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How To Sell A Website On Flippa For The Best Price

Selling a website on Flippa is a little different then selling one on a forum. If you were to try to sell your website on a webmaster forum, you might get 3 months of revenue. Selling a website on Flippa could give you 6 – 12 months worth of revenue. Can you see the enormous difference between selling on a forum and selling on Flippa? The real question is how do you sell on Flippa to get the highest amount possible for your website?

Well you can start with traffic and revenue. A websites life depends on the traffic. Normally you would equate large amounts of traffic with a large amount of revenue, but that isn’t always so true. You may have have a million uniques a month but what good are they if they aren’t targetted? A million uniques from a reseller of traffic to a perfume ecommerce store isn’t going to really do much. Before listing your website on Flippa work on increasing the traffic and the revenue. The more revenue you can squeeze out of your website the better multiples you’ll receive come bidding time.

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Buyers always want to verify things. They want to know where your traffic is coming from, how much you are receiving, and if the amount of traffic you are receiving is matching up with your revenues. A buyer will do their due diligence! Six months worth of data is usually the standard for most buyers. So adding Google analytics to your website six months before the sale is something I suggest. Although it isn’t a must to sell a site, it is a huge incentive to a potential bidder. When they can see your verfied analytics they are more likely to place a bid.

When you are getting ready to list your website on Flippa remember to a few things. A fair BIN (Buy It Now) will increase your chances of selling the site immediately for a reasonable price. You won’t have to wait around to check and verify bids, or bother relisting your site if it doesn’t sell the first time around. Another thing to remember is the auction starting and ending date. Flippa gives you the ability to create an auction that lasts a month, but people don’t want to wait a month and I’m sure you don’t either. Seven (7) days is the best timeframe for a speedy auction. If you have a reasonable BIN, you might not even have to wait it out.

Flippa buyers are all about detail. The more information you can give them the more likely you are to sell. Browse Flippa before listing your website to see what is working and what is not. Study the copy other sellers are using and use it to to create one yourself.Hope you liked this post about how to sell a blog in flippa.Also read Not to do things as a blogger. Do visit us again and subscribe to us to receive more updates from us. 🙂