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How to Start a Amazon Niche Site on WordPress


Perhaps you’ve heard about building an online business, one that you can work on from anywhere. Maybe you want a way to make some extra money every month without quitting your regular job, or maybe you’re ready to hand your boss your walking papers. But how exactly does one do that? Well, one of the best ways to make money online is to start a Amazon niche site on wordpress.

Maybe you’ve heard that that there’s lots of money to be made as an Amazon affiliate, but you have no idea what that means. How do you start a Amazon niche site on wordpress and make money? Well first you need to understand exactly what an Amazon affiliate does.

Amazon is a big supporter of affiliate marketing. That means that if you have a website or an email list and you link to a product on Amazon from your website, then when that person clicks through that link and buys the product (or anything else from Amazon) within a certain timeframe, you get a commission or percent of the sales price of that item. The person running the website with the link is the affiliate of Amazon. Sounds simple right? Well here are the steps to start a Amazon niche site on WordPress.

1. Sign up to become an Amazon affiliate.

You can’t just link to an Amazon product from your website. You need to make sure that you’re signed up as an affiliate with Amazon – this way every link you promote will have a tracking code unique to you in it – and you’ll be sure to get paid. Check out this link to start the process:

2. Decide on your niche 

A niche simply refers to a subset of products you want to sell. Amazon sells everything under the sun and it would be hard to start a successful Amazon niche site on WordPress if you tried to sell everything from computers to toasters. Rather pick a niche – like small electronics, or kitchen supplies, or toys that you want to focus on. This will make it a lot easier to create epic content site that will attract visitors. Browse though the Amazon categories to see what you’re interested in. Also check out the Biggest Sellers list, best sellers in each category and the most popular products to determine a great niche. And don’t forget to consider the average price of the items in your niche. With Amazon you earn a percent – usually around 6% of every sale you refer. If you refer someone and they buy something like a kitchen tool that costs $10 you might only make 60 cents. On the other hand if your niche is household appliances like coffee makers that cost $100, you might make $6 for every customer you refer.

3. Pick a domain name.

A domain name is the web address or the url your Amazon niche wordpress site will be hosted on. You can search and select a name at one of the companies that sell both domains and website hosting like Bluehost – you can check them out at It’s reputable company and you get a domain name for as little as around $10 a year.

4. Get Awesome Hosting!

Once you’ve picked your website name you’ll have to choose a webhosting company. A webhost is the company or place that will host or house your website. Good ones, like Bluehost have plans for every level of business, from small Amazon niche sites to much larger websites. A good hosting company will make it easy to install WordPress to manage your site. Plans at Bluehost start at around $5 a month. Join Bluehost now and Get Free Domain. Check Now!

5. Install WordPress.

WordPress is a free content management system for websites. Though sometimes thought of as simply a blogging platform, when you install WordPress onto your website you have an easy to use, easy to update way to add text, pictures – and products – to your Amazon niche site.

6. Pick a High Converting Amazon WordPress theme

One of the great things about WordPress is that you can select from many different themes or skins that determine the look and feel of your website. There are free themes, but many of them lack key features you’ll need when creating an Amazon niche site. You’ll want a theme that allows you to easily load Amazon products, add Amazon banners, is SEO (Search Engine Optimized) friendly, has social sharing tools included and is easy to set up. Take a look at wpzonertheme for a great, easy to install Amazon niche site wordpress theme.

Check Out All the Amazon WordPress Themes which I have reviewed earlier.

7. Load your theme and start adding products –

this may seem like the easy part, but you’ll want to pick products that have great customer ratings, are popular and that fit into your niche.

Learn How to Choose a Product on Amazon & How To Write a Amazon Product Review

8. Drive Traffic to your site –

You won’t get any commissions if people don’t come to your site. That’s why your niche selection, and your wordpress theme is key. A theme like wpzonertheme makes it easy to add additional pages and posts to your site that are related to niche. For instance, if your site focuses on high end coffee makers, as its niche, perhaps you’ll want to include favorite recipes featuring coffee, or the best coffee spots around the world. This will help your Amazon niche site grow in popularity, bringing more people and getting more people to click through those Amazon affiliate links and bringing you more money.

9. Bonus tip –

If you can you should start to build an email list for your site. You will want to add an email response form and start an email list. There are several services out there like Aweber or iContact that will help you do that and a good wordpress theme like Wpzonertheme will make it a snap to add the form to your site. Consider offering a freebie – like a downloadable report – as an incentive for people to join your list. Now you can start emailing your list with ‘special’ offers on products from Amazon – either directing them to your site – or straight to Amazon to make some money.
As you can see, starting a successful online business doesn’t mean you need to spend hours building your own store, managing inventory or the like. All you need to do is find a niche of products that you’re interested in and you can start a Amazon niche site on WordPress that will bring you in money month after month.

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by Saad Naeem

I am an Admin and Co-Editor at & Tshirt Printing Company in Dubai called, providing fresh tips for blogging. Make sure to subscribe to my blog for fresh business ideas

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  1. Interesting idea. I didn’t know there was money to be made through referrals to Amazon in niche categories. Thanks!

    1. Its just like adsense , you need to get a lot of traffic to make handsome amount of money from amazon , in starting amazon pays 4% commission but over time it increases.

    2. ha, ha…

      obviously Amazon gets a small chunk of their earnings from affiliates, 1% or so…

      it’s still interesting to notice that lately , some states in the US have been closed the Amazon Associates program, yet there’s a network called SkimLinks (which I’m currently testing)
      which enable anyone (even people in those states) open an account with them — it is free…

      And you can make money promoting Amazon items without having to actually have an account with Amazon Associates

      Do a Google search, inspect the network I’m referring to a bit (I’m not getting paid to tell you about it) — and you’ll form your own conclusion, and decide if that’s the way to go or not

      One thing is for sure, Amazon is globally recognized, and lots of people still buy from them, and will continue to do so…

      Saad, thank you for such an awesome step by step article!

  2. Wow…nice and useful idea to make money from Amazon. You have clearly given out the step by step process which are needed to be carried out to start a Amazon Wordpress Blog and start making money from it.

    Thanks for Sharing.

    1. Your welcome Shathyan Raja , thanks for appreciating and dropping a comment. Hope to see you again

  3. Hi Saad, I always wanted to try and make an Amazon Affiliate site but I don’t know where to begin. By the way, I think if you are to build an Amazon e-shop, you should not put Adsense there – right?

    1. If I were you then I wouldn’t want my visitors on amazon site to come and get distracted by adsense ads so I would refrain from using it.

  4. Nice post , is it right what arsie had commented saad?if you build an amazon e-shop you should not put google adsense? thanks for sharing useful info.

    1. I have replied to him above , I wouldn’t want the readers get distracted and would want them to hit the money link rather than cheap adsense clicks.

  5. Great post Saad :) thanks for sharing a clear step by step process on getting in the niche

    1. Thanks Chris , niche sites are really a fast way to start earning money. Its all about the keyword you choose.

  6. A useful and well written step by step guide to start amozon niche site. Interesting read.

    1. Thanks Tarun , really glad that you liked hope to see you again soon.

  7. Brilliant Post for a newbie . I will for sure try this.

    1. Try this and I am sure you will succeed if you need more help then you you can download my ebook

  8. It’s very useful step by step process to start a amazon niche. It’s great to have explanation in each step. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

    1. Your welcome Quynh Lan , are you planning to start a niche site soon?

  9. Hello,

    First of all thanks for the detailed guide for creating an amazing niche site, but i believe amazon pay less amount for affiliates.

    However i haven’t used amazon till now. Wish me luck for the new niche site.


    1. Yes amazon do pay less , its like 4% in starting and then it increase to 6%. If you choose your strategies well then this 4% is a lot.

      They pay less becuase they convert the most , good conversion rate in amazon is 13%. I am able to hit 9% only yet.

  10. Hi Saad, great tips dude. Thanks for sharing with us.

    1. Your Welcome Raj , Thanks for appreciating.

  11. Thanks for this post,it is a rain drop post…i like it really ..because it contain all the information about the exact topic…I am intrigued with much of your information and am persuaded to agree with you after reading your material. I’m hoping you’ll add more articles on this topic.

  12. Besides all these you need a wonderful wordpress plugin who can post wonderful articles from amazon store to your site automatically.

    1. Big No to that , i would highly suggest you to post original content no matter big or small but make sure its orignal and your personal review will convert a lot more.

  13. Very informative article you have shared.
    While going through the article, the best part I liked is the “Decide on your niche “.
    Thanks for the share mate.
    I appreciate your efforts.

    1. thats a weird comment buddy :/

  14. Hi Saad,
    Informative article. Nice money making tips through WordPress. I enjoyed this post. I am a big fan of WordPress. Tips are very impressive, I want to follow your tips. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Your welcome Vinay , if you want to follow me then I would welcome you to my email list and my facebook fan page :)

  15. ahan nice tips specially wel described about niche i didn’t had enough information about it.

    1. Thanks Rani , would love to help you more on this. Shoot me an email any time

  16. I have a lot of websites installed in wordpress but i didn’t try it. now i can try out it. thanks saad

  17. Nice tips. But is it possible to place Amazon Ads on 0 PR site and Mixed Content Niche Wordpress site?

  18. Hello saad,

    I think it’s a great idea to create an amazon niche sites, we can earn awesome money from niche aff sites.

  19. Wow…nice and useful idea to make money from Amazon. You have clearly given out the step by step process which are needed to be carried out to start a Amazon Wordpress Blog and start making money from it.

  20. Hi Saad Naeem,
    thanks for sharing this important information,and the new way to have some extra bucks

  21. I plan to create a special niche site for affiliate amazon and it seems to use the domain and wordpress self hosting is a very good option that niche sites can look more professional in the eyes of our reader.
    Nice share and always successful :)

  22. Awesome idea. thanks for sharing this important information,and the new way. I didn’t know there was money to be made through referrals to Amazon in niche categories. Thank a lot.

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  24. You could also use free listing services such as Backpage or Craigslist to market your website and it’s new amazing deals

  25. Hi Saad Naeem,
    Thanks for sharing this information . I read and follow and all steps. and I hope it will help me.
    Have a great week ahead.

  26. Google ad sense is very effective marketing of online marketing.

  27. This is awesome! I was actually not aware that Amazon done this. I’m a man with some spare time on my hands and the knowledge to get something like this set up. Fantastic article thank you very much for sharing.

  28. Great post . thanks for sharing a clear step by step process on getting in the nice.
    thank you.


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