Become an AllRounder ! ProBlog Theme Giveaway

Fellow Allrounders ,

So many readers have asked me which theme I am using on Seoallrounder , Well let me tell you real quick. I am using Problog by Magazine3.

Guess what ?

I am giving away this theme to 2 lucky winners ! YES , you heard it ! Its your chance to become an Allrounder!

This theme is packed up with most of the features so you basically don’t have to install another plugins or widgets !

It comes with seo yaost already built in and really beautiful widgets like the social widget I have on sidebar and many other great widgets.

Secondly , what I love about this theme is the header , I am sure you love the social media buttons on top right?

Lastly it is ADSENSE Ready , meaning that it as lot of ad spaces built into it so you dont have to install any plugins to place your ads inside the post.

Enough yapping about the theme functions , the point is YOU CAN OWN IT ! a single site license of problog for 2 lucky winners.

All you have to do is Follow the instructions below.

This contest will finish on 25 august 2012 and the luck winners will be announced here and on our Facebook fanpage.

Good luck ;)

More the entries , more chances to win PROBlog Magazine3 Theme.


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  1. Sohil R. Memon says

    Hey Bro, this is the awesome giveaway. Thanks for it. This theme includes all the features which every blogger needs. The most needed are social sharing, Ads ready and a great look for footer. So, all the features included in this theme. No one can ignore this awesome giveaway. Again thanks for it. Hope I should Win. :D :)

  2. Raheel Mushtaq says

    I like the theme design specially the header section and with so many features I think this theme really looks professional in many ways

  3. says

    Hey Saad,

    I’m really excited, having you see started a giveaway of theme by Magazine3. It’s a great opportunity for those, who use the dirty FREE themes, they think that bloggers like you and others are just wasting their money while purchasing THEMES..

    I’m 100% sure that they are even not informed that the design of a blog plays more important role than the KILLER CONTENT! :)

    Yes, Thanks for this giveaway.. But the time period is too long, and no other problem.

    • says

      Thanks Abhi for sharing it with your friends , Good Luck with it! I see that many people want this theme badly , have to be really lucky to get your hands on it yea

  4. says

    Nice giveaway The reason why i need this is it is a complete pack. It has many beautiful built in features and and outstanding look with lots of features. I like its top social buttons and options featured posts/ slide show on home page.

  5. says

    Omg. Can’t believe. I was just waiting for giveaway of this theme. Deadly need it. Seeking for it from last 1 year. But can’t able to buy. Hope I win. Thanks for creating this Giveaway :)

  6. says

    They are nice themes. I can see that your blog is very professional looking. I see the social media buttons on the top, they look good. Thanks for these give-ways, some lucky winner is going to be very happy.

  7. Shathyan Raja says

    Wow.. nice giveaway. Hope to win it. So far I Don’t own any blog personally but I have decided to start a blog soon by next month. And I will be happy if could win this giveaway and use the Theme in my first ever new blog which I’m going to start.

    Thanks for the Giveaway.

  8. Simmeon says

    Hey bro,

    Nice to see you have a giveaway event running.
    If you’re blog feels old then jump on this generous giveaway and make it look PRO.

    Good luck to all that take part.

    • says

      Hey Simmeon , thanks for complimenting this giveaway also give me an idea that people are loving my theme. thanks for sharing this , really appreciate it.

  9. says

    Wow nice post, that’s amazing offer you share with us, I really want to thank you very much because I don’t know about giveaway, thank a-lot……….

  10. says

    Awesome giveaway Saad,
    I also had the question in my mind about your blog theme, I love this theme. Would love to win this.
    Thanks for the giveaway

  11. says

    Hello Saad,
    This is my third visit to your site. When i visited first time here, i was happy with your blog design and i asked one of my freelancer friend about your theme, he told- it is difficult to get this theme, then suddenly i came here and found this giveaway. Now i am happily participating in this lucky draw contest.
    Hope, my luck will favor me.

    Thanks for giving us chance to grab the theme. :)

    • says

      Hey Avinash I remember you :) ,

      I know how badly people want this theme , so i thought why not give it away and also I will get some comments about my theme , so far I am loving it how people have responded. So i don’t think I have to change the theme anytime soon.

      Thanks for participating and Good Luck With it.

  12. says

    hi i am arguably one of the biggest fan of this your websites. I like pro-blog themes but i don’t think its compatible with my website.. Let’s see… good luck everyone.

    • says

      thanks for the compliment udeep , may be you can win this theme and keep it for your next blog ;) getting something for free is always good isn’t it :)

  13. says

    Wow ! This is seriously a great theme. I was so crazy about this theme when i first saw this and i purchased it. Im also using ProBlog theme. But it’s for a single site. I would like to win this theme to use it for other niche.

  14. Sandeep Kumar says

    Hi Saad…..
    Nice way to keep your follower engage…..I like your idea…..
    I am learning new things from you bro….

    • says

      Thanks Sandeep , you will see in my next post how am i trying to tell my readers to watch and learn rather than read and learn. Glad you liked the idea and Hoping you shared this giveaway :)

  15. Nikhil says


    Thanks for the Giveaway :)
    I’m currently on Blogspot and wants to switch to WordPress soon so i’m looking for a good theme.
    i already have web hosting so just want a great theme :)
    This one looks very good so please count me in for the Giveaway.

  16. says

    This theme is really great and I found it very useful for my tech blog, I am looking forward to win it :)

    Bdw best luck for the contest!

  17. says

    Hey Saad Naeem,
    Answering the Question that why I need this theme badly. First of all let me explain my self, that I’m just 14 years old and belong to a middle class family so, I don’t have much resources that I can manage the expenses of Blogging, but but but but, Who doesn’t knows the great features of a Premium Theme. Who wants to use a Nulled/Free theme. I love Blogging I’d just made Blogging a part of my life. Blogging is a fun thing. So I will be waiting for the kind response from you :)
    Hope you understand my feelings :) So nice of you bro!

  18. says

    They i am planning to start up my first blog and was looking for a good theme that would not be a troublesome experience working with … The theme that u r giving away seem to be the thing i was looking for :)

  19. Rajkumar Jonnala says

    Great giveaway..looking for this theme since a long time for my new blog, hope i would be a selected as a winner.

  20. says

    Wow that’s amazing offer I really don’t know before my friend tell me about your blog. I really want to thank you for giving us always new thing for free of cost. thanks again……..

    • says

      I am getting a lots of request on this theme , may be i will start a giveaway again soon. Make sure to join our mailing list so you can stay updated to out giveaways.

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