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Ways of encourage people to leave comments on your blog

Blogging is one of the many ways that you can use to market your business. With the right strategy, you can increase your profits using blogs. They help you communicate with your consumers and get to know what they want from your products. You will find that most people read reviews before they buy any item to use at home or the office. You can increase business if your readers leave comments on your blog to let you know what you should improve.

Here are some tips that can help you encourage readers to leave comments:

• Make sure that you use a good tone when writing which does not sound too professional; make it sound as if you are speaking to people you know. This will make you sound friendly and most people will always want to hear from you and also leave a comment. Your personal approach should be simple to make it easy for you to get comments from readers. Complicated writers can scare away readers and discourage them from leaving comments.

• Most people make the mistake of moderating comments especially those who are busy. Setting your blog to an automatic comment approval will drive away your readers and discourage them from leaving comments. No one wants to get the same answer all the time. This can also encourage spammers but at times you can leave an automated message for people who have commented before to let them know that you will be getting in touch with them. Blogging requires that you set aside enough time to go through the comments

• Make sure that you reply to comments left in your blog and readers will be encouraged. They will feel like they are communicating with someone. Make good use of your blog and you will be marketing your business to higher level. It is wise that you give a reply to all comments and answer questions asked to make sure that you get more consumers. This will drive traffic in your blog and increase ranking of your product. Blogging can effective if done in the right way.

• Posting a question is also a good way to make people leave comments. After you have written a lot about a certain product, you can ask for the reader’s opinion and most people will want to comment. Including a survey can be encouraging make people comment in your blog. Blogging needs creativity for want to market your business properly.

• You can also ask you readers to leave a comment. Just do it directly and they will feel free to leave comments. Write something that will encourage them o comment like “Please leave a comment” or “What is your opinion on this product?”
• You can offer freebies to attract many people. Giving gifts to people who leave the best comment in every month will encourage readers to leave their comments. This will increase your bogging popularity and help boost sales of your products.

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Three Essential Tips On How To Market Online For Free

There are plenty of ways which you can use to market online for free. For one to be successful on the long term, one needs to concentrate on the most basic marketing techniques which can bring in residual results. This is considered among the best ways to make money online and also sustain a long term financial success. Below, you will be shown a few basic strategies which may help you start to make some money online.


1. Article Marketing – Write some articles and then submit them to all the major article directories. Try to keep the word count between 400 and 600 words and keep the topic related to your online business. At the end of the article you will be offered with a resource box where you can leave some details about you as well as a link leading back to your business website. The best article directories will be:, or If you are in the look of starting your business at home, you should make sure you will be reviewing a website to one of these three article directories among others.


2. Video/Web 2.0 Marketing – This marketing strategy will work by simply uploading some videos to several video sharing websites, like,,, or the most popular one, This is rather similar to marketing with articles which was described above, as you will again include a link back to your business website in the box reserved for the description which should describe that your video is about. Be certain that you will be including your website`s link at the top of your description, and if it is possible, be certain it is a clickable link so that your website`s visitors will only click on it and be redirected right away.


3. Website Bookmarking – Be certain you will bookmark your website at all the major bookmarking websites. There are plenty of such websites which are quite popular, and some of them are: Digg, Reddit, Delicious or StumbleUpon. Be sure to put enough keywords which will related to your business website, as people will try to visit your website through these social bookmarking websites by using those specific keywords or by simply making a search of your website titles or descirption.

Top 5 reliable shared hosting providers of 2012

There are dozens of shared hosting packages online, from most of the hosting providers, with the prices ranging from 1 cent per month (for a limited time) to $40 per month and more for a fully managed package. But most of the time, you’ll find that there are some drawbacks to getting a shared hosting package.

That is because a lot of the cheapest shared hosting packages are low priority for the hosting companies, and an even larger number of shared web hosting offers are from resellers, which most of the times have no support whatsoever and very loaded servers (because they go for quantity, not quality).

So, it is pretty hard for anyone, especially people new to the online world, to choose a good hosting company with great shared hosting offers. To make it easier, here is a list of the best (as voted by users on dozen of hosting review sites) hosting companies that provide reliable, fast and secure shared hosting packages with good customer support. While they may not be the cheapest, they are definitely worth checking out.


This is considered the best hosting company out there for anyone who needs professional, uncompromised service and no games when it comes to their hosting package. If you are starting something serious and need a great company that you can trust with all of your hosting needs, MediaTemple is for you – you’ll definitely never want to leave them.

InMotion Hosting :

 Another great hosting provider that has very affordable prices, yet still delivers when it comes to customer support and server performance. Their packages start at $7 per month for good business level hosting, and they include anything you need, so you can simply start working.

BlueHost : ( Our favourite , using since 2009 )

This is other of the leading companies that offer shared dedicated hosting, and they’ve been around longer than the above 2 companies, so they definitely know their stuff. Blue Host have always been known for their great packages that come with a lot of extra features and often free extras, and the customer support that is always helpful. Definitely a good choice if you need a cheap package that is still reliable and problem-proof.

Liquid Web :

 Liquid Web focuses most of their attention on customer support, saying that it is the most important part of any business, and they might just be right. They started a relatively short time ago, yet they are already rated as the best hosting provider ever by thousands of happy customers. While their packages may be expensive for what they offer, they do tell you the whole truth about what you get and what resources are really allocated to you.

JustHost :

Just Host specializes on cheap shared hosting packages and great customer support for people who are just starting out in the online world and want to try the water before jumping in. Their packages come with everything you need, and the prices start at $4, for which you not only get a good, reliable web hosting plan, but also a free domain, e-commerce templates and AdWords advertising coupons, all of which can help a lot when starting any kind of online enterprise, be it just a blog or a new service that will become the next Facebook.

There are other great companies on the market, and even big corporations like 1and1 have started improving their offers and services since they realized they’re losing thousands of customers because of their carelessness. But if you don’t want to risk anything, you can easily go with any of the providers listed above.

What hosting do you use for your blog.Which has got the best customer support.Do share your opinions with us.

Not to Do Things Being a Blogger

Blogging is something that can effectively get bloggers a hold of lot of traffic. With little expense you can get a hold load of visitors flowing to your website. Bloggers provide the readers with what they are finding on the web in the finest form possible and this is the only way a blog can be successful. Also, traffic that gets generated from a blog is of higher quality. However, there are a few deadly mistakes or things that bloggers should not do otherwise they can be the worse failure for the blog.

Unpredictable or unreliable updates should be avoided. While posting you have to consider the industry standards. There are blogs that will expect posts every day, some every week, while others every month. You must be consistent whatever your schedule is and make sure that your blog tradition is followed. It will reflect to your seriousness and the passion you have for this work. This will make your readers not only like your work but trust you as well. Also, your postings should be free from grammatical errors. Your image is something that cannot be hurt while blogging. Your reputation as a blogger can be seriously damaged if you are posting stuff without proof reading it. If you are preparing and posting articles in a hurry, they will surely carry lexical and grammatical errors in them; many times spellchecking programs are also unable to catch these mistakes. Make sure that your articles are read twice before you put them up for the readers.

Do not ever act like a copy act when you are blogging. It is natural to try and copy people who are successful or copy their concepts. I have seen several bloggers copying things from other successful blogs like the way they look and the type of information they have. You can do this too but in a way that at least your blog can be distinguished; leave something different. Your content should carry some uniqueness and freshness to it otherwise readers will not have confidence in your work. Avoid rewriting or paraphrasing the work of other people.

Other couple of things that a blogger should not do includes increasing keyword density. Avoid stuffing your content up with keywords because then at some point things will not make any sense. Not replying to comments; always make sure that you reply to the comments of readers and make adjustments considering the feedback and those comments.

Making income with blogging

Most people want to make money through blogging and this has made popular. It is easy especially for those with good writing skills and you can choose a topic which you will be comfortable with. This will ensure that you always have original material to write about when you. This is a good way to make money and some people even make it their only way to make daily income. All you need is to learn about several ways to help you succeed in this field and you will be making lots of money.

Here are some steps to help you in blogging to make an income:
• When starting a blog, make sure that you go for something that you like doing and also know about. It is not wise to write about something that you are passionate about or you are not interested in because you may mislead your readers. This can be risky when they find out and may not trust you again. There are various topics that you can choose from depending on your hobbies and interest. Subjects like gardening, baking and many others. Your career can also help you choose what to write about and it should something that you do not get tired of talking about. When your topics become bored, your blog goes down and eventually die.

• Choose keywords for your blogs wisely and this will make them noticeable. You can search on the internet for the best topic. This will give your ideas and help you pick good keywords for your blog. The season can also affect the keywords that you decide to use in your blog. If it is during a festive season, you must write articles related to the season. People are likely to be looking for travel and shopping tips and you can use this to drive traffic in your blogs.

• Always make sure that you post articles related to your subject. Avoid irrelevant posts which can affect traffic in your blogs. This will ensure a good flow of readers and this will lead to high rankings by the search engines. In this way you can make good income some times you can use other people’s articles by writing a summary of their work and then include your link. You should not do these all the time, get your own original posts and this will earn you a great reputation in blogging world.

• You can also place ads in your blog pages and make money when readers click them search engines will show your posts n when readers click in search of your keywords.

• Affiliate programs are also good to help you make an income using blogs. There are many and you should choose those that are related to your topics.

• You can look at other blogs and try to talk to the owners. Most people will share with you ideas on how to make money through blogging when they realize that you are seriously interested.