BlueHost vs HostGator : Top Shared Hosting For WordPress

Whether you wish to publish a website for personal or commercial reasons, you want to sign on with the best website hosting service available. Of course, those currently on a budget will have to pick a reputable service that comes with a fair price. There are two well established cheap web hosting services many thousands of customers have signed on with. They are HostGator and BlueHost. Both definitely have their pros and cons and potential customers do need to make an effective BlueHost vs HostGator comparison in order to make the right selection. The following examination of the features of both hosting services might make it a little easier to narrow down a selection.

The Service Plans Offered

There are three service plans offered by HostGator and only one offered by BlueHost. The three plans under the HostGator banner are dubbed the Hatchling, Baby and Business plans. Each of these plans offers additional features as the price increases. On the surface, it may seem that HostGator is preferable since it offers more selections but this is not necessarily the case. The lowest priced HostGator plan offers mainly the same components as BlueHost but BlueHost offers more features. The other plans offered by HostGator are quite costly and really do not provide much more than what you would get from BlueHost for less. This is not to infer that HostGator is a low quality hosting company. It has its value but the sliding price scale for different hosting packages really does not necessarily offers anything better than what you would get from BlueHost.

Performance and Uptime

Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 12.59.35 PM

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No matter how well designed a website may be, no one can see it if the website crashes due to problems with the web hosting service. This is why it is critical customers select a hosting service with an excellent track record for uptime and performance. Examining BlueHost vs HostGator stats reveals have a strong and established track record for reliable performance and consistent uptime. Both of these services reflect an uptime record of 99+% over the course of a full calendar year. HostGator may be slightly ahead by a fraction of a percentage but both services are statistically the same in terms of their overall reliability.
One aspect to BlueHost’s performance that allows it to stand out would be its incorporation of CPU Segregation technology. This technology has the ability to control CPU usage and memory allocation through all the shared web hosting accounts. Such a feature aids in addressing the problem of over-usage by certain member which, in turn, can help reduce the issue of downtime. HostGator does not offer such a technological advantage.

The Costs and Benefits Associated with Domains

Obviously, you need a domain when publishing a website. So the costs, features and benefits associated with a the domains offered by a hosting company should be looked at.
When sighing up for the $3.95 per month starting plans with BlueHost or HostGator (Actually, HostGator‘s starting plan begins at $3.96) the edge with domain benefits goes to BlueHost. BlueHost offers an unlimited number of domains while HostGator offers only one. Free domains are also included with BlueHost while HostGator offers no such generous deal. When it comes to deals on domains, BlueHost clearly is the more advantageous provider.
BlueHost also offers a domain manager function. This allows you to perform various executable actions on your domains. HostGator does not offer this function which is a major omission. Those that may need to address concerns with their domains will assuredly find access to a domain manager a huge help.

BlueHost vs HostGator: Ease of Use

Customers signing on with a hosting company likely will want to be sure the hosting functions are user-friendly. BlueHost embodies such traits a bit more than HostGator as evidenced by the control panel and the script updating features. When you wish to access the control panel on BlueHost, you merely have to go to the homepage of the service and use the login button and you will be directed to the control panel. With HostGator, the process is made for difficult because there is no login function. Rather, you have to remember your own customer URL. If you are not at your own computer where that information is saved and cannot recall the URL by memory, you will not be able to access your control panel.
The process of performing updates on scripts is easier with BlueHost. With both hosting services, you will see a series of links which allow update downloads. With BlueHost, you can employ a [select all] button allowing you to engage all the links. HostGator requires you to click on each and every link individually which is immensely time consuming. Worse yet, HostGator uses the outdated 3.1 scripts as opposed to the modern 3.2 version employed by BlueHost.

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Customer Support

Both web hosting companies offer numerous ways to reach support with any questions and concerns. Toll free numbers to contact support are available and a US based customer service representative is available 24 hours a day. Those wishing to contact support through email or chat have those options available. Both services even have forums where public questions and concerns can be posted.

Customer Satisfaction and Reviews

It is always wise to look what other customers are saying and both of these services have received positive remarks in published reviews from clients. That said, it appears BlueHost did top HostGator in customer rankings and reviews. This is due to the high satisfaction rate customers have thanks to the performance and features of BlueHost.
Going beyond the published reviews, it is shocking to discover the sheer volume of cancellations of HostGator accounts. Nearly 70% of HostGator accounts are canceled after the initial 90 days. Customers with BlueHost have a near 95% retention rate. While there are quite a number of positive reviews for HostGator, the fact the service experiences a nearly 70% cancellation rate should be a clear cause for alarm.

The Final Analysis

What is the final analysis of the BlueHost vs HostGator comparison? Both BlueHost and HostGator have their good points and drawbacks. Upon making a direct comparison between the two, it is obvious BlueHost is the better choice. For those looking for cheap and reliable web hosting that is packed with functions, BlueHost is the one to go with.


[quote picture="" name="Patt Flynn from" align="left"]“A domain and hosting company that I use and recommend to anyone looking for a relatively inexpensive, quick and easy way to setup a website.”[/quote]

Bluehost is one of the leading companies in web hosting, currently hosting over 2 million domains. It is owned by Endurance International Group that is also one of the big names in the world of hosting. Bluehost has been around since 1996 and has undergone a lot of innovation and upgrading. It is the recommended hosting provider of WordPress, and has high ratings in the services they provide. Among the great stuff that blue host offers includes a free domain offer, free website builder with templates and special offer for WordPress beginners. Their 70, 000 square foot hosting space consisting of three data centers is a proof to their 99.9% network up-time claim.
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    • says

      I personally prefer Hostgator. I have been with them for 6 years and I am very happy with their rates and service. To be honest I didn’t try bluehost until now. I must admit that your review is very extensive and I am tented to try BlueHost but maybe for some of my future sites.

      • says

        well if you are with hostgator then I’ll say stick with them, but if your traffic increase and you cannot afford dedicated servers then I would advice you to choose bluehost cause it handles high traffic pretty good.

    • says

      yes that very right , people say that bluehost is best but they sure hostgator , i believe thats because hostgator is cheap. Hostgator has plans around for $3.95/month where as bluehost has plans for $6.94 but hostgator allows only one site to be hosted for that plan. Thats the reason why bluehost is the best shared hosting for wordpress.

  1. says

    Hi Saad

    I’ve always used HostGator and have no reason to change my opinion of them.

    I’ve never had any issues and they’ve always been attentive and helpful. They were also the web host that was recommended to me over all others.

    That said, I do know a lot of people with Bluehost as their hosting service and they are equally satisfied customers.

    In terms of ease of use, to login with HostGator you only need to know your main website url. To login you go to:

    I’m not sure that’s so difficult to remember is it? I guess it’s more cumbersome if you have many websites.

  2. says

    Great comparison, I’ve been using BlueHost shared hosting since 2009 and couldn’t be more happy with their service, great customer support, great tools and cPanel. However I’m also a fan of HostGator, and may look to upgrading one of my main sites to a HG VPS in the future, only because one of my blogs is starting to use more resources on my existing BlueHost package.

  3. says

    I have never tried Blue Host, but HostGator has been awesome to me. I have tried FatCow and GoDaddy and they both have hidden terms in their policies, but HostGator is not only affordable but reliable and friendly. I am planning on upgrading to VPS and dedicated servers with them when the time comes.

  4. Rajkumar Jonnala says


    Hostgator and bluehost are the most popular hosting providers which most of the bloggers will opt for it.

    Although as an affiliate of HG i always suggest HG as its best in Uptime and support :D

  5. Somtoo says

    Hostgator is the way to go, any time, any day; say uptime, talk about instant support and server speed. Never tried bluehost though.

    Am also an affliate of hostgator and I offer their coupons on my blog.

  6. Galen Morgigno says

    Saad, nice breakdown on both Bluehost and Hostgator.

    I do like Bluehost because it’s easy to use and they have great customer service.

    Thanks for sharing!

    posted by Galen Morgigno

    • says

      Your welcome Galen! which hosting are you using? If you are seeing big traffic spikes then i would suggest you to use bluehost but if you are looking for a little cheaper solution then hostgator is your best choice.

      customer service and uptime wise they both are pretty much same.

  7. says

    Great comparison between those two big hosting services of the world. I love both of them, however BlueHost in my opinion is best option when it comes to choose one from these two.

  8. says

    Hi Saad,
    I like the way you compare these two giants. I have been with hostgator since 2008. I have shared hosting accounts, re-seller account and dedicated server and have hardly any jaw-breaking issue. What I like about them is the very active and helpful customer service. That’s one of the main points to consider in every web hosting company.

    I have read quite some reviews about Bluehost and from that, I think they are good too

    • says

      In my case I have a soccer website which receives huge amount of traffic on weekends and hostgator could never handle it properly so after shifting to bluehost, my site can handle 1000uv/second. I am not against hostgator here but I just feel bluehost has a little edge over hostgator in case of traffic.

      • snowy says

        Does that mean we dont need to worry about high traffic/resource usage if we are using Bluehost? With Hostgator we can upgrade to Dedicated or VPS when our resource usage is high. Is there any chance that Bluehost will suspend our account for high traffic/resource usage without prior warning, since they dont provide any upgrade options? I need to take a hosting account this week, either HG baby plan or Bluehost. Your post helps a lot for me to decide one that suit my requirement. Keep up the good work.

  9. Anton Koekemoer says

    Wow – Quite interesting.

    Personally – since I’ve been a loyal Hostgator client and have only received excellent service from them I will be sticking to their service and would recommend it to anyone.

  10. Umer Rock says

    If we compare both of these than ofcurs hostgaor is better for wordpress user they give good % of server usage for share hosters. other hosting provider have terms and condition and limit fair usage of bandwidth :)

  11. says

    HostGator and Bluehost are considered to be the top shared hosting services for WP. Both do have their pros and cons. I agree that if you are in a tighter budget, you should get BlueHost because they have a cheaper price unlike that of HostGator.

    • says

      yea these are the best shared hosting for WordPress that I could find around , i have tried godaddy, inmotion but they just did not impress me with their site speed and their cpanel. Thanks for the heads up though.

  12. says

    Hey Saad,
    I personally feel you have versed the article very well. It was informative to know about all of it. Bluehost is declared best and it has reasons for it, while Hostgator is good too. And one should know how to use them in their domains.:)
    Thanks for the share, It was great learning.:)

  13. Julia Reed says

    Hi everyone,
    Thank you for this detailed review. I see that you really know what you are writing about. I think I will rely on your expertise and pass this information to the specialists who make decisions concerning hosting in our company.

  14. says


    First of all thanks for the awesome review about both the top hosting providers. And when comes to me i choose bluehost for newbie bloggers as it its more cheapest {By using some coupon codes} and after that HostGator.

    HostGator is the top hosting provider which all of us choose it and prefer it first.


  15. says

    I have read a lot of comparisons recently about Hostgator and Bluehost and everytime it is more than obvious that Bluehost is the winner. I still have some time until my Hostgator plan expires but I will give a try of Bluehost for sure.
    Great article

  16. says

    Hi saad,

    Currently iam using bluehost which is awesome in hosting uptime and affordable too. the main thing which i’ve liked this its support.


  17. Joseph says

    Hi Saad,
    I am about to switch to Bluehost as it offers a free domain for the first year as mentioned in your well researched post. Thanks for your insight and information you provide in your blog.

  18. says

    Dear Admin,

    I am new in this field of word press hosting via internet…was searching in Google about it and i landed on your blog,Learnt a lot of tips on it.Thanks for providing an effective Blog that offers complete synchronization between creativity and information.Your Blogs meets all the requirements of the readers and is user friendly and provide the best and best information to the reader.

    Thank you so much for share the great information…!!!!

  19. says

    We use for our hosting needs and have a VPS there for over 2 years now, and have been very happy with the uptime, service and features. Not only is the network awesome, they also have auto-installers for a lot of software, and the support is always willing to help out with whatever we need.

      • joseph says

        Fully agree – a friend of mine nearly lost everything when she ws going to take up a plan with a new hosting company. The company could not keep the site up all the time.

  20. says

    I use HostGator, may be a little more expensive (a whole $12 a year) but it is well worth it. I have had many custom websites that needed Apache work done and HostGator tech support spent a few hours on it to make it do what I needed it to do! Kudos to them!

  21. says

    I used to have an account with Bluehost and was running a few websites off that account. One day, they suddenly shut down my WHOLE account because *one page* in one website received heavy traffic. They also locked me out of my account, so I couldn’t access my files. I got on phone/chat/emails with them and then after more than two days, they temporarily restored my account with FTP access as a “courtesy” so I could take my files and get out. They didn’t care about the fact that I had other websites and that they were kicking out a long-time customer who had recommended Bluehost to many others. Apparently, they’ve done this to other customers who had sudden temporary spikes in traffic – whose websites got slashdotted or went viral on Facebook.

    • says

      Were you using any sort of spam fb hosted on bluehost? i have a sports streaming with bluehost which for which they gave me a warning becuase of high traffic but they never banned my account. I am still using bluehost for my sports streaming site which gets around 300,000 UV per month but no issues from bluehost.

  22. says

    No, I wasn’t being spammed. It was just a lot of traffic. I sometimes get linked by high traffic websites and that’s what causes the spike in traffic. Bluehost at first said “a script” was causing the overload, and when I asked which script it was, they said it was a JavaScript file (a JS file from Google for one of my widgets). It wasn’t even a server-side script (Perl/PHP) or a client-side script (JS) in my webhosting account. They just shut me down without even properly checking anything or asking me what was going on.

    Good for you, you’re still up with that kind of traffic! :)

  23. says

    My hosting period on Hostgator will be expired in a week. So, I was looking for a bit cheaper alternative. I subscribed to iPage as that was way too cheaper. My bad! Sometimes my websites were going offline and page loading speed was very slow sometimes. I must say hostgator’s customer support is A class. However, one my friends is using BlueHost. BlueHost is good too. May be I will move to BlueHost.

    • says

      Ipage!! seriosly? I had a bad experiance with them, My site was working fine and one day it got a malware , I bet they did it by them selves because site had premium trusted plugins anyways they asked me for $150 for restore :/ which I agreed to pay. They restored my files but not my database and upon asking they said they don’t have backup for database :/.

      It pissed me off when they refused to refund me my money.

      Anyways nothing could be done but since then I am with bluehost and I believe its the best hosting for WordPress ever and I recommend it to everybody.

      • says

        Yeah! That was a big mistake I have done while decided to move to iPage. I took refund in 7 days and then I decided to move to bluehost. Bluehost isn’t good either … Just a bit better than iPage.

        I am running my sites on a reseller hosting from EZPZ now. Whatever, I think hostgator is better than Bluehost. Bluehost has a lot of downtimes which made me switch to reseller hosting. So far so good with EZPZ.

  24. says

    BH is fine until you need a little extra CPU (it is limited to 100% cpu [all cores] for .5s, then you basically get 15% of one core after that. Or bandwidth, since you are limited to 1.8MBps per customer. Either can become a problem, unless you’re cacheing and CDN’ing heavily. It sucks for rails sites at least.

    Also as a note the checkboxes below this text field one says “Internal Server Error.undefined” (above commentluv)


    • says

      I haven’t tried bluehost for rail sites but as far as blog goes , bluehost is the best shared hosting for wordpress.

      thanks for dropping your comment and adding value to this.

      Hope to see you again soon.

      I will check into the issue which you mentioned :)

  25. Steve says

    I’ve never used Bluehost but I’m a big fan of HostGator. One of my favorite things about HostGator is the coupon codes to help me save money. For example, the coupon code HGATORSALE will sva eyou 25% off your entire first purchase.
    I can’t say HostGator is better then Bluehost because I have never tried Bluehost out. I can say I’ve been very happy with HostGator


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