How I made $10,000 with Clicks Bazaar in 1 month

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Well you read it right, I just made a profit of $10,000 with the help of Google Adwords management service by Clicks Bazaar last month.
I started a new ecommerce website “” which aims at selling customized and printed t-shirts in the UAE. The market is huge and I wanted to take full advantage of its potential. I started with its SEO but it was a time consuming process and thought of going for PPC in the beginning. I chose PPC simply because its fast, efficient and helps us reach the most targeted audience in a very convenient manner.


I was looking for the best PPC management solution for it. I tried many freelancing websites and even some PPC experts in my network but no ones performance was upto the mark. It was the time someone in my network referred Clicks Bazaar to me for the PPC management services and I thought of giving them a try. Honestly after so many bad experiences with so many ppc companies and people, I didn’t expect anything much from them but they definitely proved me wrong. They had great support and offered me the kind of service I was looking for.

I promised them to write an honest review about their service on my blog (No Matter positive or negative – based upon their work), if they what they say, they get a positive review and if they don’t they get a negative one. This was the deal along with their management fee of course. I put this condition because I was already so pissed off with my bad experiences with PPC companies that I didn’t want to waste my time and money with just another PPC company but these guys accepted the work with confidence and smile and that’s what I liked about them.

The campaign with Clicks Bazaar started on October 29, 2013. On the very first day they saw the performance of existing campaigns and understood the business properly. In the whole month of October I managed to get just 2 sales of T-shirts. It was when Ravi Chopra (Director of Clicks Bazaar) suggested me something that completely changed the course of website. We were primarily focusing on retail of t shirts (B2C) but he suggested me to target corporate clients and focus on bulk orders. I was not so sure if it would work or not but last month I had just 2 sales so I didn’t mind trying it as well.

Team Clicks Bazaar set up the campaigns for me, optimized my campaigns, helped me optimize my landing pages and we started the campaigns. I was happy to see that I started getting leads from the very first day. We kept the budget of $300 for the whole month ie.. $10 per day.
In just $10 per day I started getting 4-5 leads daily. The leads were highly targeted and was what I was exactly looking for. Initially I had some trouble converting them because of some bulk price issues as my prices were more retail centric (that was what I always focused on). Later on, I made changes to my pricing and was able to convert my first customer 10 days after the campaign started.

The first client I converted placed an order of 500 T-shirts with us, I actually couldn’t believe it at the first go. And good things started happening after it.

By the end of month I had orders of several thousands of shirts with a marketing expense of just $300.

The average quality score of my campaigns was 8-9. The Click Through Rate (CTR) of the campaigns was 4-6% (earlier I used to get about 1-1.5% CTR) and the CPC came from $0.6 to $0.30 (Less than half of what I was paying previously). I was really happy to see those results.

adwords campaign

I was expecting good results because of clicks bazaar reviews on social media circle but never expected such outstanding performance of my campaigns.

I managed to get 131 leads In total (for the bulk orders) out of which I was able to convert 19. If I were able to convert more, I could have probably made over $30,000 this month. But good things have started to happen now and will continue to happen.

Overall I am VERY HAPPY with my working experience with Clicks Bazaar and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for PPC services.

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  1. says

    Its great to see trusted reviews from SEO professionals like you. This is great ROI and they generated good leads, you converted your leads to buy your products, so over all conversion is great.

    I think this is the right time to contact ClicksBazaar for PPC management, if someone look great services to manage their campaign for highest ROI.

    Thanks :)

  2. says

    When I look into title I shocked.. How is it possible.. But You are doing very good work man.. :)
    I heard about CEO of Clicks Bazaar’s Ravi is one of the best in PPC.. But Today I realize. I am also thinking to do one campaign PPC. I will go with Clicks Bazaar ..

    Saad Best of Luck for your bright future..

  3. says

    Rarely heard such an awesome ROI before, and obviously now we must have to endorse research and business selection skill with many others by you. Well literally speaking I’m missing the link back to that will surely save a Googling minute of many folks. In last welcome back :)

  4. Paul Davis says

    I always thought this service was a scam but I’ll definitely have to look into it more before that becomes by final opinion.

  5. coupon facebook says

    Hi Saad Naeem
    your article is really highly informative and impressive fo all, Actually I didn’t have any knowledge about click Bazaar, I got a new idea from your post. Thank you by sharing your idea

  6. says

    Thats really good to know that you’ve generated such great income using clicksbazaar service.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  7. says

    That was one great success you got. Great to hear story like this. It keep giving me spirit to keep doing what I am doing. Great post mate. Love it! Hope you can double or maybe triple the amount in the following month!

  8. says

    Thanks for sharing your article. It is useful and very helpful to those who are looking for the best PPC management solution. Informative in a way that even a first-timer can follow, and it actually has a tips on how you made it earning $10,000 with Clicks Bazaar. I’m very happy for your success. I’d definitely give this blog 5 star.

  9. says

    Great! you managed to make a lot of money from PPC. I just created a site and I think I should give PPC a chance (Clicks Bazaar in particular)

  10. says

    I am a new blogger and these day’s trying to become a successful blogger with my blog. Many times i feel demotivated and feel their is nothing more which i can do with my blog have your website niche. Then, i visit websites likes your and again start feeling that i have to do something and i start my work one more time.
    So, i kindly want to say thanks to you for writing such a beautiful article and keep doing this. As, it’s motivates many new bloggers like me.

  11. says

    HI Saad Naeem !
    Its amazing. Very great experience with you.Its very helpful for the online users who mostly earn money through internet.Its great tips.Thanks for sharing this article.

  12. says

    Ahh what a great post.Loved to read the tip provided by you.
    I am hoping that this gonna to help me also.
    Thanks for sharing such a valueable post.

  13. says

    Hello Saad,

    That’s great to hear about your profit. Ravi chopra of ClicksBazaar is a great guy and he is expert in PPC, SEO and many things. I wish you all the best for your success.

  14. says

    Excellent post which contains very useful information. No doubt your article is cleared and detailed. I think its a nice way for marketing. I will also try to use click bazaar.

  15. says

    Take me under your shadow this is simply awesome man keep up good work like this … I am sad about my job i think i am near to loose it ….. Hope for the best but one think was awesome the interface of this blog WELL-DONE

  16. says

    Hey Saad,

    PPC was always a challenging topic for me to understand but I never left it.

    I’m still in learning phase rather than in working one and found this review during researching to find more and more about PPC.

    I really loved the way ClickBazaar helped you and you made huge profit out of it :)

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