How to Promote and Make Money With Clickbank Products


I recently posted a screenshot of my earning on my Facebook page and my friends went crazy and started asking me how I did that ?

Clickbank has thousands of merchants in every niche but it all comes to point which product to choose on clickbank. Am I right?

Clickbank can make you so much money that you will ditch Adsense , and its a great alternative to Adsense. You need 50-80 clicks on adsense to earn  $10 where as with clickbank you need just one click to earn $30+ depending on your niche and traffic.

I will show you how you can Promote and Make Money With Clickbank Products better than you did before today.


Yes , dont even think that populating your site with clickbank ads will make people attracted to click the ads.  Those days are gone now , people can differentiate between ads so try to sell them inderiectly while giving them value. Hope you got my point? If not check out this post  on ‘ Top WordPress Plugins‘ how smartly I recommended my readers about commentluv and popup domination , it doesn’t even look like I am trying to sell anything there but people get interested in what I am using and click my clickbank affiliate links , also remember that I am not selling them crap products those are fully tested and recommended by me.
  • Go Premium!

I just dont get this , why do people go for free stuff online? Why can’t they understand that there’s always a reason why a price tag is attached to something that works? If you go out to buy a BMW , they are charging you money for its features and services! they dont want to rip you off , if they want to they would not survive in this competitive world. So why ? I myself have invested money in plugins like commentluv (Must have plugin for bloggers) , pop up domination and few more because they work.

  • Say no to banners!

Banners are so old fashioned and look good only on billboards where you are expecting your visitors to see. Where as on a website , what do you want your visitor to do? CLICK YOUR LINK right ? So whats the point of putting banner? use banner space  for your Adsense and other private ads. Place good text link ads and see the conversion your self and please dont make ur affiliate links look ugly use a plugin like MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate (Adds affiliate links to comments and posts)

  • Watch and Learn!

You can’t just walk up to a problogger with good reputation and ask him please show me how you can make money on clickbank ? The moment you asked him , thats the  moment when you sold your self there. He can rip you off right there and ask you cash for his consultation and tips. Well I am not saying that they wont deliver the work you expect from them , but why do you want to put your money into something which you can do by yourself and learn a lot from your mistakes. Its better to go to their sites and see what they are doing to sell more products than any body and you know what you will find there ? Quality!
  • Choose The Right Product!

This is a tough one , even for me. I mean the products which are good have too much competition and the products which are not good will not sell. My strategy on this is select the products which are good and have good reputation because in a long run you will gain reputation and traffic so why you want to spoil that reputation with recommending bad products? The more good recommendation you give the more trust you gain for your visitors , in the long run people will be searching for these products on google so why not recommend a product which has a longer life value than the bad product which will die out soon.

  • Build a List!

Again you would be asking why should I pay for it when emailing is free all over the world , you must be familiar with the term ‘Money is in the list’ . Thousand bloggers are saying that you should build an emailing list then why haven’t you implemented yet? I would recommend you use Aweber with Hybrid Connect(my main plugin for building list) plugin. Paying something extra per month is always a pain but trust me its worth every penny. When you sign up as an affiliate for a product on clickbank, they give you banners, links and EMAILS ! so you basically dont have to work on writing an email at all, they already provide great converting emails and some products provide a series of 5-10 emails and their conversion level is 30% !

Learn How I Build My Emailing List Fast

  • Expectation Kills!

Whats you Adsense ctr? 3-5% right? then why do expect that your blogpost with clickbank link in it will convert more ? getting a conversion rate of 1-3% is amazing. You are asking why? Because your post will always be searched on google and convert for you. Now you are asking if 1-3% is amazing then how probloggers earn a lot? Answer is simple ! they have 100 of posts in which they have recommended the same product over and over again. so they get maximum clicks on their clickbank links.


Quick Bonus Tips

Always analyse your traffic , this is one the important step I have taken in choosing my product , looks where most of your traffic is from if they are from US and UK then make sure that the product has credit card billing and if they are from Asia Countries then you should choose a product with Paypal billing. In some niches 1000 visitors are required to make $200 where as in some niches 200 visitors are required to make your $1000. Lastly , promote a relevant product on your site dont promote something which your readers dont like , if you have 500 readers then with one irrelevant post your readers would not want to come back ever again. [/togglebox]

Hope this post helped you to learn a lot about How to Promote and Make Money With Clickbank Products.Do share your valuable comments with us.

p.s  I have used the same tips on JVZOO and my conversion rates have been pretty good! clickbank does have lot of good products but try signing up at JVZOO , it will blow up your mind when you will start seeing some great conversion on your products!

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  1. saif ullah butt says

    Hey Saad,

    great post. I have been hearing that you are one of the lucky who is earning from Clickbank and getting a good amount of bucks out of it. ;)

    So at last you have shared the points which makes you successful click banker? ;)



    • says

      Yea Clickbank has started to make money for me , reviews about the products and then using plugins like Wpsubscribers with Aweber are certainly doing good for me to increase my clickbank earning.

      haha , yea i have shared my points which makes me a clickbanker and I hope you have learned something new from this post.

  2. says

    Nice one Saad. It’s true that gone are those days of banners. One should personally talk to fellow bloggers and explain them the benefits of specific products you’ve used. The best way to do that is reviews.

    • says

      thanks raaj for dropping a comment , yea banners make your blog so spammy and so unprofessional , reviews are good and I am planning to start on case studies.

      • Asif says

        Hi there!
        I have trouble with understanding what click bank really is, how to get started with & how will it help me earning money!??

        • says

          Well clickbank is just a platform where they have 1000’s of products which you can promote online to make money , just go to clickbank signup there and put in your details.

          Next go to their marketplace and search for products which are relevant and selling good , put those link in your blog and start making money through clickbank.

  3. says

    Putting banner does not work ! I tested that. And Choose The Right Product related to your niche is most important.

    Will gonna try all your tips and tricks. ;)

  4. Tauseef Alam says

    Hey Saad!

    Since you posted your earning screenshot on your blog i knew that soon you’ll come up with a post on this. Really a good post again.

    • says

      Thanks Tauseef , You know I love to share my experience with other and guess what people are really liking it and it motivates me to share more with them.

  5. Simmeon says

    Hey Saad,

    We need to target products that solve a problem out readers are having a problem with. I would also say you create a post and tell them know this product has helped you personally.

    • says

      Hey Simmeon , always nice to hear from you.

      Yes adding your experience in the review is really effecting way to write reviews , and also being relevant to what your fans want is always good!

    • says

      Online success is where the traffic is ;) so when you get the traffic , i’ll help you out with selecting the product from clickbank and how to sell them effectively.

  6. rakesh kumar says

    reviews are the best methods to earn money online. the more will you write the more you can expect

    • says

      Reviews are best but you should review what you have used , because question will start appearing in your comments and you should be able to answer them professionally. right?

  7. says

    Hello Saad,
    I am very glad that you are earning from CLICKBANK and the method (tricks) you have shared is really more practical, also i think these tricks are applicable to all kind of affiliate marketing.

    In all, the most important thing is TRAFFIC, you can’t ripe more without traffic through online business.

    Thank you my friend for sharing epic knowledge with us, These points are really helpful and contains all basic ideas to make money through blog.

    I liked it, very impressive. :)

    What’s the improvement in your Giveaway, i am waiting for result- hope, my luck will work to grab this awesome theme. :)

    • says

      Well traffic is needed for everything ! If you ask me how to make money on clickbank , i’ll ask you how much traffic you get ;) , so traffic is the heart of the website. No questions after that!

      Avinash trust me these look like basics but these are used by me and so many experts , so i gathered all the important tips about clickbank and put them in one post.

      About the giveaway? you just gave me an idea ;) Thanks and Hope to see you comments flowing on this blog!

    • says

      Thanks Abdul ,i’ll try to give as much clickbank tips as I can , keep visiting us! i see this is your first comment here so Welcome to seoallrounder.. :)

  8. Tarun says

    Hi Saad,
    Nice tips. I am a newbie in affiliate marketing and your article gave me beneficial knowledge about affiliate marketing.

  9. says

    You know this is something that I have not done. I have read very positive things about clickbank and have personally bought softwwares from clickbank. Not only one can create a clickbank product but simply promote them. I might create a product one day.

  10. says

    Hey Saad, great post and some very true points. Whilst banners don’t really work I think that it also depends on the theme you use. I’ve found the top header banner converted quite well on one of my sites whilst on another it didn’t perform quite the same. In your list above the most important one out of them all is building an email list. I didn’t start doing this until much later like a year ago. If I could start again I would probably abandon every other method of monetization and focus fully on building a list. Keep up the great work mate.

    • says

      Thanks Fabrizio , thats very true we should keep doing experiments on our blogs to see what are the hotspots to put banner ads, about list building i have heard this common mistakes from many top bloggers , who did not start building a mailing list , I looks at all those points and started a mailing list right from start and getting great response from my readers.

      Thanks for dopping your comment :)

  11. says

    Hey Saad,

    I’m sure that I was the first person who asked from you about your secret of viewing your screenshot which you shared on Facebook.:F

    Thanks for sharing the great tips here.

  12. says

    article is really great. when did’t read this post i think make money from click bank is very difficult but after reading this article i am getting so much help now i think that i am also make money from click bank …thanxxx for sharing ….

    • says

      Hey Bhavesh , well I made it easy for you but dont get into wrong feeling after posting 1-2reviews that why are they not converting , you have to work hard to get traffic and write great content.

  13. says

    Hey Saad,
    I have been using Clickbank and made some tiny commissions. I was quite not encouraged as ClickBank checks in my country really suck. However, last week, I got my ClickBank account linked to my Payoneer MasterCard. This is a real boost to me and I plan to earn more commissions and even sell my own products on Clickbank.

    • says

      Firstly, Looking forward to your great products on clickbank ;)

      secondly, i know many people have payment problems not only with clickbank but also with Adsense, well there’s always a way to get around it like you mentioned about payoneer master card , I have something similar to it and it makes it so easy to receive payments.

      thanks for adding a value Bro.

  14. says

    Nice post saad naeem.Clickbank is a great way to promote affiliate products and earn money by maintaining a single account at clickbank.It also offers the highest affiliate payout for low number of hostgator sales.But if we use hostgator affiliate instead for less no. of sales we will get only low amount.

  15. Rajkumar Jonnala says

    hey saad i just came to know that all my buddy bloggers are getting their click bank payments so i too want to use at my blog but can you elaborate in simple to earn more with clickbank. i mean how to use it at my blog.

    • says

      Hey Rajkumar, I have giving all the secrets here, I have mentioned all the plugins and services I use to earn more from clickbank. Clickbank is basically a CPA network when you apply there, they have whole market place of products for basically every niche then you click promote this product and you will be given a link. Everytime someone uses your link to buy that product you get good commission sometimes up to 75% :)

  16. says

    Useful tips Saad…This is first time I’m coming to your blog and really glad to see such useful content..
    I personally never tried Clickbank as I was more into direct affiliates…It’s time to login to my year old account and find some relevant product..Thanks for your personal tips…

    • says

      Yea, these are my top secret tips that I use to make money on clickbank. Thanks for the compliment :). Clickbank is really awesome if you work a little bit with it and don’t expect a lot from it in beginning. Sales starts to come in eventually.

  17. says

    Although I’m not new to affiliate marketing, ClickBank is something I haven’t tried so far. Will try to make use of my unused CB account and let’s see if I get success…thanks for the tips…

  18. says

    Awesome! I would have paid a lot for getting these tips from a pro marketer. You actually answered many questions which i had in my mind. Thanks man.. I have to try it out. Is it good to try it in our reputed blog, or do you suggest in a new one?

    • says

      Thanks Satish , really happy to share my experience with clickbank and help other bloggers. I would highly recommend use it on a reputed blog because people are more likely to click your affiliate links there and site with good traffic will generate more sales for you.

  19. Mike says

    This is some good information. Over the years i always felt that if we put an affiliate link on our website and we get traffic, we will make money. But now I think the best way to make money in affiliate marketing is to build a list, build a relationship with the list and then promote products to them :-)

    • says

      yes building list can gain instant interest of your readers as you are directly approaching them with a new product you have just tried. If you are unsure which software to use for list building then you should read our comparison on Aweber vs Mailchimp

  20. Felicia says

    Hi Saad,
    I once checked out Clickbank, but did not really tried it out because I have read from other people’s views that it is quite hard to make money from Clickbank. However, with your post and your tips here, I’ll check it out again. Thanks for sharing your useful tips!

    • says

      Yes! Clickbank is definately the hardest way to make money but its always good to get good targeted traffic before trying to sell them anything and dont sell them anything which you haven’t tried.

      • Felicia says

        I definitely agree with you – sell only something that you yourself have already tried. I normally buy something if other people I know have already tried it. Thanks for the reminder!

  21. Troy says

    Hey Saad,

    We need to target products that solve a problem readers are having a problem with. I would also say you create a post and tell them know this product has helped you personally.
    I love music & create my own music online anyone reading this can find the best beat making software by clicking my name

    • says

      true thanks troy, personal review works the best when trying to promote it. if it can solve your problem then you can help other by writing a post so that they dont get stuck.

  22. vinoth says

    Hello saad Naeem sir, i am new to clickbank i don’t know the way to earn from them.I just started a new blog for the clickbank as a affiliate.I would like to have u r help to earn money hope you will guide me.until then waiting for your reply you can message me..i have found many sites that are scam but this is awesome many of them have succeeded.

  23. charan says

    i did promote 3 products after i did get hop link and i did close the window , after what i have to do work, and how to get money. i don’t know , what i have to do, today i newly sign in, please reply me .

  24. saarah says

    i have recently joined as a clickbank affiliate and i have been promoting a fitness product in many free ad posting sites.i am doing this for more than a week but i couldn’t earn any money from it.What is the reason?

    • says

      hey saarah thanks for the comment , clickbank is the hardest to make money! I am getting 6000+ visitors on seoallrounder and have been able to generate to only 20 sales a month which makes me around $400-500 / month . secondly choose the product which is selling good and promote them on right and relevant sites to make more sales.

  25. Geet Aneja says

    Hey i have joined as a clickbank affliate today. The problem is i don’t have my own website or blog to promote the products, so i want to know is there an alternative way to promote products? If yes, may please guide me on it. Your help would be great. thank you, waiting for your reply. :)

    • says

      well you can always promote them offline , suppose you can sell fitness programs ebooks and health supplement to your customers.I make more money by referring my offline friends about hosting than I make online. you can always promote on your fb profile and twitter.

  26. SurajSli says

    Hi Saad i just started my research on this whole click bank this as well and im a little lost to be very honest. What would be the best way to start off? What would u recommend?
    I need a little guidance from a tenure person like you on this thing. Thank You.

  27. says

    thankyou of letting me know about your problem SurajSli , what i would suggest is create a high authority blog at first and try not to monetize your blog unless your are getting 1000UV in a good niche , then look at your high traffic posts and monetise them using the above method :)

  28. Mike says


    Saad excellent post, I think now we can promote those products which are easy to convert. Do you have any list of products which we can use ?

    Thank you

  29. says

    Appreciate the tips, I’ve been struggling with what product I should promote (just signed up) some look a little shady, I want something that might ACTUALLY sell, but thanks for the tips, I’ll mess with it a little bit and see if I can find something that works. The last thing I want my blog to look like is “to advertisy.”

      • Suresh says

        Can you give me any rough estimation how much i can earn using amazon affiliate bro..?

        I’m getting decent traffic to my blog….

        • says

          Well there is no estimation about it , some people have earned more than $10k in one month and some earned $200 , it all depends on your traffic! I have tested it with organic traffic only never tried ppc though i head ppc is good to generate quick sales.

  30. says

    I m reading about earning money online but nething free i can not pay becoz iam unemeployed and no one knows is it is reall or just scam like Anthony morrison and others

    i just sign up in clickbank and i have no adea can you help me please to get the way to start earning money i dont want to be millionnaire i want a simple life and nice salary to pay my bills

    can you email me plz i really need your help

    • says

      Hey Imane sorry for the late reply , I was busy with exams and stuff.

      Making money on clickbank is not easy as creating your own product.

      Making Money with clickbank takes time , first you need to select the niche with high selling product and create a blog on it. Get good backlinks and try to get targeted visitors to your site ( best way to get targeted users is search engine).

      When you will see a good amount of user e.g around 300/day , then try to build an email list of your visitors and promote clickbank products on it or on your blog.

      It takes time but you need to have patience. My first clickbank sale came after 2months but then after that it becomes a smooth sailing :)

  31. Splitrun says

    I am interested to work with ClickBank. But Unfortunately they don’t have the name of country on their list. Any solutions….? :( :(

      • Splitrun says

        Hi gain saad,

        Its nice job you are doing here. So inspiring. Okey I live in Bangladesh. According to your nice article I thought of working with click Bank but they don’t have Bangladesh on their list which kind of makes me very upset(u know…). So please suggest me if there is any other possible/proven ways to get into CB and earn from there.

  32. says

    is it really working? i had never tried clickbank.i heard from many people that click bank is really making money from them.i am going to join clickbank and start promoting their product.

    • says

      Clickbank is my second source of income from this blog and I use the exact tricks as I have mentioned above but there are many other method to make money on clickbank but this is one of them.

      Let me find a time to try other methods so that I can write up on it. :)

  33. Mike Longwood says

    hello, i am thinking about signing up for clickbank, however i have heard that if your account is inactive they start taking money from your account. is this money taken from your commission only?

    • says

      Yes, they do but then they take only $5/month if your account have stopped making sales after 90days. I lost my $137 like that because I had no clue how to cash the cheque but once you get your two cheque they will start depositing directly into your bank.

      Its a smooth sail afterwards with minimum payment of $10

  34. Hayat Khan says

    first time when i read your articles, i feeling boring but when i read complete post the i am saying anytime that, you are the best……….thanks brother

  35. Diekolade Adenipekun says

    This is wonderful. I just started blogging and I was amazed when I saw my post coming on google search when I was on search myself. Nice blog site, keep it up pls.

  36. Haroon khan says

    Hi Saad Naeem ,
    Sir I have some problem to promote the clickbank product ,sir what i do.sir plz send me best idea to promoting the clickbank product.

  37. NAN says

    Many will not say how to really make money online and yet they still say the same %$#&in
    thing! Why? What for? I bought an ebook from a website detailing the information making it simple to understand and set up and all what not. And because there is no more of the website there I will have to go somewhere else while some pricks decide to hold the information making me look all over the place.Now I’m having to pick and pull at everything imaginable to get the answers back because I HAVE to maKE MONEY!!!!!!

  38. says

    Affiliate marketing is bit difficult for me. I have tried many times, but got distracted by this. BTW nice post and thanks for sharing it.

  39. says


    No doubt click bank is an awesome affiliate platform from which we can earn some good income easily.

    thanks for the tips.

  40. says

    thanks for the great article… but i have a question too…can we use a blogger based blog to promoto clickbank ???? doesnt blogger ban us if we do that ???

    • says

      WHY NOT ! you can use twitter , facebook or any site to promote your clickbank products but just make sure you have targeted traffic coming through your link.

  41. says

    Hello saad,

    Well no doubt click bank is the best affiliate platform where we can earn huge income. Most of peoples are earning huge income without any stress.

    Thanks for the tips.

  42. Danilo Soares says

    Hey Saad, pretty good post you have here. Thanks for share. Listen, I’m trying to figure out a product to sell online. Things that people really need. What kind of things would be a good choice to sell ? Continued success to you !

    • says

      If I knew I would be a billionaire haha :D , you can sell anything you have experience so you can give a after sale experience to your customers because thats what matter in order to grow your business.

  43. Tanmay says

    Hello Saad..

    I dont have my blog…i am just a regular user of internet who keeps on searching ways to earn through internet…i know this concept of clickbank and made my account way back in 2009…for a month or two i pasted the links (provided by the clickbank to sell products) in various free ad posting sites but didnt manage to sell even a single product…and finally after being frustrated i withdrew myself from that work. Can you pls tell me exactly how to do this work in order to generate sales?

  44. sachin verma says

    Hello saad …
    Thank you so much for above information :-)
    I am really interested in CB.
    But how may i drive traffic to my site?
    I mean targeted traffic?
    Any softwares or plugins?
    Thnx a lot in advance

  45. says

    I will be honest – I ditched ClickBank and AdSense altogether from my blog….reason being there are too many merchants who’s products and services either get banned or leave ClickBank and as for AdSense, it gives visitors to your website another route to click and leave your site. If you have affiliate programs and products already on your site, you are guaranteed to make more money with them than through AdSense, unless your are driving some serious traffic.

  46. sumit kumar says

    Hello sir i just want to know where can i promote my Clickbank products.
    The indian dont seems to buy these products becoz many of them dont have a credit card. plz tell me a best place where i can Prmot them. pkzz sir
    i’ll be very thankfull to you sir

  47. says

    Nice Post :) As my own experience clickbank is beneficial affiliate marketing system. Which have mostly e-book to sale on your website or blog or other else social media etc.. Clickbank also track your audience and earning details like as adsence.Still i remembered my 2 years experience with Clickbank. Good Luck !

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