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Keyword Search Tools: 20 Tools to Optimise Across Platforms

Implementing SEO practices started with simple keyword header tags and descriptions. While keywords no longer carry the juice they once did, ignoring them entirely is also pure folly. Keywords are no longer just for the large search engines. Today keywords also drive all the social media search engines, blog and forum searches, large portions of #twitter and the ranking and placement of mobile, video, memes, photo and written content in Google and Bing. Rather than ignore keywords post Panda/Penguin updates, it is perhaps even more important to design diversified SEO campaigns around them. Here are a list of tools (many designed by Google) that can be used to build an effective diversified keyword campaign across platforms and mediums. Keywords are all about understanding and improving user experience and this is exactly what Google is focused on post Panda/Penguin. The more searchable the content, the better it will place.



Youtube Promoted Video Keyword Research Tool: This is a great tool to use even before writing a script. It helps Youtube and other video posters understand what users are looking for on any given topic. An added bonus is that like most Google keyword tools, the subsequent tool is conveniently linkable to an adwords account.


This tool includes a valuable reverse lookup option. This makes it possible to use a well-crafted video by an established company and see what they are using for their video keywords. Using a combination of the reverse video search and the keyword tool it is possible to find holes in the mammoth Youtube database- helping your particular video place well before you even start writing the script or spending money on production.

Large databases of videos such as also offer up a treasure trove of keyword information. Keywords can be found by analysing their category listings, finding relevant videos and then using your browser’s information tool to see specific file information for the video including the keywords and the full title.



Google Adwords. Under the standard Google adwords tool, in advanced options, it is possible to search just mobile. This can be used across all mobile devices or for specific mobile devices. Unfortunately, tablets still don’t have their own category.


News Media:

Marketwire Map. This lets users search not only news media but also social media at the same time. The tool includes tracking and demographic identification markers. Basic Marketwire press placement is also an excellent way to identify specific regional areas and keywords for news stories. The news universe is mapped slightly different than the rest of the web making separate news keyword research a good idea.

Ubersuggest: This search tool relies heavily on Google but it is interesting in that it allows users to just search the words that are currently most popular in any of these five categories: Web, news, shopping, video and recipes.


Social Media:

Social Media is constantly changing and this means targeted campaigns on social media must also fluctuate. Here are a several social tools that do a good job of following this space. Socialmention has a particularly good keyword tool.

Socialmention. Real time search.

Bing Social Topics. Trending and good deep twitter search.

Delicious. A large selection of trending social categories.


Images and Memes:

Image descriptions and titles make them searchable. Using specific names, place names and descriptive terms make any image searchable and available. Category keywords for both images and artwork help to tag images for search. Alternate descriptions using keywords are also essential.

Memes and the world of artwork is a little bit more complicated than straightforward photos and consequently giving them appropriate keywords is also problematic. If it were possible to build a search engine for memes they would probably cease to be surprisingly marvellous or funny. However, there are a few places on the web where the artists all hang out together and where searching internally within a site can return a nice cache of images and in turn keywords that work for artwork and memes. These websites include but are not limited to:

Cheezburger and affiliates, once you join it is possible to search by category/artist.


Drawn: Daily blog of artwork.

The following tools are also useful for image, meme and image and image-keyword research:

Google Insights

Flickr, advanced search

Pinterest search

Jeffrey’s Exif Viewer

Chrome Exif Viewer



With the integration of video and mobile into the Internet at lightening speeds there are whole new sets of metrics that will start to become more important for specific communities. The future looks to place Google in a far less dominant position with search divided up amongst social platforms and communities that use their own types of categorizations and search criterions. Already it is far easier to search for something within a sub-community rather than throughout the entire web using Google or Bing. At the end of the day, language is language and that is why keywords will always be a common thread between SEO, search and viewers.

by Saad Naeem

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  1. Actually I advised someone to look for these tools because picking a great keyword also means getting traffic from search engine results. All of the tools you have listed are great and some of them I have even used myself! Thanks for sharing these!

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  3. Usually in the google adwords keyword research tool they shows global monthly searches. Can you tell me how to view searches for specific keyword for few months?

    1. few months or few countries ? well for one month if the keyword has 20k searches per month then for 3 months it will 3*20k = 60k searches . If I am not clear please explain the question little more.

      1. Ohh.. I sorry while typing. That google adword give global yearly searches and want to find for few month.

        1. yea go to keyword tools > Advanced Options and Filters > Filter ideas > Local Monthly Searches.

          I am on keyword research tools and it shows only Global Monthly Searches.

  4. The youtube keyword tool is great…:)

    1. Glad you liked the tools , thanks for passing by.

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  5. Hey Saad,
    I was looking for youtube keyword tool. I have been searching it from many months and at last i found it in your blog. 😉
    Thanks bro 🙂

    1. I am glad my blog could help you find what you were looking for , youtube keyword tool is very powerful tool if used properly.

  6. I recommend Google Adwords-( Keyword Planner),UberSuggest for Keyword Research


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