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MaxCDN Review -Best CDN for WordPress

Who doesn’t want to rank top on Google? But ranking top on Google includes a lot of other things, your site must have genuine content, it must be read-worthy, web design, On-page SEOOff-page SEO tactics and a lot more. And these SEO tactics also include some more sub-things like keyword usage, keyword density, and outbound links, backlinks, PageRank, blog speed and many more. All through my personal experience, I’ve been coming across some bloggers (newbie) where most of them fail at only few things and are getting completely lost. With wide-ranging articles that are available on web and with help of some coaching institutes, one can easily manage with the SEO part or they can even hire some expert to make that. You might be wondering why I am saying all this. Because I don’t wont Google Penguin or Panda to kick any of your blog. I was affected for 2 bloody months only for a single stupid reason, my blog was taking some little more time for the initial page load. I couldn’t do anything until I heard of MaxCDN, one of the best Content Delivery Networks.To specify the importance of a CDN for a blog,i decided make this MaxCDN Review.

What Is A Content Delivery Network?

Content Delivery Networks(CDN) are used for rapid and cost-effective transfer of data to numerous people or points. Where the term “points” include web browsers, mobile browsers and high end web-data accessing systems.

Why Do You Need A CDN?

No matter if you are a content publisher, blogger, technology service provider or a consumer, a CDN service can always help you in faster reactions. I bet, no reader would like to visit a blog that takes a lot of time. Just suppose if a guy wants to visit your website or blog from a cyber cafe and his whole time takes in loading itself. He would neither recommend your site nor visit himself ever. Every blog/website uses a lot of things like javascript, jQuery, huge images that usually take a lot of time to load. MaxCDN minifies the scripts to lesser data and gives you the best possible page speed score.

Why MaxCDN?

MaxCDN has many servers all over the world for providing you with the fastest load time. It downloads your site data and then transfers it to their nearest data centers and cache it. So when a user visits your site, it displays the cached and minified static web pages which take less data than the normal ones. MaxCDN works with Mzima combined with BGP Anycast technology and it is being used across more than 90+ countries and more than 500 peering partners throughout the world. The Mzima network has more than 1TBPS of peering capacity and transit. In addition, it gives you an advanced control panel with API options enabled. I’ve been using their cdn service on this blog for more than a year and never faced any downtime from them. This product also integrates with your existing hosting to get started.

Best CDN for WordPress

Max CDN Features:

An important feature to notice in MaxCDN is the Gzip handling which lets you easily compress and Gzip through the control panel. It also gives you a shared SSL for free.

  • Very Fast Loading
  • Improved Visitor Experience
  • Original Pull
  • Gzip
  • Free Shared SSL (HTTPS)
  • API
  • Guaranteed Uptime
  • Free Implementation
  • Pay as you go
  • Custom CNAMEs
  • Upload to CDN servers (Push)
  • Purge and Purge All
  • Control Panel
  • Statistics
  • Set Caching Headers For Pushed Files
  • Honors All Original Server Headers
  • Persistent Connections
  • Honors All Original Server Headers
  • 24/7 Support

The compressing power of MaxCDN is just awesome. It can compress all these below listed file types

  • text/plain
  • text/html
  • text/javascript
  • text/css
  • text/xml
  • application/javascript
  • application/x-javascript
  • application/xml


Okay, so before you start configuring your site with a CDN service, take a test of your site at the Pingdom Speed Test Tool and notice the corrections and note the speed. Now after installing and setting up the MaxCDN service for your site, again check on Pingdom tools; you’ll definitely notice the change with a single service.

MaxCDN Service

One can easily say, if a service fails to make your site load better, it is completely useless. In case of MaxCDN, it is definitely not. Founded in 2009, it has been providing its service to make sites work faster that too at a very reasonable pricing. Even they have made it very easier to check your usage both in graphical and tabular forms. The interface in the control panel is just so simple and easy to navigate though they have included all possible options. You can also check which of your site’s files are taking too much database with its easy-to-navigate interface. MaxCDN does best for moderately busy sites and huge sites are no exception. Mashable isn’t a small site and you know that. If they have been using MaxCDN service from quite a long time, why don’t you give it a trial?

MAX CDN vs Your * Average Joe* Hosting

I cannot believe I forgot to add the comparison but added it on a request of our reader in the comments below.

I am on medialayer , which is probably the best hosting service and its better than bluehost and hostgator , it’s really costly but worth its price , anyways I downloaded a file from medialayer and maxcdn and the comparison is below.

Here is the timing for the simple file to download on medialayer – 1.09seconds

Here is the timing for the simple file to download on MAXCDN – 260 milli-seconds

media layer file url :
maxcdn file url :

You can clearly see that maxcdn is 3 times faster than your hosting speed , can you see a reason why you should not go for this content delivery?


MaxCDN has been delivering its services to some finest website online. If you are a blogger, you should have already known which is considered to be the best site for direct sale of ad spots on your site. The website uses MaxCDN service for faster load time. In the initial launch year 2009 itself, BuySellAds started working with MaxCDN. A couple of the all-time best technology and social media blogs like Mashable and TheNextWeb which serve more than 10million PVs a month are also clients of MaxCDN content delivery network service. You can however just start a trial of their service and then you’ll get to know why such big sites use MaxCDN.


When compared to most of the other CDN networks, I must say MaxCDN is pretty good at its prices which are quite affordable based on the preferred plan. MaxCDN costs around $39 for the first 1000GB (1TB) and you can always find some better offers which are delivered to their email list. You can also subscribe to get the latest offers. They also provide you a 30-day money back guarantee with full time customer-care support. Unlike Amazon Cloudfront, it is purely based on your data usage. You just have to buy for whatever you are willing to use. The pricing plans are so flexible and by using our coupons, you can get a discount of 25% on your package. You can anyways have a look at their pricings and plans.


As I’ve already said, page load speed matters in quite a lot of things. If your site is slow, see yourself in the hit-list of the next Google Panda/Penguin’s update. And once got affected, I doubt if you can ever get back to your old position in any decent time. So I’d never recommend taking such risks. And some people say, even Google considers the site load speed in giving it a PageRank. You already know, the better the page rank, the more the chances of ranking top on Google. So, MaxCDN not only helps you in increasing you site speed, but it indirectly helps you in getting out of Google Panda and Penguin and also helps you in getting few more traffic. And also your site won’t get down with too much consumption of your site’s bandwidth.

Final Words:

So after reading the whole MaxCDN Review, what do you think? I’d definitely recommend any of the site owners to get a MaxCDN account and install it. And it’s very simple to implement it on a WordPress blog with cache plugins.It has become the best cdn for a wordpress due to its features.I bet you’ll start loving their service.

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Tips to successfully sell Digital Products through ClickBank

Majority of affiliate marketers take up the painful and time-consuming way to this kind of business. They move from one niche to another, one product to another, as though they were just roaming around and not doing anything. The best approach is to find one good product and stay with it for a couple of years. You must select your product very wisely. Here are a few tips to sell a product through clickbank.

1. Keep in mind the ‘initial dollar per sale’:

It is quintessential that you select products with a low value of the ‘initial dollar per sale’ for marketing purposes. People prefer articles that are priced less to those that are priced at high rates. Do not be under the impression that if you try selling products having high rates, you will earn a good commission. This is entirely wrong.  If you rather take up products priced at less expensive rates, you can increase the number of sales. It is definitely a better choice to have higher number of sales from a low-priced product than to have very few sales from a high-priced product.

2. Keep your ‘average dollar per sale’ higher than your ‘initial dollar per sale’:

You must select products with a higher value for their ‘average dollar per sale’ and a low value for their ‘initial dollar per sale’. This is because you must generate a good number of sales to make a proper income online. The products sold by you must pay you with a recurring revenue against a one-time commission besides the above. Unless you follow this, you will earn a lot less than what you could potentially earn. If the value of the ‘initial dollar per sale’ of your product is lower than that of the value of its ‘average dollar per sale’, then you can be rest assured of a steady income. This is a very significant point while choosing a product to sell.

3. Look to the Gravity Number:

A lot of affiliate marketers are unaware of this term. If you select products as per the first two steps as well as the gravity number, then you will be in an entirely different league far ahead of your competitors. Products that have a gravity number between 100 and 600 are highly profitable to sell. Products with a gravity number as low as 25 will give you problems with your conversions. Basically, select products with a higher ‘average dollar per sale’ than a ‘initial dollar per sale’ and a gravity number between 100 and 600. Just stick to these limits and you be sure of excellent sales.

4.Ensure the following conditions are fulfilled by the product you select:

  • The ‘gravity’ of the product you select lies in the range of 100-600
  • The ‘initial’ amount of your product is less than the ‘average’
  • The ‘initial’ amount of your product is comparatively lower with respect to other products in the same niche for sale.
Selling on click bank is not hard at all , they have a huge user base but make sure your digital product gets good reviews and has buzz in the same niche.You might also like to read our post about How to build good reputation online
Are you trying to becoming a sell on Clickbank ? What obstacles are you facing , share your views and get others and my view on it.


6 Tips to Build Strong Affiliates for Your Information Product

If you want to successfully sell your information product online, think about this for a while. Do you want to promote that product for yourself? It may require lots of time, money, and investment on your part. But, if you allow other people to promote your product as well, it may greatly reduce your effort to promote your product and boost your sales at the same time. Here are 6 tips to build strong affiliates for your information product.

1. Offer helpful tips to your affiliates regularly

Your affiliates will appreciate your effort if you offer them helpful tips regarding how to best promote your product. After all, some affiliates may be clueless about the best promotion method for your product. By offering regular tips to them, you will be able to make your affiliates more productive. The key is to avoid being stingy with your affiliates. Give them guidance, tips, and strategies to help them promote your product better. Remember that their success will be your success.

2. Share the best marketing methods and what works

When you’ve found the best marketing methods for your product, would it be better for you if more people promote your product with the same result? If you give your best methods and what works for your product to your affiliates (you don’t need to give all of your secret methods), you will see a significant boost of sales by your affiliates. So, share what you know.

3. Give modules and build affiliate learning center

It is good for you to build affiliate learning center where your affiliates can freely

learn about affiliate marketing and how to promote your product. So, instead of answering affiliate questions every time, you can just send them to the affiliate learning center where they can find the answers for themselves. You can also give modules (or free reports) to your affiliates that contain guidance, tips, and strategies to promote your product successfully.

4. Motivate your affiliates

Motivation is the best thing you can give to your affiliates when sales seem to go down. Sometimes, affiliates just need motivation to keep them productive. Sending weekly motivation to your affiliates will give them encouragement to try harder in promoting your product because you know that they can succeed with it.

5. Give commission bonus for high quality affiliates

Most smart vendors are giving their top affiliates commission bonus if they can meet the target. Do you know that it is a great idea to attract super affiliates to promote your product? If you offer good commission bonus for certain amount of sales in a month, the ones who will be interested first are super affiliates. Remember that super affiliates are people who’ve been experienced with affiliate marketing and they usually have six-figure income from affiliate marketing alone. If you can attract those people to promote your product, you will increase your sales figure significantly.

6. Tweak your sales page and increase your conversion rate

Affiliates will be more interested if they promote a product that is proven to convert well. So, it’s your job to make sure that your sales page converts visitors into buyers. Most vendors invest on the best copywriters just to me sure that they can increase their conversion rate. You should do the same for your sales page. If you constantly increase your sales page conversion, more and more people will be interested to promote your product.

If you want to succeed with your information product, make sure to have strong affiliates helping you to promote it. Those tips will help you to build strong affiliates for your information product.


7 Tips to Become a Successful Super Affiliate

If you want to succeed in your affiliate business, you might already know that affiliate business is a real business, and therefore, you need to put your time, money, and efforts in this business. The key to succeed in affiliate business is to be serious with it and keep your focus. Once you do it, you’ll be able to become highly successful affiliate or super affiliate. Here are 7 super tips to become a successful super affiliate

1. Participate in big product launch

Big product launch is a goldmine for many seasoned affiliate marketers and super affiliates. That’s because they know the power of product launch. Product launch can give you burst of income within short period of time. So, you should participate in big product launch whenever possible. If big name internet marketers are announcing new product to be launched, be sure to prepare for the launch date because you will be able to earn big money from the launch.

2. Build huge mailing list

If you want to succeed in affiliate marketing business, you should build a mailing list and keep expanding it. All successful affiliates have their own huge database of list subscribers. In this way, they can monetize their list anytime they want. Mailing list is your asset in your online business. So, you need to build and nurture it throughout your affiliate marketing career.

3. Develop bonus product for your affiliate promotion

Don’t just promote affiliate product like regular or newbie affiliates do. Find different method of promotion. One of the most effective affiliate promotion methods is to develop bonus product for your affiliate promotion. It will add more interest for your audience to buy the product through your link.

4. Keep finding a good niche for your business

Have you been successful with your current niche? Why not find another niche and double your success? Yes, you have to keep expanding your profitable niche, but it won’t hurt you to research and enter other potential niches as well. In fact, this is what will make you to achieve more success in this business. Don’t be stagnant and don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

5. Follow the trends and take advantage on it

Successful affiliates will follow the trends and take advantage on it. What people are craving about will most likely make you money. What is the current trend? Take a look at what people are craving and give them what they want. They will buy your product in flock.

6. Give your audience valuable and high quality content

Keep giving your audience valuable and high quality content. Remember that you shouldn’t base your affiliate business with crap content. You can make pennies here and there with crap content and AdSense, but will you able to build a successful affiliate business with this business model? That’s why you should always give your audience valuable and high quality content.

7. Find your gold and keep expanding your reach

Find what is profitable for you, whether it is niche, product, traffic generation method, business model, and so on, and keep expanding your reach. If you’ve found your gold, don’t abandon it. Keep expanding your reach so that you will add more profit in your earning, while seeking for other profitable methods.

Those super tips, if followed, will make you a successful affiliate. So, if you are serious with your affiliate business, you should follow those tips and apply it in your online business.Do share your valuable opinion with us in comments.

7 Tips to Market Affiliate Product Effectively with Youtube

If you want to generate more sales in your affiliate promotion, you should consider using YouTube to your advantage. Why Youtube? That’s because it is the biggest video-sharing website on the internet. The traffic on Youtube is huge, and if you don’t make money from Youtube traffic, you are losing a big chance for success in online business. Here are 7 tips to market affiliate product effectively with Youtube.

1. Create unique video for your product:

First, you need to consider the theme of your video. Each of your video should carry unique style so that people can distinguish your video from other videos. Look at how you present your video to your audience. Put a unique opening and closing style for your video and use the same opening and closing format for all of your videos. It will increase your branding.

2. Use your product as advertisement for your content video:

It means that you should use your product as a part of your content, and this is the way you advertise your product with your video. You shouldn’t make advertisement video with your product because people hate watching advertisement. But, make content video that will be useful for your audience and insert your product as advertisement inside your video. This is a better promotion strategy.

3. Tell story in your video:

A story presentation will help you to better connect with your audience. If you create a video in the form of story, it should be able to attract interest of your readers. You can also create case study video to promote your product. Another use of story is to create review video for your product, where you can inform about the product to your audience.

4. Submit your videos on ongoing basis:

Youtube marketing is an ongoing effort. That’s why you should be able to create and submit videos regularly. This is because you can’t just rely on one video for your affiliate product promotion. You have to be able to provide regular videos for your audience so that you can keep them with you. By submitting regular videos, you will also have more chance to increase your subscription rate.

5. Use your video to build your brand:

Video is the best way to build your brand online. If you want to establish your brand online, you should create videos that will help to boost the popularity of your website or blog. The more popular and reputable you are, the easier it is to promote affiliate product with your video. Building your brand should become a part of your promotion strategy.

6. Build mailing list with your YouTube video:

You can use your video to build a mailing list to further promote your affiliate product. In fact, you will have more opportunity to build mailing list for your blog or website. In the end of each of your video, you can insert something like this: “Subscribe to for more tips and information”. It will encourage your viewers to subscribe.

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7. Create short video with high quality content:

Do not create long video (more than 5 minutes) because it will tend to bore your audience. In order to market your product effectively, you just need to create under 5 minutes video which will explain some tips related with your product. Short video with high quality content will make people want to find out more about your video.

You can expand your promotion effort simply by using Youtube properly for your affiliate promotion. The result will be more sales and more earning for your online business.

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