How to Get Free Content For Your Blog or Website

free content for your website

Getting  free articles and Content for your blog would be amazing right? I mean many times in our blogging career that we either don’t get time or don’t get an idea to write our next post. Well this doesn’t mean that other don’t? In this post learn How to Get Free Content For Your Blog or Website by using the best 4 ways.

Guest blogging is a new way to receive your and give your content , every blogger is content hungry and love to get as much content as they can but the disadvantage in this is you have to give 2 backlinks to the author’s blog , I don’t think giving someone 2 backlinks in author bio is a bad idea when you are getting good quality articles for free, am I right?

One thing more the places I am going to show you today to get free content from your blogs are not only for getting articles but also for giving in you content to other blogs and getting 2 backlinks in content or author bio , isn’t it amazing!

Oh! by the way , did I tell you that google loves guestblogging? its best way of getting backlinks to your site , so what this means , that there are number of guestbloggers who are trying to post their articles on other blogs and hence getting content for your blog should not be hard at!

The question is where does these people post about their guest post and how you can approach them? Well that’s why you are here because I am going to show the 4 ways which I have used in the past and recommend it to others.

1. Bloggerlinkup

This one is my favourite , all you have to do it fill up a short form of requirements like what kind to article you need , how many words, how it should be formated, select the category and you can tell about your site ranking in social media and traffic wise to attract more guest posters. You wont be impressed by the site design but the features are outstanding. Right after you fill in the form and send it, after 3-4 days your inbox will be filled with requests from people who want to post on your blog , you can reply to them and get in touch. Bloggerlinkup does not only allows you to get guest posts but also you can offer guest posts to other people , you can shout out your giveaways , offer a product to other bloggers to review.

2. Facebook

You can join these groups on Facebook Guestpost Portal, Guest blogging Portal and Guest Blogging Group , when someone will post about guest posting you will get a notification that this person has posted about his articles and best thing about this is that many user post the article heading so you can select which one you want and contact the user within Facebook. Here’s a small screen shot of how people will post about their articles.


3. DigitalPoint Forum

This forum has tought me a lot when I started blogging in 2009 ,some of the features I like are : you can stay up to date with google news, the community is active, you can get your blog services there , post your question and you will get answered back quickly , you can also run contests for logo’s and get cheap stuff. I use it a lot for my freelancing stuff as the people are really talented but due to competition the prices are lower , there’s a lot more you can get on this forum its like a complete webmaster experience ;) .

4. MyBlogGuest.Com

This one is pretty new and has earned a lot of reputation among bloggers , I have personally tried it on this blog to get 4-5 guest post and those guest post were really amazing , I mean they had good quality , unique and getting good traffic from search engine. What good about mybloguest is you can create a contributor account on your WordPress blog and people will automatically post on your site , you can just review them and publish them. The reason I have quit using Myblogguest is that many people are working for other companies to guest posting , I got 90% guest post offers from people who like to link up to their e-commerce site , personally I like to promote bloggers than companies , no matter how good their content is. Well its a personal choice , you can always give them a try to get quality articles.

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These are my favourite places to get content and give content to bloggers what are your favourite places to get free content for your website? Do you have any questions about these communities please shoot them at me, I would love answer them.


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  1. says

    I have never fall in bloggers block till now:D I always new ideas on my mind for new posts, but what makes me write less is time. I don’t get much time to write on my blog.

    I like the tips you shared here for those who wants to get free content on their blog.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. says

    Enabling guest posting on your website is really a great way to get free articles. Generally, I get guest articles from Facebook and directly via the contact form. What about you ?

  3. says

    Hey Saad,
    Accepting Guest posting is the most helpful method to get a free articles. And the techniques of guest posting through Facebook is very nice. Thanks for sharing this valuable information.


  4. Simmeon says

    Hey Bro,

    I agree with you, you kinda want to avoid You will get an influx of non-bloggers, marketers and link builders wanting to submit all types of things to your blog.

    Also what you will find, they will not respond to any comments they just submit and run, low engagement and can kill your blog in the long run.

    Awesome list Saad, I’d use the other places.

    • says

      Hey Bruv , you are right and you can see that I made my last option over here , you have explained it in a very neat manner (y) , Thanks Simmeon.

  5. says

    Enabling guest posting on your website is really a great way to get free articles while helping others out. Guest-posting is the single most important strategy for growing your blog readership and platform. Whether you are blogging on another site or getting someone to guest blog on your own site it reaches out to a very captive audience that you have not reached before.

    • says

      Thats very true , having a write for us page is a great way to get content for your site as many people are looking to get backlinks around these day.

      Thanks Cherie for adding value to the content and sharing your tip here and Welcome to seoallrounder.

  6. says

    Actually I don’t accept guest post, but I am now busy with my projects So I think getting guest post is very helpful to me, to get content for my blog. Also I hired 2 designers for my blog. But I really love to get guest post from now onward. The idea of Bloggerlinkup is very nice. Thanks for the share Saad

    • rakesh kumar says

      Guest blogging is considered as one of the best method to get some fresh ideas, but as i have seen most of the guest blogger does not send their best work as a guest post. Like Jane Sheeba of Problogging success, that sucks. Quality control in case of guest blogging is must. Otherwise we can loose our valuable readers. What do you think ?

  7. says

    Saad, very good post mate. I’d like to add a tip to your guest posting tip. Create a guest post submission form in Google Docs and embed it into a static page on your blog. I did this many months back and I’ve received plenty of free content that way from user submissions. You’re right, joining Facebook groups is a very good tip also.

    • says

      thanks for adding and reminding me about this tip fab , having a write for us page is really important from a blog, can’t believe I missed it here :/

  8. says

    Hey Saad,

    A great set of resources. I have bookmarked all of them. Honestly I haven’t done a lot of guest blogging so I didn’t realize these types of resources exist. When you guest blog for someone do they generally require that your post is only submitted to them or are you usually able to use the same article to guest post on more than one blog?

    • says

      That Great Derek, guest posting is the safest way to get backlinks at the moment and your answer about submitting a guest post on other blog would be that how would you like other people to submit a post on your blog? would you like a unique article or the article that has been copied pasted on other site? I am sure no one would like a scrape content on their blog as it will hurt your and their blog in short as well as long term ;) Am I right? :)

  9. Deepak says

    Wow saad i was not knowing about those sites which provide article, Thanks for that particular info. While i am already connected to most of the Facebook guest Post Groups and always interacting.
    Nicely carved article.

  10. says

    Brilliant ideas to get content for your site. I think accepting guest posts makes a lot of sense. Not only it creates content but also the writer will do their bit of social media promotion as well. So works for both parties. I like the Bloggerlinkup, I might sign up for that one. Thanks for mentioning it.

  11. says

    I know only one Guest Post Group in Facebook from where i am getting Good articles. Initially i dont know that company links will harm our i Published many posts.Now i realised my mistake but getting blog links guestpost is very difficult.i will try these sources and will check whether any post result i will get.Thnks

    • says

      Yea you are right that company links don’t harm the blog but I like to promote bloggers than companies , just a personal choice you know. Getting blog links guest post are difficult but they are really high quality and engaging. Just build a good rep in social media and have a ‘write a guest post’ page on your blog. I am sure you will get many requests from bloggers.

  12. Felicia says

    Hi Saad,
    I agree that one great way to always update content and get free articles at the same time is by entertaining guest posts to your blog. I haven’t tried Bloggerlinkup before, so I’ll check it out. Thanks for sharing!

    • says

      Bloggerlinkup has help me a lot in getting good and free articles to start up my blog , but then I quit using these services once I gained good number of audience. It’s a personal choice but it doesn’t mean you have to quit using these awesome services to get free content to your website.

  13. Amit Shaw says

    Hi Saad,

    An opinionated decision. I don’t know how comfortable we can be to accept free content from anybody. It is alright when such thing is volunteered from our friends or dear ones, who would like to contribute to our work without expecting any returns.


  14. says

    saad Naeem on your direction I red this post and let me thank you for a wonderful post. After reading the post I have signed up for Blogerlinkup, Myblogguests and 3 FB groups. Hopefully these will done the job for me.

    Saad I wanaa ask you 1 thing! I am noticing that all the guest bloggers communities and sites are flooded with post related to Blogging, technology etc, Is there any special guest bloggers community for fashion,style and health niche? or these above mentioned communities are able to provide me the relevent content. Thank

    • says

      thats great Adil, I believe the categories you are looking for are available in myblogguest and bloggerlinkup. You can make use of these categories and get article on fashion, style and health.

  15. Danielle says

    Hey Saad,
    It is funny that you are the first person I found who mentioned the problem with myblogguest. I had the same exact issue with them and removed my profile from their site. The articles people were posting were beginning to sound impersonal and had links to big business instead of being genuine.

  16. Michael says

    You can find quality content on guest blogging Mike. This is a great post and the idea is good. Thank you for this post!

  17. says

    Hi there Saad,

    This post will help me reach out writers because to be honest i’m out of ideas and i barely get any time to write an awesome article for my readers. Thanks for these websites and tips. Very helpful!

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