How to Make Your Follow-Up Emails Work for You


When your subscribers join your mailing list, they will expect you to send them some follow-up emails. They will decide whether they will stick with you or not after they read some of your follow-up emails. If you give them bad follow-up, they will unsubscribe. But, if you give them good follow-up, they will stick [...]

How to Keeping Your Subscribers Engaged and Happy!


Yes, you can make money with your list. But, if most of your subscribers are leaving your list within the first week of joining your list, what will you do? Do you still have the chance to make money from them? That’s why you need to learn about how to keep your subscribers in your mailing [...]

Email Marketing: Still A Major Player


Email is by far the easiest and most popular way to communicate online. In its early stages, it is one of the first forms of internet marketing. Email is a really simple yet effective way to advertise to prospects. It provides you with an easy avenue to keep customers up to date on your latest [...]