20+ Google Adsense Alternatives You Should Consider Using in 2013

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There is no doubt that Google Adsense is one of the best online contextual advertising programs today. The only problem is relying too much on the program. It is important to note that Google Adsense is a very strict advertising programs. The program is known for locking out many people after accepting them for a [...]

Got My Adsense Back After Getting Banned! Here’s my story


I know it sucks when you open up your mail one day and you see your Adsense account has been banned for invalid clicks. You start wondering what did you do wrong and don’t have any idea on how to appeal to Adsense team to get your Adsense back , in this article I will be writing about how my Adsense account [...]

How Social Media Can Help To Overcome Google Penguin


Thanks to the latest Google indexing update, many website owners out there are asking about recovery from Google Penguin update using social networks. This article looks at two important parts of the answer: what Google Penguin is, and how you can recover your online standing using social networks. What Is Google Penguin? Before we look [...]

Use the Right Keywords to Find the Right Customers


You know your products, and you know the types of consumers that would buy them. But for some reason, all your online marketing efforts aren’t getting through. The problem might not be your offer or your message – it may be the keywords you’re using (or NOT using). What are Keywords, Anyway? Keywords are the [...]