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Making a blogging community

After you have created a blog, you need to drive traffic. To do this, you must come up with blogging community which will always read your blog entries. To keep them coming, you need to write about interesting topics and this will ensure that you succeed in this area. Through blogs you get a chance to show off your products and services to many people around the world. If you give quality articles in your blogs, you will make a good name within a short time. This will enable you create a blogging community and be on your way to enjoy great things.
Here are some steps that can help you make a great community through blogs:
• You must make sure that you read other blogs apart from yours. Reading other peoples blogs is beneficial especially when you leave a comment. Remember that you share an interest with other bloggers and you can also learn one or two things in their blogs. This will ensure that you always have interesting things to share with your readers.
• Another effective to help you get a community in your blogging pages is by leaving positive comments on other people’s blogs. By doing this, you get a chance to leave your link which can be used to reach you. This can bring you many readers and hence drive your traffic in a good way.

• You should reply to people who leave comments on your blog. This will make them feel that someone heard them and will always be visiting your blogs to read articles. Use something short and avoid being lengthy to keep people engaged.
• Put your blog in the directories which can be found online. You will find many directories where you can place blogs on the internet. Use search engines to help you get the directories.
• Make sure that you write often and you should post many times in one day. This ensures that you give your readers different things to read and this makes them spend more time in your blog pages. This is the way you create a blogging community. You end up finding many people reading your articles and making your blog popular which will make it rank high with search engines.
• Your posts should be entertaining to keep your readers looking for in your blog pages. The content should be fresh and original to make it different from other bloggers views. This requires skills that you get as you continue to write more and also promote your blogs.
• Make sure that you market your blog pages. This can be done through leaving signature links in other people’s blogs and also in forums. This will attract many people who will want to know much about your blogs.


Make sure that you blog even when you feel like you have nothing to say. You will get a new idea which will sound good to your readers. You can also link back to blogs that you find interesting. To be successful in this field, always make sure that you are original and this will create a great blogging community for you.

by Saad Naeem

I am an Admin and Co-Editor at & T shirt Printing Dubai Company in Dubai called T shirt printing, providing fresh tips for blogging. Make sure to subscribe to my blog for fresh business ideas

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