How To Get Targeted Users To Your Blog


So you’ve been marketing your online business, and you have legit search ads ongoing, but your pages aren’t well optimized. People or potential customers are constantly visiting different sites including yours everyday, but for a strange reason, you’re not getting to see the numbers you want. Frankly, your marketing strategy isn’t working so you’ll need a new a strategy that you can count on.

What you need to do is look at what your targeted audience do after they look through your ads. In most cases, online marketers like you don’t have good landing pages, and that can really hinder your chances in getting more customers. The last thing you want is for people to leave your page after a few minutes. You want to attract them to take action once they’re there. Learning how to convert traffic to your site can increase your sales instantly when you know how to convert your site properly.

Tips for how to get targeted users to your blog

- What are the most common mistakes marketers make?

The greatest mistake marketers make is starting their landing page using templates of corporate websites. It adds an entire bunch of opportunities and distractions to abandon. Navigating social media links, alternative offers, logo links for home pages, and more columns than normal can all contribute to distraction and clutter. Start with a fresh page.

- Elements Of Effective Landing Pages

Start using landing pages that are blank. Then add an offer to take action on a form or button. To overcome these abandonments, consider to slather on persuasive copies and display the product on an image. Also add trust symbols to persuade your readers.

- Create Attractive Headlines

You must keep your promise on your ads, links or emails that railed in them to enter your visitors page. If you offered 15% off discounts from ads, then the landing page must offer that 15% discount. Not only will these headlines attract customers, but it will gain their trust on your business.

Your headlines should also promote how your business can benefit them. If you’re offering white paper, don’t choose a boring headline that explains your company or product. However, it should be a headline that you would want to see if you were a customer. A guide which shows your customers how to receive your services may be a smart headline template for your white paper business.

- Make High Intriguing Call-To-Action

Tell visitors they cannot receive something your services anywhere else. Take as much writing space as you want.

- Length Of Landing Pages

Never write more content than needed. When methodical visitors scroll down and can’t have time to action until the bottom, then you’ll likely lose their attention. Give them the information they can get right away before they change their mind. For fast-deciding visitors, provide them a summary right at the top. But also make sure to have a long explanation area for those who can’t make their mind up right away.

- Advice On Increasing Conversion Ratio For Marketers

Whenever a marketer doesn’t have enough time, they either make messages which they like, or make messages that don’t get any pushbacks from their boss. In many cases, the messages will target inwardly, not toward the visitor. Give yourself time to write ten things which you think your readers would like to read. Budget extra time to be creative and try different versions for your pages; ads, pages, and other informational offers.
Be a company that educates readers thoroughly and brag about how they can succeed through the product. Write authority content that proves to your readers that you know what you’re writing about.

РSEO ( Search Engine Optimizations)

Search engine optimization is one of the best ways to help you land on Google faster than ever. You can develop your chances of making big money when you do SEO online. Search engine optimization can be done by creating articles and submitting them to top of the line article companies everyday. With the right SEO techniques, you will succeed and grow your traffic in many ways.

- Make New Videos

It’s also recommended to make use of new videos that will persuade customers to sign up to your page. When you create quality videos that persuade your potential customers, they will likely be able to sign up to your landing page.

Read : How to Promote Youtube Videos

- Have Testimonials On Your Landing Page

To prove to potential customers that your business is legit, you must have actual testimonials from past customers. This can help increase your sign up ratio upon customers, as they’re less hesitant on whether you’re a worthy business to join or not.

Benefits To Using These Tips

– Generate More Legit Customers

The main benefit to using these tips as an online marketer is that you’ll gain more serious customers that’ll really want to join your site. Persuading customers to go to your landing page is the first step in succeeding as an online marketer, but actually getting them to join the site is something not many marketers are able to do. Having the right strategy in mind however can increase your chances in getting more customers than normal.

– Spend Less Money On Ads

The best part to having an actual strategy that you follow is that you can spend less funds on ads, and spend save it to expand your business. The average online marketer will spend at least $1,000 a year on advertisements alone, but in reality, business owners don’t need to waste that amount on unnecessary ads. Although these ads can help generate people to go to your site, it doesn’t essentially mean they will purchase what you’re offering them. That can only be done with the right methods in mind.

If you want to generate more sales on your website, then you should consider implementing the tips above to your online marketing strategy list. When you know what to do and have the right methods in mind, then your site will gain more legit customers right away. Getting more serious customers can be done with the right strategies in mind.

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    Awesome tips bro. I got informative information in this post. and also new tips thanks for sharing this post on seoallrounder. keep it bro. i will follow your suggestion :)

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    When you will post every new article then you should know one thing in that there should be something for every one. Like when readers come to your post they should get that information in your blog which they wanted and when you will apply this rule on your blog site then you can see how result will come in favor of you.

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    Good post that should help my current drive to get the right people to our new site. It’s really all about quality traffic over quantity and this stuff makes the difference in keeping the people you are looking for once they arrive.

  4. Aditi says

    Hi Saad,
    Well I think adding lots of valuable content to your blog would certainly help to get more and more visitors to it. At the same time, people do love to read fresh and unique posts. So, that is important too. Apart from this, as you have said it is true that adding videos and testimonials to your blog page would also help to engage more and more visitors. Thanks for the share!!

  5. Sudipto says

    Hey Saad,
    Nice post with great information and I am totally agree with you that eye catching title helps to attracts many readers and writing more content which is not useful make readers to loose his attention. Thanks for sharing this post.

  6. Binh Le says

    Thanks for the excellent post. I’ve been building my blog over the past year and a half and it’s steadily improved. Lately it’s been tuning things up one step at a time by reading comprehensive posts like this one (I do think this is the most comprehensive I’ve seen though) that have helped me plant more seeds for success. A ton of great tips, ESPECIALLY the last one.

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    nice post i have read through this post and i love reading your articles thanks for sharing this post on how to get targeted users to our blogs

  8. Hamza Tariq says

    Attractive Headlines are one of my most favorite move in targeting the specific audience on the internet. I always use different kind of titles to attract the people towards my work, and products.

    You have really defined the core points behind targeting the real audience. Amazing Article! :)

  9. Social Marketing says

    I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this article. I really enjoyed reading it!
    Thanks for sharing your insight! It was really unique and thought provoking!

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    Well the most important thing which every bloggers need to keep the first goal is targeted users or visitors which helps us to achieve the goal which we’ve made at the initial stage of blogging.

    Thanks a lot for the cool tips.

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    Great… I m very impressed. You have done an outstanding job. I learned a lot from this remarkable article. I want to thank you for sharing this great article with us.

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    Since the only thing from which we can assume a good profit from online business is targeted visitors or users (means loyal readers) which converts visits into sales likely affiliate sales. So i want to say that every blog or website needs targeted users, and we must focus on getting quality readers.


  13. Rina says

    I think making the appropriate content for visitors that we are targeting is also very good and can increase sales conversions

    • says

      Just checked your blog Mike and I do think its little cluttered. Simplifying the blog will make it much easier for your readers to read.

      Thanks for dropping your comment.

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    The greatest mistake marketers make is starting their landing page using templates from corporate websites. It adds an entire bunch of opportunities but equally distractions. Navigating social media links, alternative offers, logo links for home pages, and more columns than normal can all contribute to distraction and clutter. Start with a fresh page!

  15. Pre Anu says

    Thanks a lot for this nice sharing. I agree with your all tips. Sharing is also important for getting positive feedback. The wrong and right of my blog will discuss when it share with any social site.

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    Hi Saad
    I’m just searching for this kind of stuff nice to see Tips about how to get targeted users to blog. Find it very informative thanks for sharing.

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    When it comes to affiliate marketing its all about the traffic. I will put all of the information on this article to good use and try and get some more targeted users.

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    As per my experience if you want targeted users you have to do local submission.i prefer classified submission and submission in country wise websites.for an example if you are looking for allergy doctor in singapore then you have to do work in websites…

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