How to Make Blog Visitors as Regular Readers

It doesn’t matter whether your blog has high or low Alexa/Google page rank, if you have valuable traffic for your blog, then it’s good. Many bloggers who are newbies, leaves the blogging in half and the reason is ” Low Traffic “, blog’s traffic doesn’t fully depend upon the Search engine optimization, if your blog attracts visitors and if your posts are liked by people, they’ll visit your blog often and will never forget your blog!. So there are no secrets behind making people to like your blog, if your blog attracts more readers, surely your blog’s daily visitors will get increased . As making people to like your blog plays an important role in increasing your blog’s traffic, you must consider writing for your visitors. If more people likes and become a regular reader of your blog, then your blog’s traffic will be increased automatically.

Here ,in this post,I’m going to discuss about 3 things that will help you to attract your blog’s visitors, and make them as your blog’s regular readers. Those 3 things are some common things, but those things surely will help you to attract your blog’s visitors and make them as regular readers. And those are

  • Attractive and fast Loading Blog design
  • Don’t use Popups in your blog
  • Make your Blog’s social media presence popular and strong

Attractive and Fast Loading blog design

Attractive and fast loading blog design makes your blog readers eager to visit your blog daily, because if your blog’s design is attractive, to see the design people will visit your blog. And if a person reaches your blog via Search engine and finds that your blog loads fast, and gets attracted to your blog’s design , surely the person will become a regular reader of your blog. Theme choice is an important thing for a blog, if you choose a theme, which is irrelevant to your blog’s niche also affects your regular readers of your blog.

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Tip for Bloggers : Note that don’t keep themes which are Search engine optimized, keep themes which people like to be in your blog, and another advice is Don’t write your articles for Search engines, write articles for your blog’s readers!.

Don’t use any Unwanted Popups in your blog

If your blog has more subscribers, your blog’s traffic will definitely increase, in such cases for increasing blog subscribers, many blogs have popup Facebook like boxes, please don’t use that! it is hated by most of the visitors of your blog, and they’ll never visit your blog again. By by using an useful popup domination, many blog’s have their subscribers increased.Don’t use any popups in your blog like Facebook Like or Social Media stuffs.Even many probloggers suggest you to have popups in your blog,but be sure you use the right one like the PopUp Domination . First of all ask a question why do you use popup subscription box ? to increase the traffic of your blog right ?, then be sure you only use informative popup in your blog that will in turn make your visitors as regular readers.

We suggest to use PopUp Domination 3.0 Plugin .Read our PopUp Domination 3.0 Plugin review

Make your blog’s social Media Presence strong and popular

If you ask to an Admin of a popular blog , ” How did you increase the traffic of your blog and how did you make your blog popular? “, the answer from this is the ” Social Media “.  Many internet businesses which are popular today , got their first and more clients from Social Media. Every successful business before launching, first they started attracting their fans in social media. So social media is the first and the easy key to gain regular readers for your blog. Social media not only includes Facebook it also includes twitter and many more… So try  to get more fans from social media, they’ll also help you to get more readers for your blog.

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As I mentioned above , the 3 things which I shared for attracting blog visitors and gaining blog readers are some common things, but surely it will increase your traffic and regular readers!!

Hope you liked this post,if so do share it with your friends.What are the ways you follow to make the visitors of your blog as regular readers  ?

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  1. says

    I have read many articles on same topic to make blog normal readers to loyal readers and all of them were really helpful for me, I would love to read more.
    There are 3 simple tips to make blog readers love your blog.
    1. Simple design and fast loading blog.
    2. Killer content.
    3. Nailing down the audience.
    Thanks for adding value to this post Saad. Have a nice day bro.

    • says

      Thanks Ehsan for dropping in your tips , well content is the main key and its sad that many people hire freelancer to get there work done these days and you can realize it when the post is so good but when they reply they dont know what they are talking about.

      • says

        I think your blog is a little heavy, but I have seen a great community here :) It proves that the content and how you interact is far more important than blog design. However, I wish you can simplify your blog and decrease the loading process :)

        • says

          Thanks Robert for dropping by , i am trying my best to increase my blogs speed while providing the great look to the visitors , i am still tweaking here and there to get the most out of the speed

      • says

        Yeah Saad, Content is the most important. Every newbie Blogger should spend 4 to 5 months on creating a quality content on their blog and than focus on traffic because If we don’t have a quality content than the visitors will surely click on the “X” button after visiting our blog.

        • says

          haha , true , 4-5 months is too much i think a person should have at least 20 posts before hand to start a blog , and reader ship comes when you produce quality content everything you hit publish content.

    • says

      yup , seems like google is also obsessed with the page speed , recently they invited me to join there cdn service and trust me! i love it , really makes the blog fast , its free for now but i heard they are gonna put a price tag on it soon.

  2. Harneet says

    Nice article. The advice of not to use any pop-ups is really required. I have seen a lot of people who have pop -ups on their blogs that are really irritating.
    keep up the good work :)

  3. yAhyA says

    what about content ? its one of the most important thing for the above article ..

    Tip for Bloggers : Note that don’t keep themes which are Search engine optimized, keep themes which people like to be in your blog,

    .. How to make my blog’s theme Search Engine Optimized ?

    • says

      well content is thing they are your visitors and reached your blog .

      and keeping an seo optimized theme wont effect your regular readers , because they are only for search engines.

      you can use lot of plugins to make your site seo optimized like w3 cache , seo yoast.

      and for theme’s you can go for premium themes or the free ones but dont go for nulled ones as your blog can be hacked any time, which you dont want.

  4. yAhyA says

    Thats okey but how can i know that the theme is seo optimized ? can u tell me ?

    if the theme is clean structured then ?

    • says

      well check out theme reviews :) , almost 99% of the themes on WordPress are seo optimized

      Hope that answers your question , if not email me the theme names so i can check them up for you.

      • yAhyA says

        i was thnking of designing my own theme by using Blogger’s template designer and i need someone to check that its SEO optimized or not .. Thanks for your favor i will send you the link when i finish it

  5. says

    I have always seen and now understood this point that content is the king. Also now i m realizing that rankings are not important when you have sufficient visitors to your site.

  6. says

    You said it plain and simple my friend. I agree with you 100%. I checked my Google ranking and it was a 4, then it was a 3, It goes up and down and I really don’t care.

    I’m not into numbers and rankings. I do have a great following and new friends coming on board all the time. I enjoy connecting with them.

    To have a successful blog all that really matters when it gets down to it is your conversion rate. But that is NOT why we blog.
    As you said above, your blog needs to be clean. I love WordPress! It is easy for me.
    As for pop-ups, I feel like they are annoying and overdone.
    A pop up is great once in a while, but very annoying to the subject matter on the blog.
    Lastly, you mention Social Media. I fully agree. As Mari Smith says “Content is King, but Engagement is Queen and She Rules The House” So reach out and be interested in people and what they are doing. We always learn as we go.
    Thank You

    • says

      Hey Donna , nice to see you here. I cannot disagree anymore when you said that google ranking goes up and down and you dont really care , well same goes on me , i have stopped relying on page rank and even google visitos , i am starting to get good readers from social media sites and building trust of people is the greatest thing i have experienced when blogging.

      Really loving the comments and views of other bloggers and getting to know others is just a great experience.

      When I first started this blog , i thought i’ll earn soo much money and it would show off , but as i entered blogging world , i realized that there’s some thing much more important than just money , it was making my blog a social place for everybody to come and give their views.

      I am really glad you liked my post. Hope to see you again soon.

  7. says

    Saad, I really like the fact that you are emphasizing social media participation. It adds sooo much social proof and as google continue to change their algorithms, social syndication will play a HUGE factor in the future of seo in my opinion. Great post!

    • says

      yes long back when i started blogging , i couldn’t understand what people meant by social media engagement but not i see it as a power tool as i have learned more and more about it.

  8. says

    Social media is really very important ……no can rely on google result .The regular updates like penguin and panda can destroy the blogs anytime so its better to make loyal reader through social media

  9. TechGopal says

    i think Attractive and Fast Loading blog design plays important role & fast site==more page vview overall nice tips & must follow

  10. says

    The most important thing is to make them subscribe to a newsletter.
    Then, a visitor becomes a prospect and you can send him mails for annoucing new products or new posts on your blog.

  11. janmejaya says

    Yes i love your topic.
    But many times your writing style is much more better than blog design because all are coming to your blog for getting some tips.

  12. says

    WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!

    Aasalamvalekum Saad Bro,

    I want to tell you i have opened your all menus and found your contents are really good and i love it and i would prefer to visit your blog again and again.

    These three points are really helpful and Facebook works on these three points but if you own a blog then i would like to add one point from my side, Your blog is visited by readers and they read your blog so make your blog reader friendly, i mean give informative knowledge with some tutorial like ebook, audio book or video tutorial.

    Thanks :)

    • says

      hey , i can really see the excitement on your comment here Avinash , thanks for adding adding you point and quality to the post ! its your first time here , so i would like you to join us on Facebook or a monthly news letter so you stay updated with me.

      Really makes me happy when I see my readers are happy about the content I have on my this blog , Welcome to seoallrounder and I hope you enjoy your stay.

  13. Ajay says

    I like the topic of the post and the second, third lines of the article pointing me. Thanks for your tips

  14. says

    I think it’s the ‘first look’ of the blog that matters the most! Unless the blog looks interesting, people tend to drift away. For this reason it is important to pay attention to the layout and designing part.

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