Facts & Ways to Increase Adsense Earnings (Part 1)

Adsense is a great way to earn decent amount of money with your blogs as it is offered by Google and Google team knows how to give value to their publishers and advertisers.

Personally I have tried Chikita , Adbrite and Bidvertiser and trust me their earnings are no close to what you can earn with Adsense (Well I can’t blame those publishers because I have heard Chikita, bidvertiser outperformed Adsense in other niches but it hasn’t for me).

Adsense has been my highest earning method on my other blogs but not on seoallrounder as its a blogging niche and many people know what Adsense looks like so I dont get a good CTR but I have managed to increase Adsense earnings using the method which I will be guiding you through you in part two but before we go there lets go through some Adsense facts which will clear questions fo 1000 bloggers out there.

Adsense Facts Which You Probably Dont Know!

Your Traffic!

Where is your main traffic coming from and which country?

If you have lot of direct traffic then you wont get a lot of clicks on your ads as your visitors are very familiar with your site layout and can differentiate between ads and useful resources. Same goes for social media as well, people coming from social media the people coming from there are either your fans or you have written a killer title to grab their attention but new traffic from social media can get you clicks on your Adsense so its not that bad as direct traffic. Search Engines! the main source of income for all the blog , people are new to your blog and they have a lot more chances to click your ads than direct or social media traffic.

Enough said about the direct , social and search engine traffic now let me tell you about your site’s geographic. This mean, from which country are you getting most of the traffic? honestly Asia traffic never earns good money from Adsense and now you are wondering why is that? See , the thing is asian countries still haven’t built a trust for using credit card safely and people are still worried what if their credit card number gets stolen so what that means is very less amount of people pay to buy stuff online hence why would advertiser pay you more when they know their ads will not convert. Tough chemistry eh? yea i know , so try to optimise your site for other other countries like US , Canada , UK e.t.c.

Your Niche!

What your niche is about and what you deal with!

This is some thing which people don’t realise at all , I have seen people taking about their traffic and posting screenshots of getting 100,000 visitors per month and when you ask them what your site is about they say its about funny pictures and videos. lol i guessed so :D

The fact is the 100,000 visitors are worth nothing when compared to 12,000 visitors coming into blogging niche or may be 500 visitors in some niches, yes! that’s right 500 visitors from some niches can easily earn you a lot more than 100,000 visitors from a funny images or video site.

Now The Question is raised WHY!

The logic is pretty simple and neat , you might have guessed it already from my explanation above. The thing is if I visit 9gag or any other funny video site , I am NOT going to buy anything, I am just going there to spend some time and share some great pictures and go off , where as if i am looking for a plugin or service related to blogging then money is in my mind , I know that I would have to pay for it to get top notch service that fulfil my needs hence advertisers would definitely pay higher for those ads where people are coming to buy services. For e.g On my post of aweber vs mailchimp , I get cpc of $2+ because so many other autoresponder services are trying to bid for those keywords.

 Your Economy!

Where your Adsense account is from? ( Surprising eh?)

This might disappoint you a bit , I never really believed it when I heard people taking about it all over on the forums but I have not personally tried it with many friends except 1 friend who was in the same niche as mine , we were working on the same keywords and after getting 2 million impression we compared our cpc , his was $0.35 and mine was $0.75 where as his Adsense account was from Malaysia and mine from America. If this is really true then I feel Adsense is bit unfair here to their publishers.

Whats your say on this? Surprised with any point , learned something new? do let me know in your comments.

Next Read (Part 2) :-

Well those were some the facts which might solve all your questions Adsense and if you have taken care of all, let go and try to increase your Adsense CTR with these simple tricks in Part 2! (Coming Soon!) 

Adsense can be little hard to get into sometime , look at the 20+ Adsense Alternatives which I have bagged to help you earn more from your blog.

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  1. says

    I was sure that you’ll write on this Saad. I really wanted to hear about it from you because as I’ve asked it from you many times before.

    I have just removed Adsense from my blog and I’m my focus will be on affiliate marketing because I wasted a lot of my time on trying Adsense, now I don’t want to waste more.

    Just imagine, I have been using Adsense on my blog from last 8 months and I just started affiliate marketing and written my first ever review of BlueHost few days ago and I made 2 sales and earned $130.

    I would like to also suggest you to remove say good bye to Adsense and focus on affiliate marketing (At least here on SEOAllrounder).

    • says

      thats true mate , Ehsan might not work for some people but trust me I have been able to get a cpc of $1+ but my ctr is less than 2% so I have to focus on increasing my adsense ctr, believe me or not it took me 8months to get a ctr of 4% in my football site and it increased by earning my adsense earning by 3 times.

      Well I can say good bye to adsense on this blog as they are taking really big spaces here but at the end of the month they earn me $40-60 which is good to may by hosting and aweber fees and I use clickbank for reviews only as the banners never worked for me to earn from clickbank.

      Thanks for your amazing comment, stick around for second part ;)

  2. says

    These are great ideas about how to make some extra money with Adsense. Too bad I got banned from Adsense when my site was getting popular…too many clicks on the ads got me banned! I went from $6 a day to over $100 a day! Bummer…

    • says

      Wade, they probably thought you were clicking your own ads or using bots to click the ads for you. Normally, websites don’t spike from $6 to $100 instantly. You should try to see if you could open an account again. I know I saw an article online that said banned AdSense users can rejoin if you form an LLC and use the LLC as your tax paying account for AdSense. You could also rejoin using your wife’s account since she has a different email and SSN… Just some thoughts.

    • says

      I can totally understand how that feels , do check my post on how I got my Adsense after getting banned from Adsense , well you can always get another Adsense account but try not to do those same mistakes again. :)

  3. says

    Thanks for these tips! I am currently earning around $20 a month and I am receiving about 5,000 unique visitors a month to my blogging niche site. I feel like I should be making more money than I am. Is this a normal amount? Also, I have considered starting a blog in the medical / health niche just to make money because I know many people who get a CPC rate of $20 per click on a medical blog.

    • says

      Hey Ian, well earning $20 from 5000 visitors/ months is less, i believe that every niche can get at least 3% ctr if the add are well optimised and put in the right place. at least with 5000 visitors you now have a general idea how much you can earn.

  4. says

    Interesting article. I’ve never had much luck with Adsense myself on some of my niche sites. I get some clicks, but not really enough to be any sort of serious income.

    I’m the type who likes things minimalist and clean, so I kind of prefer to remove them for the users so they have a better “experience” in their visit.

    If there’s some ways to improve the numbers though it might be worth looking at. At the very least I definitely agree on niche sites with smaller traffic being far, far better than the huge traffic sites that are far more generalized.

    • says

      Yep , small niche site with good keywords and traffic can easily earn you a lot from Adsense if you place your adds in the right way, wait for my second part of this where I will be explaining how to increase adsense ctr.

  5. says

    Hey Saad,
    That’s a nice one. You have mentioned a few stuffs I did not know before.

    I have made some drops with adsense. As my traffic grows, the earnings are growing too.

    Is the screenshot above from your account?

    • says

      thank you Enstine , yea I am gonna be writing second part on how to increase your adsense and ctr. Stick with me for upcoming post, nope this is not my screenshot. I just didn’t find it important to put my screenshot.

  6. Electris says

    You have shared an awesome idea. I have a problem in adsense, I have registered and get approved I have earn about $100 and the problem is I cannot withdraw it cause in the payment terms it needs a pin, but Google still haven’t send the pin. May you have any idea that can help me


    • says

      hey Etectris , may be you should try to re-apply for the pin they will send it you again or what about western union? I heard many people receiving their money from them.

  7. Yeremi Akpan says

    Hi Saad,
    I have been off Adsense for a while because of the crappy results I get in most of my sites. As you say, best results come from building readership in US or Canada.

    Maybe I will give Adsense I try again when I have a niche site targeted to a US audience…

  8. Simmeon says


    Relevant post.

    Last couple of weeks I knocked together a minisite, the domain has no direct products (kinda) to sell. So I went with Adsense, I’m just waiting until it naturally starts to rank, then I;ll begin to do more work on it.

    The websites topic often has relevant ads and the company has a large budget.

    Its really an information portal for people, but we’ll see how it pans out.

  9. says

    Hi Saad, there are a lot of factors as you have mentioned in the post, which can determine our overall AdSense earnings from a particular site. We always need to look at them and try to improve them so as to be able to make more money with AdSense.

  10. says

    No doubt ,you are one of the ordinary lucky who can manage 2K+ Adsense earning in a month .As far my little knowledge says that only the very few Adsense publishers can cross it even 80% publishers fail to get every month payment due to lack of minimum payout.

  11. says

    Great article and very good helpful information I like it I am a blogger so I can imagine that how much effort did you put in this, thanks buddy keep up the good work

  12. Felicia says

    Hi Saad,
    I’m glad to have read your post about Adsense here, as I have always thought that earning from it is very difficult. I did not know that location in the world mattered when it comes to earning from Adsense, that’s really unfair for your friend who has an Adsense account from Malaysia. I look forward to the part 2! Thanks for sharing!

      • Felicia says

        Hi Saad,
        Most people I know say that otherwise. But of course, I think that one of the most primary ways on earning with ads is from Adsense.
        Looking forward to your part 2!

  13. Aslam says

    great tips. i’m from bd. thank for your tip, i’m now earn 150+ USD per month from three blog. but my main blog also recieve 80 percent visitor india ! bad for me. but my new blog made for usa visitor and i’m success, 90 percent visitor come from USA !

  14. says

    Lots of bloggers think to earn from Adsense. But they don’t know appropriate way. But certainly if you follow some basic tricks you can increase your earning. Thanks for awesome post

    • says

      thank you ahsan , the more value you give to the advertisers they more they would want to invest on your blog. Trying to be tricky with Adsense will never leave you anywhere.

  15. says

    Dear Saad,

    I was really amazed reading this exhaustive and truly informative post. I would not be telling truth if I say that there is anyone on this platform who is not interested to know about increasing adsense earnings.

    Thanks and Regards,

  16. says

    Only one thing that i did not like about the post is the pair of last two words – (Coming Soon!) .

    Will for the second part.

    Its true that the CPC is important and if we have less visitors with good CPC, then we don’t much have to worry about traffic. I built a site recently to grab audience of a movie recently from india (hint j2m in) and there were about 500-700 visitors when the movie was released but the cpc i was getting on the few clicks was hardly .01- .03 that is negligible compared to other niche which pays more than this movie and the film one ;)

    Lets see whats your story on the next part. cUrIoUs :)

    Would be waitinggggggg :)

  17. katherin says

    Useful information about adsense earnings.but at-times it couldn’t favor to all we must wait for sometime to earn through adsense.
    your post gives a wonderful idea about adsence earning..its a nice share..Thanks!!!

  18. says

    Hi saad,

    Adsense is the best and popular way to generate good income from our blog. i liked the part were you have mentioned that niche plays a major role for getting more money from clicks.

  19. says

    Since adsense is a great way to earn good income and getting approval through adsense is also becoming hard during this days. How ever adsense is my top way for earning good income through blogging.

    • says

      adsense might not be my highest earner on this blog but surely I am doing great with my soccer blog. It all depends on the niche you are working with and how you can optimise it.

  20. says

    you are really great to maintain your blog with your valuable reply. I have question about niche, I want to start my new blog in this month of December, please help me for my niche selection with domain and hosting provider selection, purpose earn more from Internet. I know this is big question, but I believe you.

    My interested
    Computer and Mobile News, with all there features.

    • says

      sure peter i would love to help you with setting up your blog professionally but as long as you are not blogging about tech , i think you niche selection is pretty good, tech blogs are saturated hence no adsense earnings from them but do send me an email and we’ll get on it :)

  21. Rajkumar Jonnala says

    HI saad,

    Valuable post on adsense earning tips, but adsense is not approving my blog since a long time.. however all above tips are awesome will try it after my adsense approval.

  22. says

    Hi Saad,
    The blog as well as the comments in this blog is really interesting. I started my blog recently. and been looking at the CPC, CTR every other time i log into the net. Need less to say, the numbers are practically 0. While it is interesting to see many people making 100s and few people making 1000s every month, id like to know if the rest of them are able to cross the 1$ mark. I just crossed my first month on blog and the number was 0.15$.
    Yes, there is a lot of parameters, but does number really grow in 8 months??

    • says

      Nope pagerank has nothing to do with your earning unless you are selling backlinks on your site , which is not allowed by google. Advertisers look for traffic stats more than your pagerank these days.

  23. Junior says

    Hi saad,

    And another thing is ad placements are very important to get clicks and we need to get the targeted traffic to get more income trough it.

  24. Mathew says

    I am very interested to find out what niche your other blogs are that have high Adsense earning. Please reply, thanks!

    • says

      Well for me seoallrounder is giving me good cpc but clicks are very less and i own one soccer blog which doesn’t give me a good cpc but I get lot of clicks and good traffic on it.

  25. says

    hii Saad

    Thanks for the tips & Great ideas too.
    i need ur help frnd.tis s my site
    i m getting vry low cpc & low amount too frm adsense. i need to know whether my adplacement s wrong or wat i need to do
    tel ur views it ll be grt help for me. waitin for ur second part & reply too…..

    • says

      To earn good money from adsense , you really need to optimise your ads and blend them so they dont look out of place. Putting your ads near the content will get your more number of clicks in adsense and using good keywords will increase your cpc in adsense.

  26. says

    As you mentioned funny pictures/video sites would not help conversions. What niches do you think can gain a good amount of visitors that can convert. Considering affiliate marketing for a change.

    • says

      A good serious niche sites like health related , blogging are good for Adsense but all good niche sites are very hard to compete so unless and until so have good knowledge and experience about your niche I would say don’t build a site just for the sake of it.

  27. bandara says

    Hi Saad, very good article,
    i’m using adsense form 4/5 years before.
    but i’m not reach to 50$ yet. i’m sri lankan and how can i open/change an account to USA.

  28. SUDHIR KUMAR says

    dear saad,
    I m new at online shopee, I try to make website as per to earn money from ads, plz tell me how to make website popular to make some ads for site.I ALSO USE SITE FOR SOME GENERAL STUFF LIKE RECIPES,JOKES,VIEWS ETC. Plz help me to make my site rightway.

    • says

      Well making your site popular is not an easy job , you need to create connections with other bloggers and build good backlinks by guest posting and commenting on dofollow blogs.

      To increase your adsense try to put adsense in the right places , use bigger formats and blend it in your theme.

      • SUDHIR KUMAR says


    • says

      Well there’s a lot going on with adsense so I am waiting for adsense to get stable and i will start my second part , i have put in all the points that I have had experience in

  29. says

    I have been in google adsense for 3 years now but my earning still lower I can cash out once in a year. I made so many blogs and site now still I don’t get much. What are other things that I need to do in order to get more traffic to my website aside from what you mention above?

    Also visit my blog: bigrock custom domain

  30. says

    Thanks for giving me useful information. Your this line “Experiment and experiment a lot, till you are satisfied with the tweaks you have done to achieve the highest CTR.” very important.

  31. says

    Hi Saad,

    Thanks for sharing the useful information.All the things which you have mentioned are really correct.Asian countries get really very bad cpc.

  32. Marvin Mondejar says

    I have read many Adsense tips but this one helped me a lot on understanding how targeted traffic works. Thank you.

  33. says

    looking forward to these points and hopefully they will work for mee and i be able to make some more bucks from adsense then i currently making… thanks buddy.. really helpful information for newbies like mee

  34. says

    When it comes to Adsense you really have to do your research into your market, keywords, CPC associated with the keywords, whether it’s seasonal or not… etc. You might make it with affiliate marketing, but if you do your research on your keywords, you make money with Adsense.

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