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Not to Do Things Being a Blogger

Blogging is something that can effectively get bloggers a hold of lot of traffic. With little expense you can get a hold load of visitors flowing to your website. Bloggers provide the readers with what they are finding on the web in the finest form possible and this is the only way a blog can be successful. Also, traffic that gets generated from a blog is of higher quality. However, there are a few deadly mistakes or things that bloggers should not do otherwise they can be the worse failure for the blog.

Unpredictable or unreliable updates should be avoided. While posting you have to consider the industry standards. There are blogs that will expect posts every day, some every week, while others every month. You must be consistent whatever your schedule is and make sure that your blog tradition is followed. It will reflect to your seriousness and the passion you have for this work. This will make your readers not only like your work but trust you as well. Also, your postings should be free from grammatical errors. Your image is something that cannot be hurt while blogging. Your reputation as a blogger can be seriously damaged if you are posting stuff without proof reading it. If you are preparing and posting articles in a hurry, they will surely carry lexical and grammatical errors in them; many times spellchecking programs are also unable to catch these mistakes. Make sure that your articles are read twice before you put them up for the readers.

Do not ever act like a copy act when you are blogging. It is natural to try and copy people who are successful or copy their concepts. I have seen several bloggers copying things from other successful blogs like the way they look and the type of information they have. You can do this too but in a way that at least your blog can be distinguished; leave something different. Your content should carry some uniqueness and freshness to it otherwise readers will not have confidence in your work. Avoid rewriting or paraphrasing the work of other people.

Other couple of things that a blogger should not do includes increasing keyword density. Avoid stuffing your content up with keywords because then at some point things will not make any sense. Not replying to comments; always make sure that you reply to the comments of readers and make adjustments considering the feedback and those comments.

by Saad Naeem

I am an Admin and Co-Editor at & T shirt Printing Dubai Company in Dubai called T shirt printing, providing fresh tips for blogging. Make sure to subscribe to my blog for fresh business ideas

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  1. I never used blogger! I always used Wordpress for blogging!
    But one of my friends say SEO of is better then
    Is that really true!

    I am working on my Wordpress blog based on jobs in Pakistan, Duabi, UAE and all over the world!

    1. yes , even i have noticed that , many blogger blogs are ranking very good in Google but haven’t seen any blog on Google. Blogger do rank well that

  2. Good post you covered some great mistakes to avoid. I have to agree with you that being consistent is very important, but being consistent in providing top quality content is even more important.

    1. thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment 🙂

  3. if you personally asked me, I say nevermind industry standards. Blog away to your hearts content, while speaking respectfully and supporting others. Most importantly, even if a blogger blogs on jibber jabber, still speak from the heart with maturity 🙂

    Don’t you agree?

  4. I do agree with you Saad. I mean copying others is really not going to help. If you want to get success, follow others but do not copy. You should have everything unique. And i don’t see anything wrong with it. It will make your blog a brand. So why copy others! Follow others but do not copy!


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