow in popularity, bringing more people and getting more people to click through those Amazon affiliate links and bringing you more money.

9. Bonus tip –

If you can you should start to build an email list for your site. You will want to add an email response form and start an email list. There are several services out there like Aweber or iContact that will help you do that and a good wordpress theme like Wpzonertheme will make it a snap to add the form to your site. Consider offering a freebie – like a downloadable report – as an incentive for people to join your list. Now you can start emailing your list with ‘special’ offers on products from Amazon – either directing them to your site – or straight to Amazon to make some money.
As you can see, starting a successful online business doesn’t mean you need to spend hours building your own store, managing inventory or the like. All you need to do is find a niche of products that you’re interested in and you can start a Amazon niche site on WordPress that will bring you in money month after month.

20+ Google Adsense Alternatives You Should Consider Using in 2013

Explore Your Possibilities

There is no doubt that Google Adsense is one of the best online contextual advertising programs today. The only problem is relying too much on the program. It is important to note that Google Adsense is a very strict advertising programs. The program is known for locking out many people after accepting them for a short while. As a result many bloggers and website owners are left stranded with no idea where to start.
This is where Google Adsense alternatives come in. You must have a plan B in case your Google AdSense account is banned. There are increasing cases of many Google Adsense accounts being banned for no reason. Having an option is therefore very important if you want to enjoy steady advertising revenue. The good news is that there are very many other advertising programs you can use apart from Google Adsense.

Before jumping into the alternatives , if you are not banned from adsense look how you can increase adsense earning in my earlier post.

Although Adsense is the best advertising program today, this doesn’t mean that there are no other effective advertising programs. If you are bored or tired of relying on Adsense because of the uncertainty that comes with using the program/platform, below are top 20 Google Adsense alternatives you should consider using.

1. Infolinks

imagesThis is by far the best Google Adsense alternatives you can use if you happen to be banned on Adsense and you need a quick solution. Unlike Adsense, getting approved by infolinks is easy and faster. You just need to create an account which is approved immediately. Infolinks also works better i.e. scans your blog or website content in real time and then picks the most valuable keywords. This helps to create an intelligent and interactive atmosphere that helps to connect users with relevant brand/niche messages.

Infolinks is one of the best Google AdSense substitutes because it balances payouts and relevancy which helps to keep websites/blogs content clean and at the same time keep your earnings flowing. If you value complete control in regards to how your site/blog looks and feels, you should consider using. You have the power to fully customize ad appearance even in the case of in-text ads. You can also use infolinks on all your blogs/websites.

2. Skimlinks

images (1)Another great Google Adsense alternative is Skimlinks. The advertising program stands out because it does affiliate marketing for you. The program is specially designed to turn keywords and links in your blog/site text into affiliate links. This allows you to focus on your website/blog 100%. The program is so seamless site visitors don’t get distracted by banners and advertising as is the case with other advertising programs like AdSense. Skimlinks operates 100% on simple relevant links which web visitors like. The program also stands out as one of the best programs you can use instead of AdSense because of the wide variety of online retailers you get access to regardless of your niche.

3. Kontera

images (2)Kontera also works well as a Google AdSense substitute. Kontera is unique because of providing publishers with increasing advertising revenue from PC or mobile web pages. They also offer less disruptive ads compared to other advertising programs. They also offer variety unlike most programs. For instance, you get display offerings which are content powered. You also get a variety of in-image and in-text content products. Kontera also offers very unique mobile monetization products which are unmatched by many online advertising programs. You should seriously give Kontera a chance if you are looking for a worthy Google Adsense alterative.


medianet-logoAlthough is a little bit strict on new blogs and sites, the contextual advertising program is definitely worth a try for anyone interested in an ad program that can replace AdSense effectively. stands out because of constantly setting new standards in innovative contextual advertising. powers a number of contextual ad programs i.e. Yahoo Bing Network Ads program. If you are looking for an advertising program that exclusively manages business operations, technology and relationships, is one of the best choices after AdSense. is one of the leading contextual advertising companies in the world today providing a wide range of traffic monetization and advertising solutions.

5. Chitika

downloadChitika is another worthy ad program that can rival Adsense. The advertising program boasts of having over 250,000 publishers. Chitika’s network offers a delicate science and art blend to offer intent driven adverts to the right web users at the right time and place. Chitika has an extensive network of partners i.e. Yellowbook, SuperPages, Yahoo and Service Magic among many others. The program is one of the best for increased earnings.

6. Clicksor

images (3)Clicksor is another popular AdSense substitute offering webmasters the opportunity to incorporate sections of clickable texts or advertising banners to earn additional income. All you need to do is place Clicksor adds alongside ads from other networks to enjoy a 100% site fill rate. It is even possible to set prices for CPS, CPV, CPI and CPM ads ensuring that you earn what you deserve.


7. Bidvertiser

images (4)Bidvertiser is another popular advertising program that has caught the attention of many webmasters. Bidvertiser works perfectly if you are looking for suitable Google Adsense alternatives. You simply need to place BidVertiser adverts on your blog or website and then let advertisers place their individual bids. Bidvertiser pays you for every single click. You can earn more if you are successful in turning clicks into conversations. The program also offers convenient payouts through avenues like PayPal.

8. Affinity

This is another effective ad program which can match AdSense especially if you are looking for an excellent text advertising program. Affinity offers added banner, video and image advertising it you like. Affinity stands out because it is really easy to get into the advertising program compared to programs like AdSense. You site/blog doesn’t have to command a lot of traffic as is the case with other advertising programs.

9. Vibrant Media

vibrantmediaAnother excellent Google AdSense Substitute ad program is Vibrant media. The advertising program is very similar to Kontera. Vibrant Media stands out from many other advertising programs because of having unique in-text and in-image ads. The program for instance has 2 new unique ad formats that offer extra revenue streams for in-image ads which are responsible for integrating text and image ads together working on a CPM impression (Cost per-thousand) model.

10. AdSide

Another top Google AdSense alternative is AdSide. This advertising program is a perfect AdSense replacement because it offers very similar banner ad formats. It is however important to note that there is an exception. AsSide ads have thumbnails located on the left of every ad row. This makes the ads more attractive and less distractive at the same time compared to ads from other advertising programs. It is important to note that AdSide ads target website visitors from Canada, United States and United Kingdom. If your site or blog targets the same audience, AdSide is the best ad program for you after AdSense.

11. Yahoo Bing Network

download (1)

Although the Yahoo Bing Network is a relatively new advertising program, it is currently one of the best Google Adsense alternatives. The Yahoo Bing Network collaborates with 2 of the largest search engines online (Yahoo and Bing) to offer one of the best online advertising programs. The fact that Bing and Yahoo are among the largest search engines offers the program an outright advantage over other advertising programs. If you are looking for an advertising program that can match Google Adsense in terms of outreach, the Yahoo Bing Network is an excellent bet.

There are many advantages of choosing this program. One of the most notable advantages is the programs ability to allow its publishers to customise ad units in regards to color, size, style and shape. This allows publishers to blend ads better. It is important to note that the program doesn’t offer public sign up options. You can however enter the program through an invitation which isnt hard to get.

12. Buysellads

Another excellent online ad program is Buysellads. With this program you can buy and/or sell ads as the name suggests through the numerous payouts the program offers i.e. PayPal, Check, Wire transfer e.t.c. The minimum payouts are $20, $50 and $500 respectively. Buysellads is a perfect AdSense replacement if all you are want to do is simply buy and sell ads.

13. Linkshare

Linkshare is not as popular as, Kontera, infolinks and many other online ad programs. The program is however effective if you are looking for the best Google AdSense alternatives. Linkshare stands out because of many reasons. One is because they have one of the best ad selections. Another reason is because they pay well i.e. $1. Also, Linkshare doesn’t limit payouts which is common for individuals who have new sites. You will still receive your payouts however small they are. The program is also adequate for all niches around the world. It is therefore the best ad program after Google AdSense if you don’t want to have a limited target audience.

14. AdOnion

AdOnion is another perfect AdSense substitute program. The advertising program is created with simplicity in mind which makes it stand out. AdOnion is one of the simplest online advertising programs to use today. In the complex world of advertising, there is need for a simple program that offers hustle free online advertising. AdOnion also stands out for being transparent. The program offers direct interactions between publishers and advertisers. This is very rare in other advertising programs. It is also important to note that interactions are not limited. Publishers get directly connected to advertiser offers. This creates transparency which is unmatched in the ad marketplace. If you are looking for the most transparent and easy to use Google AdSense alternatives, AdOnion is the best bet.

15. Pulsepoint

This ad program stands out like AdSense because of offerings smart revenue opportunities through its highly rated ad exchange. Pulsepoint can replace AdSense perfectly because it utilizes real-time content classification and audience measurement technologies to offer superior results. This in turn helps publishers to increase inventory value through in depth analysis of environmental and audience data.

16. Commission Junction

cj-reviewCommission junction is undoubtedly one of the biggest affiliate marketing networks in the internet today. This enables the network to reach millions of web users effortlessly making it the perfect advertising program. Commission Junction can therefore act as a perfect AdSense alternative to web masters interested in reaching millions of online shoppers. Commission junction boasts of having numerous partnerships with publishers and advertisers. This can help advertisers get new customers as well as sell more to recurrent customers at the same time helping publishers to generate advertising revenue.

17. Clickbooth

This is another leading advertising program that can double up as an excellent replacement for Google AdSense. Clickbooth stands out because it offers the much needed proprietary industry technology for successful online advertising. Clickbooth takes a unique affiliate marketing approach that has been proven to be more effective when compared to other forms of advertising. It is the best ad program to use after Google AdSense if you are looking for an advertising program that offers affiliate marketing benefits.

18. Value Click Media

valueclickmediaValue Click Media is simply a digital media provider that focuses on brands and performance metrics. Value Click Media is one of the best Google Adsense alternatives because it focuses where most advertising programs ignore i.e. performance metrics and brand. It is the best ad program for publishers wishing to earn more money form existing inventory.

19. Tribal Fusion

download (2)This is another good AdSense substitute ad program. Tribal fusion is simply a CPM advertisement network. If you have a good site, you can get accepted easily to start earning. it is important to note that you don’t have to command a huge traffic base to get accepted by Tribal fusion. All you need is a decent site. Traffic is an added advantage.


20. Amazon

The last top Google Adsense alternative on this list is Amazon. It is important to note that Amazon offers one of the best CPA ad networks in the internet today. Amazon offers a huge variety of products which you can choose and promote. This model is similar to the ClickBank model. Amazon is a perfect AdSense substitute if you are out to enjoy affiliate marketing benefits in contextual advertising. There is an enormous potential for earning on Amazon which can simply match or even surpass Adsense earnings. You simply can’t go wrong with Amazon if you are interested in a contextual advertising program that has earning potential which can match or surpass Google Adsense.

21 : Clickbank 

Clickbank literally made me remove adsense from seoallrounder , this has been my second highest earner on this blog inceasing my earning by almost $600/month. All you have to do is fine a product in your niche and get a link to put on your blog/website. Learning more on how to make money from clickbank.

22 : Ad Management for WordPress ( Sell your own ad space )

Read 2 great guest posts to know more on this Ad Management for WordPress and How to get Advertisers for your Blog.

In summary, the above 20+ Google Adsense alternatives are perfect for you. You should never rely on a single advertising program again with all the above options among many others like isocket, Adversal e.t.c. Although Google Adsense stands out from the rest, it is good to have equally good or better options in case the worst happens.