Got My Adsense Back After Getting Banned! Here’s my story

I know it sucks when you open up your mail one day and you see your Adsense account has been banned for invalid clicks.

You start wondering what did you do wrong and don’t have any idea on how to appeal to Adsense team to get your Adsense back , in this article I will be writing about how my Adsense account got banned and what I did to get it back. I will try to be as short as I can , because I love short and informative posts and I am writing this post in quick time due to lot of requests so please don’t mind the punctuations and grammar mistakes.

Ok lets begin then…

On 7th July 2012 , I saw a scammer in the community who was copying pasting comments from other sites to get back links ( I don’t want to take his name because enough damage has been done to him already) . So I went to other top bloggers who have strong voice in the community and told him about his deal and they went crazy after seeing that he has spammed their website’s with commenting and trust me I have heard nice things about him but then why would you do such things after having nice reputation. Well he claimed that his cousin was doing commenting for him , and then he got his eyes on me because of me his reputation went down in front of big bloggers.

Next day he came to seoallrounder blog and clicked bombed my Adsense , I had a CTR of 27.8% that day and I was like WHAT THE…

I removed Adsense form the site right away.

Straight up i went to google Adsense reporting and reported that my Adsense has been click bombed and using analytics I showed them it was done by some one from ***** , and explained them the whole story of what happened with me and this guy in the community.

On 8th July I got a message from this scammer – saying this >1st Message<

LOL , that was a funny act , After getting this message I went to my analytics and saw who used contact form at this time and recorded the ip.

Next day on 9th July I took a screen shot of this message and posted on Facebook and got feedback like remove the Adsense from your site and stuff.

This scammer saw this message and read the comments like ‘ this guy doesn’t even know how to speak english’ so he got pissed  and wrote another message to me which I will show later. My Adsense was fine till that day

On 10th July , I got a mail from Adsense that my Adsense has been blocked for Invalid clicks . I was shocked for a moment that how can they do this even after reporting to them the same day and being their publisher since 2006. *sad moment*

Then in their email you get this link if you want to appeal for it, I thought of using it , so I wrote what ever I had to and guys please be honest with Adsense team , they deal with 1000’s of request a day and there is a reason by many advertisers choose them because they provide quality service and keep the spammers away.

Here’s a link to the Adsense Appeal Form

Moment of Truth ( Which You all Have been Waiting For )

Here it goes what i wrote to google.

I think I was too rude to google Adsense ( my apologies ) but couldn’t help it.

15_AlreadyAppealed: no

16_OtherAccount: no


18_WebAudience: only me

19_UserGeography: America , UK , Canada

20_UserAccessMode: home

21_ScrapedContent: NO

22_ContentSources: I write most of the content and have 4-5 guest bloggers

23_NumAdmins: only me

24_UpdateFrequency: 3 times a week

25_BoughtTraffic: no

26_UsePayTo: no

27_TrafficSources: Facebook , YouTube , google , guest blogging ,


28_AdvertiserValue: The content is genuine and is very useful for my

readers , and can easily be monetized if advertiser put their ads in it.

29_UserIncentive: I know many people in the same niche but ads normally ad clicks were made by search engine visitors.

30_ViolatedTerms: No , I have never violated term of google ever.


[quote type="medium" align="left"]

31_InvalidActivity: the day i saw the inactivity in google Adsense , i sent the message to google Adsense so i dont see a reason why Adsense account is  penalized here. I removed the Adsense from my site as soon as i saw 27%ctr  on my site.

In that I message i explained that how one guy is sending me messages to threaten me that he would get my Adsense blocked.

here are the screenshots of his messages :

first message on July 7 :

second message on July 10 :


I went to my analytics and checked the people who visited my contact us  page on these those days , and I have seen 1 ip from same area.

I had sent a message about  suspicious  click on July 7th and removed all my ads from the website[/quote]


Then there’s the box under it which say if you want to report any ip’s addresses , well I guess i had an advantage over here as I had the IP’s  which that stupid scammer forgot to hide lol

so i reported all the ip’s which used contact page on seoallrounder.

You can see that they all are from the same area :D cool isn’t it?

Thats pretty much it , I sent it and started looking for alternatives to Adsense , which normally we all do at desperate times lol , there was not a single post which talked about a better alternative to Adsense and people said they it’s very hard to get your Adsense back  , only one percent have a chance in getting their accounts back.

Well I guess that was the end of my Adsense earning i thought and I had $170 due in Adsense .


Friday The 13th !

Today Morning (13th July 2012) when I up , guess what I saw in my mail????

I just jumped out of bed when I saw this email on my blackberry ! and took a screenshot of this message and posted on Facebook , got many replies on how you did that and blah blah ! I really liked one comment so I am posting it here and you should learn a lesson from it.

So this is my story of getting my Adsense back :D , I am sure there will be a lot of details I am missing here because I wrote this 1000words+ article with in 20 minutes so please don’t mind the grammar mistakes , but you can drop a comments and I will edit this post accordingly.

Personally I don’t ask people to share my posts , but this one is kind a rare case and I think every blogger should know about it , so please I urge you to share this post using Facebook , Google or Twitter :) will really appreciate it.

Update 1 : All my Adsense earnings are intact.

Still trying hard to get back into Adsense ? Don’t worry I have bagged 20+ Google Adsense Alternatives for you to forget about adsense and move on with better earning.

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  1. says

    First of all Congrats Saad and Google always work for both publishers and advertisers there are many cases where adsense account re initiated after the clarification of publishers.
    Nice post helpful for every blogger..

    • says

      I am really Glad to help so many bloggers around the world , I mean this post has really made an impact on them and they have started using analytics which shows the ip of their visitors so can track them down.

  2. Suresh Khanal says

    This is really a good news of this kind. People blamed Google to get their account banned “for doing nothing”. I never believed the crowd.

    The noise especially at this part of world is more since many “intelligent” bloggers are busy always with experiments to discover jackpots!

    The incident must be really shocking and disappointing till you got the account back. Appreciate your patience and the wise steps to reinstate.

    Through all this, it is still pathetic to learn that one person could risk an account that was working constantly for Adsense, on top of that, in spite of the pre-information you offered them.

    Whatever, at the end, justice is done and for this we must thank Google.

    • says

      Exactly Suresh , you are so damn right , how can one person clickbomb your account and get your Adsense account ban? thats something they have to work on.

      About people blaming google ? I would say , google has heard my each and every letter or request I have sent them , I remember one of my site doing bad in search engines , I went through all the 200 posts and removed some posts and did internal linking and made my archives no-index and lastly sent my site for reconsideration request and explaining them what I did to improve my site and in a week I saw positive results.

      Of all my readers , i really want to thank you because you made a post about me in such a short notice. Would love to help you if you need with something.

  3. says

    As a blogger i too know the feeling when my adsense account got banned. And I struggled a lot during my start up as a blogger to get an adsense account :(
    Congrats for your returned adsense account

    • says

      There’s always a reason why your Adsense got blocked , I am their publisher from 6years and never had any issue. If you need help to get a new Adsense account let me know, I might be able to help you out.

      • says

        Its due to some technical reasons bro. But i Got it back :D. Anyways, If i face any problems with it in future i will let you know about it.

  4. says

    Hey Saad,

    First Congratulations once again for the Victory! and Thanks for sharing the story, I’m just surprised to see the action you had taken. Great! Such people like that scammer are just lots in the world. And are jealous of success of guys like you. Well Done. :D

    • says

      Hey Mairaj Nice to see you here buddy , thanks a lot , trust me for a blogger , getting Adsense account back is more than just a victory.

      One thing more , always love your haters =D , if wouldn’t be possible to show this guide without him right? =D

      If you get into Adsense , take care of it. you wont realize it until its gone.

  5. Main Uddin says

    It rare incident Saad Naeem !! you are one of the lucky guy out 1000 appeals.As i have seen in last 8 years only a few has get back Adsense specially in Asian Countries.

    • says

      Yes Main Uddin , even I have never seen any one Adsense account getting instated with in period 4days , well if you work hard then you know how to gain and take actions when and where :)

      Its the 4years experience thats coming into play.

      I am really glad to help bloggers out there even though I dont have a strong voice yet.

  6. says

    I am really Happy for you mate. You just show us that every thing is possible. And yeah blogging need Patience.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

    • says

      Hey buddy , it couldn’t be done without great bloggers like you backing up me , really glad to be a part of the community and will help as many bloggers as I can.

      Thanks Amit.

  7. says

    Wow, you must be a lucky guy.
    Many bloggers appealed unsuccessfully after their accounts were banned. Google needs to protect us from bomb clicks as well.

  8. says

    Hi Saed
    Finally your effort brought success. I am really happy and it is really inspirational for many of us. It’s really good to see your adsense account back. It’s time to celebrate. Cheers!

    • says

      thanks Sanjib , this post is not a guide on how to get back your account but its a lesson for bloggers to learn that if you are honest about your actions then google listens to you , many people say that google banned my Adsense for no reason , reason is always there you just have to bring up the reason. :)

      Hope you find this post useful and worth sharing.

    • says

      like amit said in his comment that i showed that nothing is impossible , if you appeal with enough evidence then google will unban you with in 2-3days.

  9. Naveen says


    There was a toughest situation you handled this issue like one man army with the help of fellow bloggers, all I say is you’ve acted at the right time to recover your Adsense account.

    Now I think, there is no issues with it again and I appreciate your all the efforts saved your hard earnings and source.

    • says

      Thanks Naveen , hope you learned good points from this post , Adsense is a mean stream of income for most of the blogs as its just plug n play . So loosing Adsense account is not an option for a blogger.

  10. aatif says

    Is really a rare case , I never seen any small publisher getting his account back . Congratz to you . And thanks for sharing this article with us . it will surely help us .

  11. Amandeep Singh Nagpal says

    Congrats man ,,, you should consider yourself lucky since very few people are known to have reinstated account from google adsense .

    • says

      I know , in my six year of blogging I have not seen getting their account back , well I am really lucky here but I am really thankful to the tools I was using for analytic to track down ip’s

  12. Guppu Boss says

    Congo saad. Its a really rare case that anyone adsense reopens. and one think may be that ******* clicker will such activity again. You must solve your problem with him

  13. says

    Congrats to you Saad. This was certainly an achievement and as Suresh from said, it shows Google is taking note of these and not ripping off people. Good luck. I hope such incidents don’t happen again.

    • says

      Yes Chitraparna , I really liked Suresh comment and he put it so nicely in comment . Exactly to the point , I love comments which are short and to the point. you can see that I added his comment there as soon as i read that comment.

      I will make sure this doesnt happen again with me. Thanks for coming by and dropping a comment.

  14. says

    Hi bro

    First of all i’d like to congratulate you for getting your Adsense back. This story really open my eyes and also give a lesson how to deal with a difficult situation like this. Best of luck for future.

    • says

      Really glad you took is as a lesson and not a guide on how to get away with the ban , many people are trying to create fake scene’s like this and applying to get their accounts reinstated. Let me tell you one thing that google notes a lot more than just this what i have given here.

  15. sandeep kumar says

    Ahhh…finally something positive i found over the net.
    Congrates Saad…….really lucky guy you are…..
    Can you share the story of that scammer as well….who was that and how you reported his copycat thing with other big bloggers and what was their response……

    • says

      Nice to see you here again Sandeep (= , please dont make me tell the story here , I dont want to take more of his crap! but someday i’ll tell you on personally , you must be knowing his very well ;)

      and I dont really feel lucky here , I am just thanks that I had right tools at the right time to track ip’s.

    • says

      thanks Ehsan =D really happy to see your comment here. Well I haven’t kicked his ass yet , right now I have saved mine but I am not that kind of a guy to take revenge , I can make a better use of my time yea?

  16. says

    Great work Saad. It’s nearly impossible to get a banned adsense account reinstated. You just made it possible. I’m really happy for you. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

    • says

      I wish i could do there impossible things everyday ;) , but I am really glad that i got my account back and helped so many people here on getting back their adsense.

      • says

        You had the upper hand with all those screenshots, messages and the ip. That’s what Google wants, they want the publisher to be alert and active while using adsense. Many publishers don’t pay attention to the situation and that’s why they don’t get their account back.

  17. says

    Hey Saad, really pleased to see you have your adsense back. Great story too, well worth sharing. Google could clearly see that your banning was unjustified and I can’t believe anyone would stoop so low to get your adsense account banned. Those kind of people aren’t worth a single thought, they’ll never make it themselves. Best of luck for the future mate.

    • says

      HEY Fab ,

      I wish someone from the google team can explain me this too , how can one guy bans another person account , even though when I am their old publisher with no complains.

      Well I am really glad to get my account back , and also helped so many bloggers who have installed analytics which shows ip’s so they can track them down.

      thanks for sharing the post :D

  18. says

    Great, My First adsense account got banned 5 months back and i can’t recover it. I know how difficult it was. Congrats for getting rare e-mail from Google ;)

  19. Android Application says

    That’s Really Amazing Dude..First Of All I Would Like To Congrates On Getting Back Your Adsense Account. Personally It Really Hurts When We Get Our Adsense Account Banned. Its really nice to know that if we didn’t do any thing wrong then we can get back our adsense account. And Thanks For Sharing The Complete Story It May Help Many Others

  20. says

    Saad,I followed this article by the interview taken by Techgau.In this article, you explained things very clearly,and i was amazed how cleverly you spot that anonymous ip address.Best of luck with your golden adsense account.

  21. says

    Congratulations for getting your account back. Because of some black-sheep in the industry. life can be miserable for other people. Friday the 13th is considered unlucky for many but in your case it was lucky. Well done. Do inform us of people like that to us so that we can also be on the lookout. Thank you.

    • says

      Thanks Shalu , yes friday they 13th! i guess i wont be able to forget that that only =D Well i will inform soon about the crooks in the community so you guys can blog safe with out getting damage from them comments and click bombing.

  22. saif ullah butt says

    Excellent work Saad :)
    Sorry i am a bit late to read this post. But congrats buddy :)
    I would suggest you to be careful next time.



  23. says

    Good deal, and I’m happy for you. However, you mentioned that a lot of stuff has happened to the other guy, who seems like he deserves to get more. If I may ask, without his name, what’s happened to him? I hope he got sued by Google.

    • says

      Hey Mitch , even am glad that i could help lot of bloggers to be careful and use analytics which show ip address like clicky.

      About that guy , he deserves a lot more than what he got , but its ok. I have enough knowledge about what i am doing and he cant take that from me.

  24. says

    Your interview on techgua brought me to your blog. really amazing and I am happy for you .. be more careful
    it is impossible to get the account back after it get banned .. you are lucky

    • says

      Hey Bryan , that was a great interview , gautmam had some really amazing questions lined up for me and i loved answering them. The only that saved me here is clicky analytics , because i couldn’t be able to track down ip’s without it , and i really recommend my readers to use this.

      I see this is your first comment here , so first welcome to seoallrounder and Thanks for dropping a comment.

  25. Jane says

    I know how it should feel Saad! I can’t believe that there are still people who are willing to spend their time and energy in destroying someone’s reputation and/or business. If they spend the same amount of time and energy on their own business, it would have been much better.

    Congrats on winning the battle!

    • says

      Welcome to Seoallrounder and Dropping a comment here =D I only ask people to drop a comment and they try to act over smart by dropping a clickbomb , its really frustrating but you know what its okay :) , they more time they spend doing this cheap stuff , the more I can think on how to take over them while not getting worried about what they are upto ;)

  26. Simmeon says

    Hi Bro,

    I read this story and forget to comment right away. My bad, but its just crazy that someone would click-bomb you and even have the audacity to email and gloat about it.

    Bloggers that use Adsense have no protection and one day they could give you the axe. Super happy you managed to get it back, that in itself is quite an accomplishment.

    What if his guy strikes again or someone else tries this stunt? It’s down right bad karma, some people are evil.

    • says

      Hey Brother , How you doing ? You really dont want be in a place or what I have gone through here , so learn from my experience that dont have any grudges against any one in social media , they will try to bring you down to their level and try to beat you with experience , so my advice is dont go down to anyone’s level , life high and do your best =D and dont only reply on google analytics , i would say start using clicky.

  27. Nicholle Olores says

    I agree. Google has still an ear to hear us. I appreciate you that you made all things clear now. Glad to hear your story and thanks a lot for sharing this to us.

  28. Nizam says

    No doubt Adsense is a great online source for most of the bloggers and if something happens like this, it is really a tough situation to get out. But luckily you got your account back :)

    • says

      i use clicky analytics on my site , and it gives ip addresses of the people who visit the pages on my site and i got the ip from his comments and also the one he used to visit contact us page , they were same! so i found the culprit ;)

  29. says

    First of all I heartily congrats you. There are such cases where adsense disable the account without reason.

    Many got them back, but you explained it in a very effective way. It will surely help may people.

    Thanks :)

  30. says

    Well, it is clear that you are very lucky person who got adsense back. So it is clear that you are a true blogger. Finally congratulations for adsense.

  31. says

    Unfortunately, Google lets robots do their dirty work for them. Bans are not manually done. I wish Google would enlist humans to double check all bans (on both AdSense and AdWords) before they are actually implemented. It’s not fair for users to have to prove their innocence before their accounts are blocked. I like how Google Webmaster Tools works when they give you a warning about problems and allow you to explain before they de-index your site or something to that effect.

    • Ron says

      Why would he do that and risk getting click bombed again? If there is one thing I know about doing business, NEVER expose or defame anyone online – even if it’s legit. You open yourself up to retaliation. Any exposure of wrong doing should be done privately to the parties concerned.

  32. says


    Sharing these kind of posts allows other users to get an Idea of how to contact Google & also helps to understand the steps we need to take when some Bad guys click your Ad’s.

  33. says

    I lost my adsense account long back due to the mistake done by one of my frnd.But i dnt have any proofs. I lost my adsense account with almost 200$. Thanks for your tips my friend

  34. Result Of says

    I have Tried the same as you :)

    Hope I get back my adsense account .thank you for sharing this experience with us.
    thanks a lot

  35. Gautam says

    woow….nice dude you did it right i also got banned yesterday let’s see what will happen…i have appealed…..

  36. says

    Hi Saad,
    I am glad to have read this post about your experience when you got your Adsense back after you were banned from it. Thanks for sharing as well the link to the Adsense Appeal Form, I may be needing that in the future if ever I come across someone who would click all my ads just to get me banned (I hope that never happens! But you can’t be too sure). Good for you that your Adsense earnings are still intact after all that hassle! Other bloggers aren’t so lucky like you.

  37. Mike says

    Saad, you are lucky bro that you got your adsense back because i know many cases which never get their adsense back.
    best of luck for future bro.

    Thank you

    • says

      This is surprising to me as you are seeing this post for the first time , it created a big hush in blogosphere but anyways thanks :) I hope you pass my message around to other bloggers.

  38. aysha says

    right now as google police you don’t get adsense account as your name try to some other name like your surname not match and address are some-one city

  39. Umpreet says

    Hey , great article helped alot, but could i apply for one more adsense account if I got banned with different mail and different name .?

    • says

      i wish u had visited this site 7 days back , i recently changed the whole layout of the design and I am still figuring out where to put adsense. Why would someone lie on their blog ? lol

  40. says

    Congrats Saad. It’s like winning a war , lol. What happened to you also happened to me in April, 2012. Someone was copying my blog article and putting it in theirs. So, I sent the owner to stop doing this. He got upset I think, and the next day I saw a 18% CTR in Adsense. Like you, I removed the ads and notified Google and provided them the IP’s.
    My consequences was totally different. My adsense account got banned and they gave me that same reason of invalid clicks.
    After I tried four times to reinstate my account but nothing worked for me.

  41. says

    That’s an amazing story. I’ve actually tried applying for Adsense but I’ve never gotten past the first approval. I guess I still have to work on my research first before applying again.

    Although, I am unfortunate since they disabled my adsense account before I was able to use it.

  42. Michael says

    Congratulations on getting your Adsense account back. I’m new to your blog and so far I’m impressed. The work you put in honestly shows.

    Do you have any suggestions to improve mine?

    I have a plan for it but need some help on design, function and layout.

    Thanks again for your tips and delivering quality content to the blogging community.

    Michael – admin over at

    Looking forward to here you suggestions.

  43. says

    All blogger have ever got banned by Adsense. It was a painful experience. But what we can to do that everything has happened and can not be regretted. We need to bounce back and are always looking for alternatives so that we can always hold out forward. Thank you.

  44. says

    Congrats Naeem. I am very happy for you. All through the web, I have heard / read different stories about how people got banned. That’s it. Never came across a post that would say that someone actually got it back! And you seem to be the first one who ever did, at least for me. You did do the right things along the way & I guess that’s the reason you won at the end.

    Gratz again!!!

  45. Roger says

    What can i say…….You handle this moment more intelligently than anyone else could….Your hard did pay you and no more looking for alternatives… :D

  46. hunny says

    I have same as you and some ***** People are click on my adsense and google banned my account . I have try to convene to google but not success to get back my account .

    Now i m use account of my brother . You are fully lucky u have get back your account otherwise i have never seen once account banned then start again ….

    Good Job (y)

  47. Luke says

    I got banned from Adsense a few days ago, but I’m working on getting it back. I was getting 1-5 clicks a day and it suddenly shot up to 100, really sucks because I’ve lost all the money I’ve made :( Will post back on the verdict.

  48. says

    Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. After reviewing your
    application, our specialists have found that it does not meet our program
    criteria. Therefore, we are unable to accept you into our program.

    We have certain policies in place that we believe will help ensure the
    effectiveness of Google ads for our publishers as well as for our
    advertisers. We review all publishers, and we reserve the right to decline
    any application. As we grow, we may find that we are able to expand our
    program to more web publishers with a wider variety of web content.

    – can you please review my blog and suggest me if anything wrong i have done which is against the Google.

  49. says

    I also get out from Google Adsense program for this reason recently i submit appeal from now i m waiting for reply from Google. I hope your advice will work for me and thanks again..

  50. says

    That’s a great inspiring story not many of those who get accounts removed can actually get it back. I hope your story can help others as well

  51. says

    I was checking out Theodore’s blog post where he mentioned about his blog getting hacked and also how his adsense got banned. There was a link pointing to your blog and that’s how I arrived here.

    Glad that Google approved your request. Thank you for sharing all the procedures as it will help someone else as well.

    Just out of excitement I tried to track the IP and found its from Kolkata, Near Jamil Stores,Mahatma Gandhi Road and uses MTS as the ISP. Wonder who that is anyway :P.

    By the thanks again for sharing this wonderful post.

  52. kuldeep singh says

    hello sir,
    got banned my adsense account last day due to invalid activity … :( :(
    what i should write in adsense appeal mostly for best chances to re initiated

  53. Foxlinear says

    How do you know if your AdSense account is banned or your website is banned? And if the website is banned, for innocent reasons, is there a way to get unbanned?

    Thank you.

  54. Aliakbar Fakhri says

    Wow, Interesting story, I am really very happy that you got your adsense back.
    this is very rare as Google bans their honest customers, But Thank god everything is normal now!!
    Enjoy your adsense earnings!!!!
    your Blog is really too good, Let me learn blogging from SEOAllRounder!!!

  55. says

    Thats really great to get back the adsense from Google, It also happen with me in past but they never accept my request and finally i hv created separate accounts for all my websites.

    Anyway… Thank you so much for sharing your story and how to get back banned account.

  56. says

    You are really lucky to have your account back. can any one give me suggestion in getting final approval for my adsense…have been having issues passing the second review…always get reply that my site does not meet google policies..something like organic traffic…

    pls here is the site for a look up

  57. muhammad yousuf says

    Have you done it really amazing.Congratulation friends and i want to make wordpress site so can you help me?

  58. says

    Hey Saad,

    First Congratulations once again for the Victory! and Thanks for sharing the story, I’m just surprised to see the action you had taken. Great! Such people like that scammer are just lots in the world. And are jealous of success of guys like you. Well Done. :D


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