Aweber Vs Constant Contact : Best Autoresponder for WordPress

There are a couple of factors that you need to carefully weigh in your mind while choosing the right email list services. Simply put, with many industry players offering all manner of deals and services out there, it’s essential to take time to learn the ropes of each offer before making that major decision- subscribing to a given provider.
That said, we have compiled a simple comparison article between two major email list service providers in the market today i.e aweber vs constant to equip you with the real facts that you need to learn. We sincerely hope that by the end of this write-up, you’ll have gained a lot to guide you into making a wise and informed choice. Have a look.

Aweber Vs Constant Contact

Comparing the price offers

Aweber offers good prices for users sending high numbers of emails. If you have a huge email list, you can count on its email listing services to save a pretty penny. On the other hand, while utilizing Constant Contact’s services, you’ll be better off sending a small number of emails. Their packages for small deals are the best in the market. However, when it comes to huge email packages, their prices are a bit on the higher side relative to Aweber‘s.

What about usability?

User friendliness is a crucial factor to ponder while investing in email marketing services. Both Aweber and Constant Contact come with well laid out user features. In particular, Aweber offers illustrative videos (practically about everything you need to know) and a rich easy to navigate interface. Well Constant Contact is not badly off with its pre-made customizable templates.

Email creation features

When it comes to email creation functions, Aweber and Constant Contact score equal marks. Aweber boast over 102000 business houses and can generate amazing opt-in forms to gather customers’ details with their professional services. Constant Contact on the other hand features simplified (step-by-step) guidelines for creating an effective and professional email. Both providers offer winning results.

Email delivery

Aweber utilizes permission based services to authenticate your emails (through an automated analysis process) to avoid marking as spam. The provider also offers email autoresponder services to build subscriber confidence. Constant Contact provides almost similar packages- to Aweber’s. It runs an anti-spam test before sending your emails to make sure that your emails are delivered on time.

Email management tools

Aweber provide powerful email analytics packages. With their comprehensive system, you can be sure to track- who opened your emails or who clicked on the sales links (in any case that is all you need to know after sending a sales email). On the other hand Constant Contact features easy to read email services stats graphs. With them, you can rest assured to track every detail about your email marketing campaign without breaking a sweat. Both providers offer quite similar stats services- a big plus to their continued dominance.

Support issues

Without accessing the right kind of support on burning issues, your email marketing program will remain just that-a flat program. It’s therefore crucial to find reliable email support services while planning to roll out a strong email marketing campaign. Aweber, boasts a strong 24/7 specially trained team that is equipped with all the necessary tools to attend to your needs in the most professional manner possible. You can be sure to get the right support through their: telephone services, email services and text chat services. As for Constant Contact, their well-organized customer support team can be of great help in case of any burning queries and issues. They provide telephone support services alongside live online chat and email support services.

Marketing focus

In email marketing, and other forms of marketing, there’s continual fight to be visible. Marketing focus plays a crucial role in determining how visible or invisible your business grows into at the end of the day. Talking of marketing focus, aweber features three packages- each of them specifically engineered to meet different marketing needs-namely B2B (Business to business email marketing services), B2C (Business to consumer market focus services) and large scale marketing packages. On its side, Constant Contact boasts a couple of more similar market-targeted packages (to Aweber’s) that if used wisely can greatly improve your marketing fortunes.

Additional features

When it comes to additional/convenience features, Aweber takes it all. Some of the essential features found in Aweber but not in Constant Contact include:

  •  RSS to Email
  •  Triggered campaigns
  • 1000 of plugins available for Drupal , Joomla and WordPress
  • Social network sign-up form options
  • Concurrently, Constant Contact offers the following unique additional features (absent in aweber):
  • Online training features ( Step by Step Features )
  • Follow up email to send emails automatically to your subscribers. Great way to earn money from your list and create connections automatically.

Trial period

Aweber does not provide free trials but their trial costs only $1 for 30days and you get access to full features. This is compensated by reliable email support, free campaign strategy consultation, in person seminars, phone support and free resources. In other words, despite there not being a free trial period, there’s still some level of product satisfaction guarantee in utilizing Aweber’s services. Constant Contact offers a 60 day long trial period which is essential for familiarizing with the nitty-gritties of the system.

Get Aweber for $1


Pros of using aweber

  •  Reliable customer support
  •  Auto-responders
  •  Reliable delivery rates
  •  Pre-made templates
  •  Ease of use

Pros of using constant contact

  •  Auto-responder
  • Customisable templates


Cons of using aweber

None as I can think of but might take you few few hours to get hold of but they have step by step video guides to help you.

Cons of using constant contact

  • It’s a bit expensive to use as compared to Aweber.
  • It’s user friendliness is quite below par.
  • Offers no integrations.

Bottom line…

Aweber OR Constant Contact who takes the lead?

Before we have compared Aweber with Mail chimp and Aweber had complete out run Mailchimp for its usage and effectiveness. If you wish you can read Mailchimp vs Aweber here.

After critically comparing the features and packages offered by the two, it’s relatively easy to rank them according to their merits and demerits. In that case, Aweber takes the lead. It features a wide variety of additions that are essential for hassle free usage. In addition, it offers decent pay packages- favor sending of bulk emails. Well, ignoring Constant Contact’s free 60-day trial period, the benefits of using Aweber are more real and ultimately more business-growth oriented.
If you’re looking to launch a strong marketing campaign, it’s wise to consider Aweber first before proceeding to other alternatives. It’s effective, reliable, relatively affordable and above all remarkable. We hope that the details provided in our Aweber Vs Constant Contact  review will come in handy.

I have made my first sale with commission of $97 with only 9 subscribers in my list and I believe you can make it too!

 Its never too late to start building your email list , join now and start connecting with your lost visitors!

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  1. Arbaz Khan says

    Hey Saad,
    Nice info on the Autoresponders.
    Everyone suggests Aweber and so I think it is the best. But what do you say about GetResponse service. Is it also that good ?

  2. says

    Hi Saad,

    I like how you did such a great comparison of these two email services. I agree that AWeber is the best but it’s always good to check out the competition too.

    Great job!

    • says

      hehe, I know how much you love aweber :D

      getting aweber was one the wisest choice I have made though I tried services like mailchimp and constant contact but those did not impress me.

      p.s. I was waiting for your comment here ;) thanks for the heads up.

  3. Heru Prasetyono says

    A very good posting. Most of bloggers need mailing list but sometimes they do not know which one is suitable for their web or blog. Here we know that aweber is the most popular and suitable with WordPress platform. Thank you for sharing this great topics.

  4. says

    never tried it before. I’m quite unfamiliar to this area and step by step discovering it due to such posts like you published. Aweber looks pretty cool to me. I think i will follow your advice and test it) thanks for the helpful info!

    • says

      Aweber is more than pretty cool , its the sweetest thing made for bloggers and online businesses. Using it over 6 months now and because of it I have been able to grow readership like crazy! you should try it out for $1 ;)

  5. Ruchi says

    I have also used awber and I think it serve the full purpose of email marketing. I know there are quite a lot of other tools but most of the functionality of awber is quite sufficient for a blogger to do email marketing.

  6. Sorabh says

    Well my Vote will also go to Aweber,. I have been using it from last 1 year and i am really happy with them.

    Its Easy to use, you can create unlimited lists, huge library of templates.. and above all you can give it a try for only $1 :)

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