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CommentLuv Premium Plugin Review for WordPress

Premium WordPress Plugin:
Andy Bailey

Reviewed by:
On March 26, 2012
Last modified:November 14, 2012


Commentluv Premium is a powerful tool which can increase not only comments but social engagement to your blog.

Most bloggers are familiar with an extremely popular WordPress plugin called CommentLuv. It was essentially an addition to your blog that allowed you to set controls on who could comment and what privileges users could have when they made a comment on your blog site. It is arguably one of the most popular plugins around for WordPress, and its quality has stood the test of time. Now, however, CommentLuv has come out with a premium version that promises a leap forward from the previous versions of CommentLuv.

So what exactly is CommentLuv Premium? One of the biggest benefits to this new plugin is that it has the allowance for social marketing of comments. Along with the other features plugin, a user is able to share comments made via Google +, Facebook or Twitter. Sharing also offers a form of “point system” as defined by the owner of the blog that encourages sharing. After a certain amount of shares, a commenter may be able to begin posting comments with the all-important back links. This benefits the person making the comments, but also helps the blog go viral around the internet which helps the blog owner.


The ultimate goal of the CommentLuv Premium plugin seems to be to create an all-in-one application that combines a whole host of services that you would normally need multiple plugins for. Having a large amount of plugins loading on your WordPress blog can significantly slow down the performance and load time of the page, so this gives CommentLuv a big advantage. It is also an advantage to blog owners to have only one plugin to keep updated. Constant updates can make managing the page seem as time consuming as actually adding new content to the blog.


We have already discussed the social enticements of the CommentLuv Premium plugin, but you may be wondering what else is included. In addition to the utilization of Google, Facebook and Twitter, you can also:


1. Say goodbye to spam through GrowMap Anti-Spambot Plugin or GASP

This feature of CommentLuv Premium is probably one of the most critical. Almost every blogger knows that spam can be an extremely annoying part of running a site. With GASP, there is auto detection of spammy looking posts. It will automatically deny these kinds of posts, and is very effective as a deterrent for those who would like to turn your page into a billboard for their product or service.

2. Trackback validation is also another important part of CommentLuv Premium. This gives you the ability to see some analytical data on who is coming to your site and how. Deciphering this information can show you what is and what is not working on your blog and make changes that are necessary to improve it.

3. One problem that bloggers can run into is being considered by search engines as ping spammers. This happens because each post can ping and it can really add up. CommentLuv Premium eliminates the self pinging for your site, which allows the blog to be kept in a positive light by the search engines.

4. As mentioned before, you can also decide if comments are DoFollow or NoFollow. This allows you to calibrate exactly how much “link juice” is passed on from comments on the blog. This is extremely important to people who comment, and encourages them to do so. This can also encourage spamming, but with the other features of CommentLuv Premium the risk of being heavily spammed is greatly reduced.



CommentLuv Premium for a single blog costs $67 for one site, but if you own multiples blogs you can get a second license for $87 total or an unlimited license for $97 dollars, which is a great value. For those who do not wish to spend any money, CommentLuv Lite is still completely free. The goal behind CommentLuv Premium was to give you one plugin to take care of all the things necessary to own and maintain a successful blog. Their plugin has been a legendary success in the past, and there seems to be no slowing down with CommentLuv Premium.

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Commentluv Premium is a powerful tool which can increase not only comments but social engagement to your blog.
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by Saad Naeem

I am an Admin and Co-Editor at & T shirt Printing Dubai Company in Dubai called, providing fresh tips for blogging. Make sure to subscribe to my blog for fresh business ideas

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  1. Now that’s a gr8 and informative CommentLuv plugin review !! Thank you so much for sharing !! Cheers

    1. Thanks Jed , glad you liked the review.

  2. Hi,
    I agree with the above post that wordpress has the best plugins to if you are seeking to add some extra functionality to your blogs, they are updated with latest technology and extra features.

    1. wordpress do have the best plugins and flexibility but Google also focus on wordpress the most. So it can be good and bad too :)

  3. this plugin help my blog get more visit.
    because this plugin i visited your site too

    1. yea its a very good plugin , brings in lot of traffic . I am planning to get this plugin soon on my blog.

  4. CommentLuv is the best plugin and is highly recommended. It brings a lot of visitors and blog commentators too. I am sure every blogger would love to comment in the blogs which are CommentLuv enabled. And now the premium version looks ore advanced and better than the old one. What more do one need!

  5. it was really great going through your post and undoubtedly this plugin is one that is worth every penny spent. I am myself a big fan of comment love.

    1. hey Sumon , commentluv is one of the best investment I have made on this blog.

  6. I agree, coment luv is great for a list of reasons but I did notice on one site I have that in comparison to the other without the plug-in, I see that they both get alot of the same type of blog traffic but I get more replies on the comment luv, but it is nice to see people engage, so…I never really thought of it that way, but yes, you’re right….

  7. Commentluv is one of the best plugin I liked. I am using free version of commentluv, but I want to purchase a premium commentluv plugin because of +1, Like, Subscribe features to enable the last 10 posts option.

    1. commentluv premium has so much things packed in it than you know and advantages of commentluv premium are totally worth what it costs! thanks for passing by Shadab.

  8. Hello Naeem,
    CommentLuv WordPress Plugin is really a great plugin, I’ve ever used. I advice my fellow bloggers to use this plugin.

    1. Yes santosh, commentluv is in our top 3 wordpress plugins we use on seoallrounder :)

  9. CommentLuv is a really good tool for bloggers. Every blogger should make use of it. It not only increases the visibility of the blog, but it also facilitates communication between the commentators. All the people who have commented on CommentLuv will be able to see each other and share in formation. so, you can end up making good social contacts. Having an anti spam box or code is necessary to prevent irrelevant comments.

  10. I think its the best way to manage our blogs effectively. But I think as a starter I can’t go for premium pack..may be if my blog started to get multiple users/comments..can go for premium pack to reduce/stop spams.

  11. I seem to be plagued by hackers. I don’t know why. They sneak in through the “Comments” section. – Don’t worry, I’m not one- I have no tolerance for theft. The internet has placed the dream of entrepreneurship within the grasp of many – technical issues and hackers steal those dreams away for too many.
    To get to the point- “CommentLuv” bloggers, as a rule, are not spam trojan hackers. They tend to be more trustworthy- and that’s another reason I like and use the plugin.

  12. I am contemplating adding commentluv to our corporate blog because I am impressed by the features is provides, and the subsequent interest from commenter’s.

    1. Thanks Great! I hope its turn to work great for your blog.

  13. I just installed plugin CommentLuv. it’s really effective to clean spam and at the same time credit backlink to my loyal readers. Win win situation :)

    1. Commentluv plugin has solved a lot of issues for me like

      +getting more comments
      +getting more shares
      +0% spam

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