Download CommentLuv Premium Plugin Free [Closed]

Everyone Is A Winner

Hello Fellow Readers , I have just installed this cool commentluv premium plugin and its working out great for me and I can proudly say its the best investment I have made for my blog , before I used to get 2-3 comments per week but now getting 7-10 comments in 3days plus my social stats have gone high.

Isn’t it cool getting you own comment luv plugin for free?

If you are looking to buy commentluv with a bonus advantage then check out the review , I am giving free blogroll link here for every purchase of the plugin.

I dont think i have to go through the features of commentluv premium plugin but incase you don’t know what this plugin is about then you should go ahead and read the review of this plugin >click here to read the review<

Its a $67 deal that i am giving you for free , so i dont think i should make it easy for you but at the same time i dont think i should make it that hard to participate also.

Instructions to get CommentLuv Premium Free

  • Send in 3 articles ( use contact form )
  • Article should be 100% unique and related to seoallrounder niche (hosting , social media , blogging , affiliate tips )
  • Each article should be 600+ words
  • Articles should be of high quality & useful to readers ( with no grammer mistakes)
  • Articles can include images
  • I will own the rights of the articles but if the articles are really amazing then you will get a do follow link in author bio.
  • Thats it!~

Simple isn’t it?

You can hire any good writer to get the articles , i dont mind but as long as it meets the requirement you are good ! I accept 90% of articles so dont worry about getting rejected.

Rules and Regulations :-

  • You will get the plugin only after i publish all the 3 articles
  • I will send $67 on your paypal account.

When you have your article ready >CONTACT US<


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  1. says

    Saad…nice thought brother! But are you sure that CommentLuv premium comes with PLR rights? I don’t think so. And you’re not allowed to sell any thing which doesn’t have PLR rights!

    Think before some action is taken against you by Andy Bailey :)

    But if you have some special permissions, then I don’t know :) Carry on!

    • admin says

      Thanks raaj for your concern , I know this premium doesn’t give me PLR to give it away , but i am running a contest and most probably i will buy a new plugin for every user whose entry will get accepted :)

    • says

      well not little, on my other blogs i am getting more than 500UV / day just by commenting , competition is hard on google you try to be more active on other communities.

  2. Aufa says

    I really feel sad to see “closed” in the title. I really want to test this plugin because $97 is little bit hard to handle :)

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