How to Run a Multi Author Blog on WordPress

These days many blog have 8-10 or more authors  such as Mashable and Engadget. Managing a multi author WordPress blog is great because unlike a single author blog , multi author blog is more likely to grow up fast as it is updated everyday which will result in getting direct visitors. Google loves regularly updated blog and rank them much higher in search engine.

Just like that, I got an email few days from my friend Simmeon who invited me to his new project and told me that he is building a team to run a multi author blog. I got really excited and happily accepted his offer as it was something new for me ;).

I will add few challenges we faced and few tips we planned to add in to our blog and will be best for you to apply on your multi-author blog.

Starting Off

Choosing a team , well this is not an easy task because high-end bloggers are busy wont give a damn about your new project and you definitely don’t want newbies on your blog. You want a team who knows how to write for readers and can contribute regularly at your blog.

Seems like a tough job yea? I mean who would want to write good content for someone and that too on a new blog.

This is one of the biggest challenge you will face in starting a new multi author blog , so you should look for bloggers who are :-

  • Your good friends, whose blogs you have seen and have personally liked their writing
  • Have good influence in Social Media
  • Willing to contribute regularly on your blog.

Send them an email about your proposal and if you have a good reputation in social media then you will amazed by the bloggers who will happily accept your offer.

Ok , so I am guessing you are ready with your team and now its time to set up a blog.

Getting a Domain & Setting Up a Blog

This step can be done before getting team members for your multi author blog as domain might attract good bloggers (authors).

If you have done this then move on to next point.

This is an easy step , you can buy a domain and hosting from bluehost, which we recommend but you can choose your favourite reliable shared hosting for a start. To setup a multi author blog you can follow these quick instructions after getting a domain and hosting.

  • Install WordPress
  • Setup Account as Contributor for all the authors
  • Install premium theme ( Suggested Thesis or Genesis )
  • Give contributors the controls to upload files.
  •  Contributors should be able to use seo plugins so they can optimise their content.
  • Install Jetpack and give your authors the right to see the stats.

Those are the basic you need to start a WordPress blog , here is a quick list of some advanced plugins that you might need to consider installing on your new multi author WordPress blog

Ok , so we are done setting up a blog for our authors and everything looks greats. Moving forward to the biggest challenge “Getting Content”

How To Make Your Authors Write More for you blog!

Content is a biggest asset of your blog , without content your blog is nothing. After you have set up an awesome team and a nice WordPress blog with great theme and plugins, it time to get some content.

This is one hell of a job ,like I said before that no one would want to start writing for a new blog when they are getting nothing out of it. Your author will get lazy and won’t feel like giving out their valuable content when they can post it on their blog and gain the value for their website. Am I right?

So lets work on getting your authors to stick to writing , here are few tips you can apply :-

  • Incentives – This is a great way to attract your authors , by letting them place their Adsense codes on their post they can earn from their posts, and as it is multi author blog, readership will grow fast and hence the income too so bloggers will try to post more on this blog to earn more. This can easily be done by plugin which let multiple authors to post their Adsense codes automatically. Its called WordPress Multiple Ad Management.
  •  Blog Roll Links – Who doesn’t love them? everyone wants to get blogroll link to their personal site, so what you can do here is add a blogroll link bar in the footer saying “Meet the Authors” and give them links link “Saad Naeem from Seoallrounder” . Trust me this is going to attract a lot of author to write more and with the help of php coding what you can do is , customise the widget the so it shows the author with most posts on top, hence creating a competition between your authors.
  • Featured Author Widget – This idea will increase the quality of your blog , you can decide that the number of post which gets the most comments or most shares, the author of that post will be selected to be on sidebar top widget, linking to his social profiles and getting another backlink to gain more exposure.

Those are really amazing ideas to start a make your authors stick to your multi-author blog and have been already implemented on many successful blogs.

Advantage of a Multi-Author Blog on Social Media

Last but not the least, social media is great  way to kick off your new WordPress site. I don’t know about you but I have 3500+ friends on Facebook , twitter and subscribers, so imagine that all your authors have 2000+ fans (as i said before , select author which have good social media influence) , so if you have 8 authors , that means 16000+ friends, am I right?

One share from 8 authors and your post will reach out to 16000 users! it seems like I exaggerating here , but at least 10,000 friends will get a chance to read your post. That is close enough to make your post viral and hence it will make your blog VIRAL!

Now its your turn

Are you planning to manage a multi-author blog? if so, then what are your strategies to keep on getting great content from your authors and did this post help you in creating a successful blog? Your ideas are most welcomed below :)

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  1. says

    You are absolutely right Saad! Most of the authors refuses to write for a new blog as they gets nothing in return. But the tips you mentioned may drive them to write for us. And well explained the advantages of Multi-author blog.

  2. says

    Great one Saad! Wasn’t aware about the WordPress Multiple Ad Management. plugin! I guess I need to give it a try, or later when I get more guest posting requests!

    BTW, that imagination is quite attractive! But having those figures in reality is a kind of challenge!

    • says

      Yea that plugin may attract a lot of guest posters as well, as it will give them more than just backlinks.

      Yea I think I am over exaggerating with the numbers but it is not impossible you know.

  3. Simmeon says

    Hey mate,

    As you know first hand..

    Picking the right team can be likened to picking the ingredient for a meal. You need to pick people that can offer something different but also work well together. Essentially people with potential and you like.

    Another thing will be actually keeping your team motivated, this is an ongoing dilemma to keep in mind.

    • says

      Yea thats a right point about Motivation , well admin has to keep them motivated and secondly if they can see the blog growth then yea , they would love to work with the admin provided that they are getting incentives and exposure to their blog.

  4. says

    Hi bro,
    I think , like you said, the biggest challenge here is being able to built a solid team of authors. Once this is sealed, the rest won’t really be a big deal.

    The best approach might not be to build a team first. As you said, you are going to face rejection from most of the bloggers you try to contact. As you work around and make your blog a little more popular, it becomes easier to build up a team.

  5. says

    Hi Saad,
    Just got the message from fb :).
    Selecting the team is little bit tricky. If you select high profile bloggers as one of your core members, there should be little chance you’ll get acceptance unless you are on the same level.

    So I think everything back to themselves (the blog owner and recruited members). If I am selected as core member I wouldn’t miss that chance, because networking is priceless to me.

    The incentive ideas is great. It could be a trigger effect for writer to keep writing. Giving your best article to other for free?? Not many blogger willing to do that. But this mean, some bloggers willing to do so :)

    The real challenge is content updates. Most of the contributors are bloggers which run a blog too. They’ll going to need more time to spend for content updates to the new blog.

    The best solution for this issue is open communication between the writer and the blog owner so that there will be trust among them.

    • says

      Great comment Okto, like I said in post selecting a team is definitely a hardest part is starting a WordPress blog, but once thats setup really well then you dont have to worry about anything , content is a heart of a website and once you start getting content from your authors then whats there to worry about, site can be tweaked here and there later on for better experience but content should be the main priority.

      I really like your last idea about keeping up a good communication with the admin, thanks for adding your value to the post :)

      Hoping to see you again soon.

  6. says

    This is really nice post Saad.
    I think think Simmeon will get a lot from this post.

    I don’t think the incentive idea is really great because there are a lot of website which allows us to write and put our own Adsense ads in our articles like Hubpages and Squidoo etc, but I like the Blogroll links and Featured author widget idea because it motivates the authors to write more quality posts to be the featured author.

    • says

      Thanks Ehsan, Like I said in the post that many successful sites are using these ideas to grow up fast, but hubpages and squido are giving you 100% return on your revenue? well no they don’t, here is the thing if you give your authors 100% revenue sharing then they are more likely to stick with you than going to hubpages or squido. Thanks for liking other ideas, you are most welcomed to share your ideas.

  7. says

    Hi – I was wondering what are the best ways to check if the content is original.

    I know you can copy a sentence and paste it in quotes in google, but is there a better way?

  8. Saqib Ameen says

    Hi, Saad Got Link From LinkedIn Really Nice Article. Specially I Like The Tips You Gave To Attract Writers..

  9. Sandeep Kumar says

    HI Saad……
    Quite interesting article bro…….Multi author means more powerful blog with verity of writing skill and more social reach as well.
    Thanks for this article bro…

  10. says

    Good Tips. So, I’m inviting you to be a guest author on my blog. If you won’t accept this, then it means that your tips above are not effective, or working.


    • says

      Just checked you site Manuel, I would love to write a post on your blog, will put on my list and when i’ll get free from the other to-do list I will write a post for you.

      (not kidding)

  11. Deepak says

    Actually I am soon going to start a blog with an awesome number of writer on it all authors will be quite independent to share their articles and as i know each and every author personally it will help my blog grow like none others.

  12. Gautham Nekkanti says

    A few blogs pay while also providing a do-follow link back to blogs, They are just great for SEO as well as revenue and exposure

  13. says

    Nice tutorial saad,you have a nice blog but this is my first visit here and i came from ileana smith fb group but now i have subcribed to rss feed.

  14. says

    I’ve planned to make my blog as multi Authored blog, but before that I need to thorough these tips to reward authors to write more and more.

    I like your idea of featured authors widget would better idea to honor authors.

    • says

      i guess it has become even now , you shared your list and in return I gave you what we use lol. Glad you liked the post Harsh , Thanks for dropping in your comment.

  15. Felicia says

    When a blogger wants to run a multi-author blog on WP, the intention is great, but the time, effort (and even money) that must be put into it will prove to be quite difficult and very challenging. I agree with you, incentives, blogroll links and the featured author widget are good methods on how to encourage authors to write more and regularly for your blog.

  16. anupal sharma says

    A really helpful post saad, i was lookin for these great tips on multi author blog. You absolutely right that no one gonna waste their time on what from they get nothing. Thanks. Looking to implement in my mupdated blog.

  17. Mike says

    This is a great post saad.
    I think Author Rank can also be improved by having different blogs and writing with good frequency.

    Thank you

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