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How to Keeping Your Subscribers Engaged and Happy!

Yes, you can make money with your list. But, if most of your subscribers are leaving your list within the first week of joining your list, what will you do? Do you still have the chance to make money from them? That’s why you need to learn about how to keep your subscribers in your mailing list and prevent them from leaving your list too soon. Here are 7 tips to keep your subscribers in your mailing list.

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1. Engage them with quality content

If you send quality content to your subscribers, you shouldn’t worry about your audience leaving your mailing list. Remember to engage your audience with quality content if you want to keep them on your list. Regular tips will work as long as it is valuable for your audience. In fact, you don’t need to create long email message just to deliver quality content. Remember that your email message is not blog or website content. So, limit the length of your email while keeping the quality.

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2. Give short and interesting email message

Successful email message is usually short, simple, and easy-to-digest. You don’t need to send complicated information to your subscribers. Leave it for your website or blog post. To engage your subscribers in your mailing list, you simply give them short and interesting email message that will keep them curious about what will come next from you.

3. Talk with your subscribers

Remember to build two-way communication with your subscribers so that you will know what they really want from you. It never hurts to ask your subscribers about what they want to learn from you. After all, you might not really know about what they want. So, it is better to talk with your subscribers, ask them what they want, and give them what they want. This will keep them with you.

4. Give what your subscribers want from you

Do not give off-topic information to your subscribers. Remember that there is certain reason why your subscribers want to join your mailing list. They want to learn something from you, and they think that you are an expert on that thing. So, they decide to join your mailing list. But, if you don’t give them what they want, you may end up losing them.

5. Don’t send your email too frequently or too infrequently

Think about the frequency of your email. You don’t want to bore your subscribers with your emails, but you don’t want them to forget about you completely. Sending email too often will sometimes annoy your subscribers and if you keep doing it they will decide to unsubscribe soon or later. On the contrary, sending email too infrequently will make your subscribers to forget completely about you, and the next time you send them email message, they will consider you as a spammer. So, take the moderate frequency. Send email to your subscribers about 2-3 times per week.

6. Give free stuff once in a while

Sometimes, giving free stuff to your subscribers will really be appreciated by them. As a token for appreciation, they will keep their subscription. Giving free stuff once in a while will give you good impression.

7. Connect your subscribers with your website or blog

You shouldn’t separate your mailing list from your website or blog. Connect your list with your website or blog. No matter how you build your list, you should use your list to drive regular traffic to your website or blog. This is a good way to keep them connected with you.

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Those are 7 tips that you can use to keep your subscribers in your mailing list happy and engaged. If you don’t want them leave too quickly from your list, be sure to apply those tips.

by Saad Naeem

I am an Admin and Co-Editor at & T shirt Printing Dubai Company in Dubai called T shirt printing, providing fresh tips for blogging. Make sure to subscribe to my blog for fresh business ideas

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  1. I will definitely not want to loose visitors. Frequent email may do so. Taking care of the readers is very important. We should give our readers whatever they want. Helping them will keep subscribers happy and engaged too.

    1. Yup! , weekly newsletter or monthly would do that thing or you can send them news about your latest giveaways so that they are first ones to know about it.


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