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Writing an eBook is quite tricky, but promoting it online can be such a hassle. No matter what kind of an eBook you’ve written, reaching your audience should be your top priority. Unlike in the pre-internet days when the power of promoting a book was a job for reviewers and publishers, nowadays it is much easier to get you book to the target audience by yourself.

Usually, there are two things that come with promoting your eBook, the good news and the bad news. For instance, the bad news is that the electronic publishing sector is very difficult to conquer and hence it’s the ultimate game that can make you either a winner or a loser. On the other hand, if your eBook fails, it is not usually about its content being poorly written but rather poorly promoted.

Basically, the promotion of your eBook is something entirely under your control. Nevertheless, if you’ve been struggling to achieve this with little or no success, the following tips for how to promote your eBook online will surely help you.

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Promote Your Ebook Online…

1. Promote Yourself As The Author

This is one of the most effective ways you can use to promote your eBook online. There are several ways you can use to accomplish this but most of them involve being proactive. For instance, you can start by submitting quality articles to article directories like Ezines, and proceed to making a few guest appearances on related blogs.

2. The Earlier You Start, The Better

This is one of the most powerful and essential steps that you can take towards promoting your eBook online. This means that, before the actual writing of the eBook begins, you should start building a network of reviewers and supporters. Also, ensure that you keep track of anyone who demonstrates genuine enthusiasm for your eBook project. Try as much as possible to keep in touch with such people as the project evolves by sending them direct emails or through social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

3. Gather Reviews

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 10.00.55 AMWhile a full synopsis tells your potential readers what you eBook is all about, a brief description can help pique their interest. Feedbacks from you readers play a key role in making you realize how valuable and intriguing your work is, instead of boasting about it. For instance, to achieve such feedbacks, you must round up reviews by encouraging customers, colleagues, friends or even family members to submit reviews. You can also use some websites or services that specialize exclusively in eBook reviews. Gather these reviews and publish them on your website as long as they portray your E-Book’s content positively.


4. Offer Valuable Content (write a remarkable eBook)

Creating valuable content for your readers is the best approach that makes it easier for you to market your book. Majority of people prefer an eBook that offers valuable content, therefore if your eBook is not content rich, keep working on it until it is. To establish if the value of your eBook’s content meets your reader’s expectations, ask you friends to give you their feedback.

5. Publish a Blog

The most ideal vehicle for promoting ideas, products, opinions and eBooks is a blog. For instance, majority of blog platforms are designed to be search engine friendly, a factor that can deliver more potential readers. Blogs can also offer you with a variety of opportunities to promote your eBook online by teasing your target audience with excerpts or post reviews.

6. Build a website

This is the most prudent idea for you if you are an upcoming eBook author without a full website in place. As the publication day approaches, build a full a website that includes a dedicated blog for your eBook where you can post corrections, updates and responses to reader comments and suggestions. Also, include eBook’s sample chapters and a link for your potential readers to purchase the eBook. Ideally, the more content you can put on your website the better because search engines like Google favor content-rich websites.

7. Start an Affiliate Program (Brings in Money & Boost in Branding)

Promoting your eBook via an affiliate program will not only generate more exposure but also sales for your published work. Actually, it is the best way to expose your eBook to new audience by targeting your program at content publishers in your niche. For the best results, you can share generous commissions with your affiliates and still gain healthy profits since publishing an eBook is relatively an inexpensive endeavor.

8. Create an eBook pitch

You should consider writing at least 3 sales pitches for your eBook: 10 seconds, 30 seconds and 60 seconds. In this case, if someone asks what the eBook is all about, offer him/her the 10 second pitch and if he/she responds with interest, have a pitch that’s relatively longer ready. You can practice these pitches on your friends to check if they work.

9. Contribute To Web Forums

It is quite evident that almost every field has at least one or two online forums where interested people share new ideas. Find these forums and join them, contribute freely by giving advice and reaching out to help others. Post a link to your website or blog in any forum based on your eBook’s niche.

10. Socialize

According to a recent research, it has emerged that more authors are flocking the social media to promote their work. Actually, such social networks including Twitter and Facebook provide you with an excellent platform to promote your work. There always a high chance that majority of your potential audience are plugged into the social networking space and hence it’s up to you to find, connect and engage with them.

It is strongly recommended you should employ an approach of building a following instead of the one geared towards driving instant sales. As much as social networking is such a great tool to promote your eBook online, readers can edge you out if you are too thick with your promotional approaches.

In the modern world, the eBook market is not only thriving, it’s also exploding given that the power of traditional publishing has been taken over by electronic publishing. As a matter of fact, many authors are having more success with electronic formats than traditional prints. However, you eBook can only be successful if it is well promoted.

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  1. Pramod says

    These are no doubt the best tips in this context .I would be following all these tips while publishing my first eBook . Thanks for sharing all these fantastic and genuine tips with us .


  2. says

    Hi Saad,

    Nice share, Reviews play an important role in any kind of sale. If you have good reviews for your ebook then you can easily grab more buyers. Overall a nice share. Thanks :)

  3. Julia says

    Nice share saad, And yes you are right reviews play an major role in any kind of sale. If you attract more buyers of your ebook then you just have a good reviews.

    Again thanks saad :)

  4. sohail says

    Awesome tips, well i’ve already read your post about the creating of ebook in 30 min which was great and promoting the ebook with this tips would be a great combination.


  5. says

    Hey Saad,
    Very informative article. All tips are important for promoting eBooks. I am planning to create an eBooks. I will follow all these tips. Thanks for sharing this valuable article!

  6. Kulwant Nagi says

    Sometime things come in front of you just when you need them.

    These days I am planning one book to launch and suddenly I saw this article. For sure I am going to implement them and then I will share my results with you.

    Thanks a ton. :)

  7. says

    Hi Saad,
    Among all the points you have mentioned here, I think reviews and no of download is the best.
    Most of the visitors before downloading any content always check the ratings and reviews on the ebbok or play store app.
    So we should consider the ratings and reviews as big key to success, and should start working on it.
    And in case of paid ebook, it is must to keep all these points in mind.

  8. says

    Thanks Saad Naeem for sharing the step how to promote your Ebook. The best point that I like way Gather Reviews,Start an Affiliate Program,Build a website. The ideas are excellent. I really like it very much.
    once again thanks. :)

  9. says

    Thanks for sharing this great article. This is the most effective way to know and learn about how to promote your Ebook online. These 10 easy ways will be very helpful and useful. I had fun reading this and many great insights here. I will share this information with my friends and they will certainly love to read this. Very informative, I’ll definitely give these 5 stars.

  10. says

    Thanks for sharing informative article. Great tips! These tips really helpful for promoting your e-book online. I’m going use these tips for promotion my first e-book. I agree with that social media is the best way to promote your e-book and direct connect with customers.
    Thanks for sharing valuable post with us.

  11. says

    Nice Post. i would like to add that due to piracy issues it would be great idea to switch completely from carbon to environment friendly ebook. well that debatable of course. Thanks

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