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How To Become A Super Affiliate

Super affiliates seem to have it all together. They know what to promote,Where to promote it and when to get out. They make a ton of money and then relax on the beach sipping on their mango smoothie. I’m here to tell you a secret. The super affiliates you read about all the time don’t get there by being lazy. They arrived at their destination by working smart and working long hours. Do you want to know how to become a super affiliate? Continue reading to find how.

Pick A Offer And Run:

Once you’ve signed up with a CPA company you need to pick an offer and just promote it! It happens much too often. A new affiliate joins an affiliate company, sees a bunch of offers and becomes confuse in what they believe is “chaos”. Pick an offer you are familiar with and start running with it. The only way you are going to learn is by first hand experience.

Research Your Audience:

Now that you have offer you need to research your audience. Who are they and what do they like? The more you know about the people you are selling to the better you can sell to them. It really isn’t difficult. The more you know the better your ads will be. You can choose images and copy that will attract their attention and increase your chances of converting them into a lead or a buyer.

Pick A Platform:

Once you know your audience you will need a platform. Now don’t go around jumping from platform to platform without learning. Spending money and not making any will be your only result. You quickly become fustrated and give up. Blaming the offer, the company, or the platform but not yourself. Find a platform, a popular one if possible, and learn everything you can about it. Study it, work with it, profit from it. Don’t jump anywhere else until you’ve profited from your first platform and scaled.

Split Test:

Split test your copy. Split test your landing pages. Split test your images. The more split testing you do the more data you receive. With that data you can make modifications to your campaign that will move you forward into the blac (profit).

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I know this sounds like a lot of work, it is. You won’t get around this so get use to it. The faster you dive in the faster you learn. Always learn as much as you can. When you learn something new try applying to your campaign and seeing the results. First hand information is the best!


by Saad Naeem

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