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SEO Myths Present in 2011

The year 2011 has passed already and unfortunately there were quite a few myths about the SEO in this passing year. There were people spreading rumors about many SEO factors saying that they are no good and not worth pursuing but in fact they were as good as anything else. Anyway let’s start with the myths:


Meta Tags

Assigning meta tags to your blog posts used to be very important for SEO but it isn’t anymore. Search engines stopped using meta tags awhile ago, maybe a few years actually and now they are irrelevant to your on page SEO. Most SEO services would tell you that meta tags could harm your SEO more then they could improve it.


Loading speed of your site is irrelevant

This is simply not true because google and all the other search engines respect the user experience on the site or in this case, your website. So the faster your website loads the better you will rank for the certain keyword because you provide a great user experience. Another thing that is a big advantage is that lower loading time would result in less bounce rate which also contributes to your SEO.







Good Content is King

Yeah, this is really true because everybody loves a good content. But if you don’t have any SEO on your content then it will be a content that won’t be seen at all because people won’t be able to find it due to your low ranking.



The links from the social networks are no good because they have the no-follow tag

It’s true that they are no-follow but it’s really wrong that they are no good. They count for something and they do help in ranking better on google. The predictions are that these links will be much more influential in the future because of the way the social networks are growing.



The use of paid links is bad

Links are great for SEO and so are the paid links. Even tho most search engines don’t accept this kind of SEO building because it’s a bit black hat way of creating links, they can’t do much about it. So paying for links is also going to help you with your ranking.




SEO is something you do once

Well it is something you do once on your own blog post but it’s something that you have to maintain in order to keep your position among the top results for the specific keyword. If you stop creating new and fresh links especially if the keyword you are competing on is competitive you will not hold the top positions for long.





Submissions to search engines

It’s not 2004 anymore so this is no longer required on your part. It used to be very important but today google and all other search engines are much more sophisticated that they will find your newly submitted post really fast especially if you share it on all the social networks.




Regular posting

While this is really good to keep the readers come back to read more on your site it doesn’t really help in SEO.


Linking out of your site is bad for SEO

It’s actually not bad at all. Linking to some very famous sites and sites with high authority is really good for SEO and it might raise the authority of your page too. Linking to sites like wikipedia adds some points to your blog or website.


If someone ever tricked you or made you believe in this myths it’s really not your fault because there were many experts that claimed these doing these steps aren’t really helpful but if you followed your instinct and did all this stuff anyway it probably made you rank much higher then the ones who didn’t do any of the steps above because they believed the wrong people.

by Saad Naeem

I am an Admin and Co-Editor at & T shirt Printing Dubai Company in Dubai called T shirt printing, providing fresh tips for blogging. Make sure to subscribe to my blog for fresh business ideas

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  1. Linking to authority sites is really able to improve SERP and traffic. However, article marketing and blog network are also very helpful. I’m happy with your article about SEO information, especially relating to Google has changed a lot. We should always follow the information changes so that we know what we should do correctly.


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