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On July 20, 2012
Last modified:March 11, 2014


A great plugin for your on page seo , will score your seo before even publishing the post so you can know where you are going wrong , its like hiring a one page seo buddy for just $47 for lifetime.

Are you new to Search Engine optimization? Do you want to make On-Page SEO of your blog a lot easier.? Do you want to make most of the On-Page SEO of the post automatically ?  Does your blog have low organic traffic from major search engines like google,Ask,yahoo.? If the answer is “Yes” for any of the above questions.Then SEOPressor On-page SEO WordPress Plugin is made for you :-) Get ranked higher in google with SEOPressor WordPress premium plugin today.! To learn more about it ,here is a SEOPressor On-page SEO WordPress Plugin Review for you.

SEOPressor Plugin :

 SEOPressor Plugin was developed by Daniel Tan, one of the well known SEO experts.This plugin specially built for Onpage Search Engine Optimization.It will calculate keyword density,analyse keyword in title,alt tags,H1,H2 ..Tags and even suggests changes .It even rates and tests each posts and pages content separately and gives a SEO score to posts based on the given SEO Keyword.It automatically adds alt tags to images,Underlines the keyword(Note: If the Automatic settings is ON, you can turn off the automatic optimization feature if you want to do everthing manually).In the next part i will explain in detail what it can do for your blog.

SEOPressor Features :

What features does SEOPressor Plugin have to make your blog stand out in On Page SEO ? What features make this plugin one of the must have plugins for your blog.? Here is the answer.

Adds ALT Tags: One of the best features of the SEOPressor On page SEO plugin is that it Automatically and intelligently adds ALT Tags to the Images based on the given SEOpressor keyword given by you.

Analyses Title and Tags: This is an important part in Onpage optimization.The Title and the H1 ,H2.. tags are very important for SEO.SEOpressor automatically analyses whether keywords are present in the title and the tags suggests changes in the post.

Font Decorations: SEOpressor performs font decorations like Bold,Italic,underline of the keywords automatically if the settings are made automatic.Thus helping search engines understand what keywords are important for a particular post and thus ensures higher ranking in search engines.

Posts Score and Pages Score: Scores for Posts and Pages are provided for each posts and pages based on the optimizations done.The higher the Score, the better ranking of the post in search engines.

Check’s not only Keyword Density: It also analyses the keyword Density and also renders its suggestion about the density.Here is a screenshot for your reference.It also analyses content length.Posts with longer content tend to rank better in Google.

Secret algorithm : Analyses your blog post with a secret algorithm that matches Google’s own algorithm .With this awesome secret algorithm ,your posts will get higher ranks in Google in no time.

The appearance of red color means that your post needs changes in those suggested regions.If your keyword density is good then it will show a message in Green color.

Intelligent Suggestions : Gives Intelligent  Suggestions on what to do on your post to improve seo score and thus to outrank most of your competitions .


Updated SEO Scores: Recalculates SEO Scores when the content of the post has changed.Most of the free SEO plugins lack this feature.

SEOPressor General Settings:

The automatic On-Page SEO settings can be controlled with the general settings page of the plugin.In this page you can decide what decorations should be done automatically by SEOPressor plugin to improve the seo score.

You can even automate the whole onpage SEO process for your whole blog by checking all the automatic decorations.With all the settings on, you will be able to run an autoblog with a perfect On-page SEO score. If you don’t want to run an autoblog,we recommend to choose only allow a few optimizations to be automatic such as adding alt tags to images and bold and italic settings.In the future updates,it is expected that we can even optimize more than one keyword for a post with this plugin.

Packages :

 It comes with two affordable packages as below

SEOPressor Single-Site:

It costs $47 Only which is a one-time fee. Single-Site License for use with One Domain.Offers Free Life-time Updates with Top Priority Support.

 You can use it on all the blogs that you own. $7 for 7-Day Trial then $97 one-time fee after trial period ends .Multi-site License for use in Unlimited Domains with Top Priority Support. Free Life-time Updates and a Free Installation Service too. :-)
If you have only one blog and if you are a newbie in blogger.You can go with the Single Site License. But if you are planning to start many new blogs or if you are a niche site builder, it would be a smart decision to go with the Unlimited Usage License.


A great plugin for your on page seo , will score your seo before even publishing the post so you can know where you are going wrong , its like hiring a one page seo buddy for just $47 for lifetime.
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  1. Simmeon says

    Hey Saad,

    Simple and effective tool that helps keep your content up to par and SEO ready. Used SEOPresser in the past but now use a similar plugin that does the same job.

    Really need to have this on your blog to maximise our writing efforts.

  2. says

    Yes, it is a must have plugin for all WordPress users. I have been using it on my blogs for a while now, and I should say – it has helped me a lot to get ranked higher on search engines for certain keywords. Thanks for the review buddy :).

  3. says

    Hey Saad,

    Its good to review an useful plugin always, but I really hate the reviews that are written on a premium plugin not free! :( As I also get angry seeing awesome products but cannot afford them.. But don’t am now growing, and will purchase the awesome plugins or productsI love..

    Anyway the review is written very well, and will be useful for SEOPrecessor lovers.. :D

    • says

      Hey Mairaj , I totally understand your point to view , in my next post you will see why I love premium WordPress plugins. I Totally get it how it feels when you start blogging and cant afford anything but dont worry just work hard and stay focused.

  4. says

    Have heard a lot about this plugin but haven’t used it so far. But I am think now to go for it.

    Thanks For the Review.

    ~ Atish

  5. rakesh kumar says

    i think a lots of bloggers are obessed with thos plugin. if you are lazy enough and don’t know how to bold or italic or how to add alt tag. h1 h2 and other tags must be used in your major heading , this had beeen stated by thousand times. i am sure these lines must be added in yr review also. do you think we should pay $47 for this

    • says

      hey rakesh , they points you have mentioned are right. But what if the plugin is there which will make your keywords bold ,italic and underline them ? Well h1 h2 tags you have to enter manually but this plugin will remind you what you have missed. It does saves lot of time , when you are blogging about something , why would someone want to spend their time adding seo elements when they should be spending more time adding value to their content.

      Its not about $47 dollar fee , this is a lifetime fee meaning that when there are upgrades to the seopressor plugin , you will not have to pay for them.

  6. says

    Awesome review, Saad, I’ve used this plugin many times on guest posts but never for my own blogs. Personally I much prefer the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin, but that’s just me :) Price wise I don’t think it’s an issue, it’s pretty good value at just under $50. Keep those reviews coming in.

    • says

      Thats the same case with me , I started using seopressor on other blogs when doing guest posts and got inspired from its features , a must have plugins for bloggers for ranking their posts higher in search engines.

  7. says

    Thank you for the information preseneted here. It is great to know about the Onpage optimizaiton plugin. It will be able to help bloggers so that routine work can be eliminated.

  8. says

    I have been using the All in one SEO plugin since long time,but i was thinking of going for some other plugin for a change,and i guess this on will work fine for me :D,thanks for the share

  9. umer says

    Do you use this plugin in your blog? If you will make a blueprint page for your blog it will help others to get more info about your blog :)

  10. Honey says

    Hello Saad,
    Nice Review, I think Seo pressor uses much CPU resources of your server. Don’t you think ? tell me your experiences regarding CPU usage Please !

    Thank you !

  11. says

    I am just confused by too many outstanding plugins out there, so is there any special tips for choosing in addition to considering the function and performance of the plugin? of course we all agree that using a lot of plugin negatively impact on the seo.

    • says

      using a lot of plugins doesn’t have any effect on seo but they make the site slow which has a negative effect on seo , but if you can tweak your plugins properly then you can get a good page speed like we have 25+ plugins+heavy theme on this blog and still getting a 92 pagespeed score.

      About your other question, about choosing a seo plugin wordpress. We are using seopressor + seo yoast only! they handle the job pretty well for us & our clients!

  12. dave litten says

    Beware that this plugin has a serious bug when used with the very popular Thesis theme. When you re-edit a page article, and press update, it wipes all of the title and meta information for that page. I am in the process of re-writing nearly 200 articles just 2 days after purchase of SEOPressor

  13. dave litten says

    I’ve raised it as a bug, and he has advised it will be fixed in the next release, currently one of his outsourced developers is trying to resolve it. I have given them my U/N and password, and they are trying to fix it it for my websites. I do like the application and want to keep it, but I was not happy when he said it had not been tested on all themes because there were so many of them! Yet Thesis is the most popular SEO theme! The bug happens AFTER you edit the content of a page, that’s when SEOPressor wipes the already saved Custom Title Tag field, the Meta Description and Meta Keywords fields. I’ve now got several hundred page and blog articles to add all the above to, and my sites have dropped like a stone out of Google rankings until I can get this fixed. For those who have SEOPressor/Thesis already, I suggest using it to optimize the page/blog first, THEN add the meta stuff at the last step and save it. Just be aware that if the page is then edited any further, then the bug occurs.

  14. hiren says

    thank u for inform me please suggest me i want purchase this plugin for my website if anything else plugin is better then this one then please inform me. please give me advice i purchase this plugin?

  15. dave litten says

    Here’s the latest news on this bug. Daniel’s staff have fixed it as of a few hours ago, and are applying the fix to all of my websites – Fantastic news for Thesis followers, as I hope Daniel will NOW build the fix into a his SEOPressor as standard. Paint Me Happy.

  16. Gard Edvardsen says

    I use the SEO Pressor and it is really great, just do as it tells and you will never be far off as for on site Seo anyway :)

  17. Raquel Johnson says

    This plugin is really a genuine seo plugin I must say,After seeing your review I have purchased this Seo Processor and it works amazing.

    Thanks dude for writing and helping me in other hand !

    • says

      Nope , this plugin just make your posts search engine friendly but has nothing to do with google crawling. No. of backlinks can increase the speed of indexing of your site.

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