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How to Make a Blog Stand Out From Other Blogs

Starting with  statistics, millions of websites are floating in the space of World Wide Web network and among the millions at least a couple of millions are updated, designed and visited by at least 1000 unique visitors.  From these statistics its clear cut that it’s never easy to make your Website stand out brightly among them. Even the small niche idea which you think none will market is dealt with a 1000 of people everyday and this reveals the fact that its very hard to make your blog stand out. Basically every blogger should concentrate sharply to build traffic at the nurturing stages and towards the next stage the aim should be to make it solid enough. So here is how to make a blog stand out from other blogs.

Ultimate tip for making your blog stand out in the crowd is to make sure you are found. It doesn’t matter how great and elegant your site is , so all you need is some awesome content. Search engines love great content and the frequently updated blogs. As long you update regularly your blog will be glued at the top of the lists and no one could rub you off from your spot.Its very important that you inspect each word and sentence in the post to be published for any mechanical as well as grammatical errors. This is a step that many newbies skip. The worst method to turn away visitors from your site is shabby posts and poor content .Hence the dissection of posts is very vital to make your content stand out. Some of the SEO specialists may ask you to go for proof readings but such tips prove to be impractical and meaningless. Once your content base is concrete all you need is some  strong SEO signals to boost your site rankings.

Design of you blog is very important,  when a visitor navigates to your site the first aspect he notices is how your site appear. Better your site looks the more reputable your site appear. When your site become a source of great content and when it is combined with a cool design your blog will surely stand out as the best resource in your niche. So make sure your website looks professional . You could add a professional look by going for a favicon as well as a good logo. Both are important and if you are not an expert in this game, you could hire someone for it.  Further you could find dozens of site that will provide many fonts for your site which in turn transform your site into a professional one.  is such a site that provides many stylish fonts and will let you download custom fonts. This will add more ease to your problem of creating a logo or a favicon for your site.

Another important aspect that determines your blog’s success is its flow. By ‘flow’ what I meant is that, your blog should be comfortable while navigating from one page to another. The ‘flow’ should also make sure that relevant content is made available separately and precisely. This can be made alive by studying the attitude of visitors and the category of posts that they browse daily. By pointing out such a category the next step is to make it stand out. This can be achieved by creating sliding menus with glossy touch. Further your visitors eye should flow with ease through your website and any stack data’s can act as a halt for the effortless flow.

Another fact that many bloggers never mind is the kind of Internet connection that your visitor use. If most of the visitors in your blog is from a developing country (say India) then Internet connection speeds may not be so fast and if your blog speed is low then this will surely make your visitor navigate away from your content.  So assure your blog speed is good and this too come under the ‘flow’ of the blog.

Observation is another aspect  to make your blog stand out in a group . You should clearly observe what other blog deals with and they talk about. You should also generate some idea about the kind of visitors earned by the blogs working with same niche as yours. This will help you develop an idea about the weakness and strength of other blogs dealing with same niche.

Concentrating on the weakness repeated by other blogs, and implementing it on your blog after curing it will surely make you blog stand out among the group dealing with same niche. This attitude is an important one, and most of the bloggers hanging out in the blogosphere lack such a quality. Many bloggers tend to copy the strength of other bloggers and finally fail. But to have a successful blog and a great blogging career you should incorporate what other blogs are missing.

These all prove to be the basic tips that you all might know, but many forget to implement. Since action speaks louder than words its your duty to make all these into practice and make your blog stand out .

How to Write Great Guest Post to Boost Your Blog Credibility

Guest posting is a popular way to raise your blog popularity and credibility. It is better than regular article marketing because you are aiming directly to your intended audience. Here are some tips on How to write great guest post to boost your blog credibility

1. Make sure to give your best content :

If you want to get accepted by the host blog, make sure to write special content for your guest post. You don’t want to submit regular content for guest post because it will do no good for your credibility. If you want to be known as an expert blogger in your niche, make sure to give your best content in your guest post. Remember that your blog will get read by thousands of regular blog readers. So, you have to establish good impression on them.

2. The word count should be 1000+ words :

The length of your guest post shouldn’t be less than 1000 words. This length is important because the longer your post, the higher perceived value it has. Sure, some host blogs will allow you to publish guest post under 1000 words, but you should give more. You are trying to establish credibility with your guest post, not just to place link in other blogs.

3. Use image for your guest post :

It is good for you to use professional stock photo for your guest post. You can purchase a license of one professional stock photo at only $1 or less in various stock photo websites. Image will increase the professionalism of your guest post. So, remember to include at least one image in your guest post.

4. Submit your guest post to popular blog :

Before submitting your guest post, make sure to choose the best blog for your post. The first consideration should be the traffic of that blog. If the blog is receiving high amount of traffic every month, it is a good place to submit your guest post. You want to attract as much readers as possible so that you can boost your credibility quickly and easily. However, keep in mind that popular blogs will have strict rules on their guest post. You just need to read the rules carefully before submitting your guest post.

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5. Add author bio that reflects your credibility :

Author bio is an important part of your guest post that you should create carefully. Your author bio represents your online presence and your expertise in the blogging world. Make sure to write professional author bio for you guest post. Remember to put a nice picture of yourself in your author bio.

6. Tweak your title before submitting your guest post :

The last thing to do before submitting your guest post is to tweak your title. Remember that no matter how great your content, if you can’t create a good title, people won’t read your content. Your title will determine whether people will read your guest post or not. Use powerful titles such as list, question, facts, myths, and so on.

Those are some tips to write great guest post to boost your blog credibility. The more credible your blog, the more popular it will be. So, make sure to write the best guest post that will help you to increase your blog credibility.

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How to Make Blog Visitors as Regular Readers

It doesn’t matter whether your blog has high or low Alexa/Google page rank, if you have valuable traffic for your blog, then it’s good. Many bloggers who are newbies, leaves the blogging in half and the reason is ” Low Traffic “, blog’s traffic doesn’t fully depend upon the Search engine optimization, if your blog attracts visitors and if your posts are liked by people, they’ll visit your blog often and will never forget your blog!. So there are no secrets behind making people to like your blog, if your blog attracts more readers, surely your blog’s daily visitors will get increased . As making people to like your blog plays an important role in increasing your blog’s traffic, you must consider writing for your visitors. If more people likes and become a regular reader of your blog, then your blog’s traffic will be increased automatically.

Here ,in this post,I’m going to discuss about 3 things that will help you to attract your blog’s visitors, and make them as your blog’s regular readers. Those 3 things are some common things, but those things surely will help you to attract your blog’s visitors and make them as regular readers. And those are

  • Attractive and fast Loading Blog design
  • Don’t use Popups in your blog
  • Make your Blog’s social media presence popular and strong

Attractive and Fast Loading blog design

Attractive and fast loading blog design makes your blog readers eager to visit your blog daily, because if your blog’s design is attractive, to see the design people will visit your blog. And if a person reaches your blog via Search engine and finds that your blog loads fast, and gets attracted to your blog’s design , surely the person will become a regular reader of your blog. Theme choice is an important thing for a blog, if you choose a theme, which is irrelevant to your blog’s niche also affects your regular readers of your blog.

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Tip for Bloggers : Note that don’t keep themes which are Search engine optimized, keep themes which people like to be in your blog, and another advice is Don’t write your articles for Search engines, write articles for your blog’s readers!.

Don’t use any Unwanted Popups in your blog

If your blog has more subscribers, your blog’s traffic will definitely increase, in such cases for increasing blog subscribers, many blogs have popup Facebook like boxes, please don’t use that! it is hated by most of the visitors of your blog, and they’ll never visit your blog again. By by using an useful popup domination, many blog’s have their subscribers increased.Don’t use any popups in your blog like Facebook Like or Social Media stuffs.Even many probloggers suggest you to have popups in your blog,but be sure you use the right one like the PopUp Domination . First of all ask a question why do you use popup subscription box ? to increase the traffic of your blog right ?, then be sure you only use informative popup in your blog that will in turn make your visitors as regular readers.

We suggest to use PopUp Domination 3.0 Plugin .Read our PopUp Domination 3.0 Plugin review

Make your blog’s social Media Presence strong and popular

If you ask to an Admin of a popular blog , ” How did you increase the traffic of your blog and how did you make your blog popular? “, the answer from this is the ” Social Media “.  Many internet businesses which are popular today , got their first and more clients from Social Media. Every successful business before launching, first they started attracting their fans in social media. So social media is the first and the easy key to gain regular readers for your blog. Social media not only includes Facebook it also includes twitter and many more… So try  to get more fans from social media, they’ll also help you to get more readers for your blog.

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As I mentioned above , the 3 things which I shared for attracting blog visitors and gaining blog readers are some common things, but surely it will increase your traffic and regular readers!!

Hope you liked this post,if so do share it with your friends.What are the ways you follow to make the visitors of your blog as regular readers  ?

7 Things that Will Crush Your Blog Profit

Do you want to make your blog more profitable? Avoid doing things that can kill your profit. Here are 7 things that will crush your blog profit:

1. Cluttering your blog with ads

You might think that by putting as much advertisements as possible, your blog will generate more profit. That is wrong. Iíve seen many new blogger putting ads all over their blog. They put banners above the fold. They also put smaller banners in their blog sidebar and footer. Moreover, they put AdSense code in their content, sidebar, footer, and header. Will it make them more money? The answer is not. By cluttering your blog with ads, you will only give bad user experience for your readers. In the end, you will lose your traffic and youíll lose your profit as well.

2. Non-profitable topic

Blogging in the wrong niche is another way to kill your blog profit quickly. Do you blog in a good niche that will bring you good profit? If the answer is no, then you have to change your niche right now. It will only waste your time if you keep blogging on non-profitable topic, simply because it wonít give you any income at all.

3. Posting irrelevant blog posts

Stick with what youíre blogging about. By posting irrelevant blog post, you are cluttering your blog with irrelevant content. In this way, your readers will become confused with your blog. They will ask: ìWhatís the point of this blog?î And slowly but surely youíll lose your readers. To avoid this, keep posting relevant posts to your blog to engage your blog readers and increase your traffic.

4. Anonymity

Let your name be known as the author of your blog. Anonymity will only give a bad air for your blog. It will only create distrust that will lead you to less profit. If your readers donít know about you, how can you suppose to sell products to them? You need to build trust in order to sell your products effectively, and by becoming an anonymous blogger, you canít build the trust required to generate good profit from your blog.

5. Being a stand-alone blog

Join the blogging community. Connect with other bloggers. Donít be a stand-alone blogger because if youíre blogging, you have to actively connect your blog with other blogs in order to drive more traffic to your blog. Remember this: without traffic, you canít generate any profit from your blog. However, you canít generate good traffic to your blog if you donít connect your blog with other blogs.

6. No mailing list

If you want to generate more profit from your blog, you have to build a mailing list. This is the place where you do your full promotion. Youíre killing your profit if you donít have a mailing list for your blog.

7. Bad monetization strategy

Are you planning to monetize your blog with various banners, AdSense, and text ads? This is a bad monetization strategy. A better strategy would be to focus your promotion on a single channel, such as AdSense only or affiliate marketing only. In this way, you can get better result with your monetization plan. It will also prevent you from cluttering your blog with unnecessary ads. The key is to focus on single promotion strategy.

Those are 7 things that will crush your blog profit. If you do the 7 things above, you wonít be able to make good money from your blog, so avoid doing those things in your blog.

How to Make Your Banner ads More Profitable

Banner advertising is one of the best solutions to attract new customers into your online business. However, most banners are not profitable. If you experience similar problem with your banner, here are 7 small tune-ups to make your banner more profitable:

Organic vs paid link – Which one you should consider

1. Have more focus on the text, not the graphic

What matters most on your banner is your text—how you communicate with your audience through your banner. Don’t focus on the graphic because graphically appealing banner doesn’t guarantee success. Focus on what you write on your banner. Make it simple, catchy, and inviting.

2. Make brief instruction to your audience

Call to action is very important in order to attract people to respond positively to your banner. Without call to action, you won’t be able to attract their interest to click your banner ads. However, make your call to action brief. For example: “Get Your Free Quote Today”. This is a brief call to action that you can use. It’s inviting and simple.

3. Show the benefits of your product clearly

In your banner, you have to show your audience the benefits that they will get. If you are advertising your web hosting service, make sure to list the benefits, such as:

– 24/7 Support Live Chat
– 99.0% Uptime Guarantee
– CPanel
– Stable Server
– Only $5/Month

Those are the benefits you’re presenting to your audience in a short and simple manner. You don’t need to list all the benefits. Let you audience check the full benefits of your service in your landing page.

4. Don’t distract, adapt!

Don’t create a banner that will only distract your audience. Before creating your banner, look at the place where you will put your banner. Adapt with the design of that website so that people won’t get distracted with your banner. The key is to adapt, not to distract.

5. Advertise only on relevant websites

It is important to expand your reach, but you have to avoid advertising on irrelevant websites because it will render your banner ineffective. Choose one to two relevant websites to put your banner for a start. Test your banner first, and expand later. Remember that relevancy is very important here.

6. Copy the best headline

Make sure to write excellent headline for your banner. This is the main attraction that will either make your audience interested in your service or not. Copy the best headline you’ve ever seen and modify it a little. Make it your own headline for your banner. One example of good headline is this: “The Smartest Hosting Solution”.

7. Position your banner in hot spot

Positioning is important in order to get the best response from your banner. If you position your banner in the wrong place, no matter how good your banner, it won’t get noticed by your audience. So, choose a strategic place for your banner. The best place is always above the fold, where your audience can see your banner without scrolling the page.

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Those are some small tune-ups that you need to apply in order to make your banner more profitable.