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20+ Google Adsense Alternatives You Should Consider Using in 2013

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There is no doubt that Google Adsense is one of the best online contextual advertising programs today. The only problem is relying too much on the program. It is important to note that Google Adsense is a very strict advertising programs. The program is known for locking out many people after accepting them for a short while. As a result many bloggers and website owners are left stranded with no idea where to start.
This is where Google Adsense alternatives come in. You must have a plan B in case your Google AdSense account is banned. There are increasing cases of many Google Adsense accounts being banned for no reason. Having an option is therefore very important if you want to enjoy steady advertising revenue. The good news is that there are very many other advertising programs you can use apart from Google Adsense.

Before jumping into the alternatives , if you are not banned from adsense look how you can increase adsense earning in my earlier post.

Although Adsense is the best advertising program today, this doesn’t mean that there are no other effective advertising programs. If you are bored or tired of relying on Adsense because of the uncertainty that comes with using the program/platform, below are top 20 Google Adsense alternatives you should consider using.

1. Infolinks

imagesThis is by far the best Google Adsense alternatives you can use if you happen to be banned on Adsense and you need a quick solution. Unlike Adsense, getting approved by infolinks is easy and faster. You just need to create an account which is approved immediately. Infolinks also works better i.e. scans your blog or website content in real time and then picks the most valuable keywords. This helps to create an intelligent and interactive atmosphere that helps to connect users with relevant brand/niche messages.

Infolinks is one of the best Google AdSense substitutes because it balances payouts and relevancy which helps to keep websites/blogs content clean and at the same time keep your earnings flowing. If you value complete control in regards to how your site/blog looks and feels, you should consider using. You have the power to fully customize ad appearance even in the case of in-text ads. You can also use infolinks on all your blogs/websites.

2. Skimlinks

images (1)Another great Google Adsense alternative is Skimlinks. The advertising program stands out because it does affiliate marketing for you. The program is specially designed to turn keywords and links in your blog/site text into affiliate links. This allows you to focus on your website/blog 100%. The program is so seamless site visitors don’t get distracted by banners and advertising as is the case with other advertising programs like AdSense. Skimlinks operates 100% on simple relevant links which web visitors like. The program also stands out as one of the best programs you can use instead of AdSense because of the wide variety of online retailers you get access to regardless of your niche.

3. Kontera

images (2)Kontera also works well as a Google AdSense substitute. Kontera is unique because of providing publishers with increasing advertising revenue from PC or mobile web pages. They also offer less disruptive ads compared to other advertising programs. They also offer variety unlike most programs. For instance, you get display offerings which are content powered. You also get a variety of in-image and in-text content products. Kontera also offers very unique mobile monetization products which are unmatched by many online advertising programs. You should seriously give Kontera a chance if you are looking for a worthy Google Adsense alterative.


medianet-logoAlthough is a little bit strict on new blogs and sites, the contextual advertising program is definitely worth a try for anyone interested in an ad program that can replace AdSense effectively. stands out because of constantly setting new standards in innovative contextual advertising. powers a number of contextual ad programs i.e. Yahoo Bing Network Ads program. If you are looking for an advertising program that exclusively manages business operations, technology and relationships, is one of the best choices after AdSense. is one of the leading contextual advertising companies in the world today providing a wide range of traffic monetization and advertising solutions.

5. Chitika

downloadChitika is another worthy ad program that can rival Adsense. The advertising program boasts of having over 250,000 publishers. Chitika’s network offers a delicate science and art blend to offer intent driven adverts to the right web users at the right time and place. Chitika has an extensive network of partners i.e. Yellowbook, SuperPages, Yahoo and Service Magic among many others. The program is one of the best for increased earnings.

6. Clicksor

images (3)Clicksor is another popular AdSense substitute offering webmasters the opportunity to incorporate sections of clickable texts or advertising banners to earn additional income. All you need to do is place Clicksor adds alongside ads from other networks to enjoy a 100% site fill rate. It is even possible to set prices for CPS, CPV, CPI and CPM ads ensuring that you earn what you deserve.


7. Bidvertiser

images (4)Bidvertiser is another popular advertising program that has caught the attention of many webmasters. Bidvertiser works perfectly if you are looking for suitable Google Adsense alternatives. You simply need to place BidVertiser adverts on your blog or website and then let advertisers place their individual bids. Bidvertiser pays you for every single click. You can earn more if you are successful in turning clicks into conversations. The program also offers convenient payouts through avenues like PayPal.

8. Affinity

This is another effective ad program which can match AdSense especially if you are looking for an excellent text advertising program. Affinity offers added banner, video and image advertising it you like. Affinity stands out because it is really easy to get into the advertising program compared to programs like AdSense. You site/blog doesn’t have to command a lot of traffic as is the case with other advertising programs.

9. Vibrant Media

vibrantmediaAnother excellent Google AdSense Substitute ad program is Vibrant media. The advertising program is very similar to Kontera. Vibrant Media stands out from many other advertising programs because of having unique in-text and in-image ads. The program for instance has 2 new unique ad formats that offer extra revenue streams for in-image ads which are responsible for integrating text and image ads together working on a CPM impression (Cost per-thousand) model.

10. AdSide

Another top Google AdSense alternative is AdSide. This advertising program is a perfect AdSense replacement because it offers very similar banner ad formats. It is however important to note that there is an exception. AsSide ads have thumbnails located on the left of every ad row. This makes the ads more attractive and less distractive at the same time compared to ads from other advertising programs. It is important to note that AdSide ads target website visitors from Canada, United States and United Kingdom. If your site or blog targets the same audience, AdSide is the best ad program for you after AdSense.

11. Yahoo Bing Network

download (1)

Although the Yahoo Bing Network is a relatively new advertising program, it is currently one of the best Google Adsense alternatives. The Yahoo Bing Network collaborates with 2 of the largest search engines online (Yahoo and Bing) to offer one of the best online advertising programs. The fact that Bing and Yahoo are among the largest search engines offers the program an outright advantage over other advertising programs. If you are looking for an advertising program that can match Google Adsense in terms of outreach, the Yahoo Bing Network is an excellent bet.

There are many advantages of choosing this program. One of the most notable advantages is the programs ability to allow its publishers to customise ad units in regards to color, size, style and shape. This allows publishers to blend ads better. It is important to note that the program doesn’t offer public sign up options. You can however enter the program through an invitation which isnt hard to get.

12. Buysellads

Another excellent online ad program is Buysellads. With this program you can buy and/or sell ads as the name suggests through the numerous payouts the program offers i.e. PayPal, Check, Wire transfer e.t.c. The minimum payouts are $20, $50 and $500 respectively. Buysellads is a perfect AdSense replacement if all you are want to do is simply buy and sell ads.

13. Linkshare

Linkshare is not as popular as, Kontera, infolinks and many other online ad programs. The program is however effective if you are looking for the best Google AdSense alternatives. Linkshare stands out because of many reasons. One is because they have one of the best ad selections. Another reason is because they pay well i.e. $1. Also, Linkshare doesn’t limit payouts which is common for individuals who have new sites. You will still receive your payouts however small they are. The program is also adequate for all niches around the world. It is therefore the best ad program after Google AdSense if you don’t want to have a limited target audience.

14. AdOnion

AdOnion is another perfect AdSense substitute program. The advertising program is created with simplicity in mind which makes it stand out. AdOnion is one of the simplest online advertising programs to use today. In the complex world of advertising, there is need for a simple program that offers hustle free online advertising. AdOnion also stands out for being transparent. The program offers direct interactions between publishers and advertisers. This is very rare in other advertising programs. It is also important to note that interactions are not limited. Publishers get directly connected to advertiser offers. This creates transparency which is unmatched in the ad marketplace. If you are looking for the most transparent and easy to use Google AdSense alternatives, AdOnion is the best bet.

15. Pulsepoint

This ad program stands out like AdSense because of offerings smart revenue opportunities through its highly rated ad exchange. Pulsepoint can replace AdSense perfectly because it utilizes real-time content classification and audience measurement technologies to offer superior results. This in turn helps publishers to increase inventory value through in depth analysis of environmental and audience data.

16. Commission Junction

cj-reviewCommission junction is undoubtedly one of the biggest affiliate marketing networks in the internet today. This enables the network to reach millions of web users effortlessly making it the perfect advertising program. Commission Junction can therefore act as a perfect AdSense alternative to web masters interested in reaching millions of online shoppers. Commission junction boasts of having numerous partnerships with publishers and advertisers. This can help advertisers get new customers as well as sell more to recurrent customers at the same time helping publishers to generate advertising revenue.

17. Clickbooth

This is another leading advertising program that can double up as an excellent replacement for Google AdSense. Clickbooth stands out because it offers the much needed proprietary industry technology for successful online advertising. Clickbooth takes a unique affiliate marketing approach that has been proven to be more effective when compared to other forms of advertising. It is the best ad program to use after Google AdSense if you are looking for an advertising program that offers affiliate marketing benefits.

18. Value Click Media

valueclickmediaValue Click Media is simply a digital media provider that focuses on brands and performance metrics. Value Click Media is one of the best Google Adsense alternatives because it focuses where most advertising programs ignore i.e. performance metrics and brand. It is the best ad program for publishers wishing to earn more money form existing inventory.

19. Tribal Fusion

download (2)This is another good AdSense substitute ad program. Tribal fusion is simply a CPM advertisement network. If you have a good site, you can get accepted easily to start earning. it is important to note that you don’t have to command a huge traffic base to get accepted by Tribal fusion. All you need is a decent site. Traffic is an added advantage.


20. Amazon

The last top Google Adsense alternative on this list is Amazon. It is important to note that Amazon offers one of the best CPA ad networks in the internet today. Amazon offers a huge variety of products which you can choose and promote. This model is similar to the ClickBank model. Amazon is a perfect AdSense substitute if you are out to enjoy affiliate marketing benefits in contextual advertising. There is an enormous potential for earning on Amazon which can simply match or even surpass Adsense earnings. You simply can’t go wrong with Amazon if you are interested in a contextual advertising program that has earning potential which can match or surpass Google Adsense.

21 : Clickbank 

Clickbank literally made me remove adsense from seoallrounder , this has been my second highest earner on this blog inceasing my earning by almost $600/month. All you have to do is fine a product in your niche and get a link to put on your blog/website. Learning more on how to make money from clickbank.

22 : Ad Management for WordPress ( Sell your own ad space )

Read 2 great guest posts to know more on this Ad Management for WordPress and How to get Advertisers for your Blog.

In summary, the above 20+ Google Adsense alternatives are perfect for you. You should never rely on a single advertising program again with all the above options among many others like isocket, Adversal e.t.c. Although Google Adsense stands out from the rest, it is good to have equally good or better options in case the worst happens.

Got My Adsense Back After Getting Banned! Here’s my story

I know it sucks when you open up your mail one day and you see your Adsense account has been banned for invalid clicks.

You start wondering what did you do wrong and don’t have any idea on how to appeal to Adsense team to get your Adsense back , in this article I will be writing about how my Adsense account got banned and what I did to get it back. I will try to be as short as I can , because I love short and informative posts and I am writing this post in quick time due to lot of requests so please don’t mind the punctuations and grammar mistakes.

Ok lets begin then…

On 7th July 2012 , I saw a scammer in the community who was copying pasting comments from other sites to get back links ( I don’t want to take his name because enough damage has been done to him already) . So I went to other top bloggers who have strong voice in the community and told him about his deal and they went crazy after seeing that he has spammed their website’s with commenting and trust me I have heard nice things about him but then why would you do such things after having nice reputation. Well he claimed that his cousin was doing commenting for him , and then he got his eyes on me because of me his reputation went down in front of big bloggers.

Next day he came to seoallrounder blog and clicked bombed my Adsense , I had a CTR of 27.8% that day and I was like WHAT THE…

I removed Adsense form the site right away.

Straight up i went to google Adsense reporting and reported that my Adsense has been click bombed and using analytics I showed them it was done by some one from ***** , and explained them the whole story of what happened with me and this guy in the community.

On 8th July I got a message from this scammer – saying this >1st Message<

LOL , that was a funny act , After getting this message I went to my analytics and saw who used contact form at this time and recorded the ip.

Next day on 9th July I took a screen shot of this message and posted on Facebook and got feedback like remove the Adsense from your site and stuff.

This scammer saw this message and read the comments like ‘ this guy doesn’t even know how to speak english’ so he got pissed  and wrote another message to me which I will show later. My Adsense was fine till that day

On 10th July , I got a mail from Adsense that my Adsense has been blocked for Invalid clicks . I was shocked for a moment that how can they do this even after reporting to them the same day and being their publisher since 2006. *sad moment*

Then in their email you get this link if you want to appeal for it, I thought of using it , so I wrote what ever I had to and guys please be honest with Adsense team , they deal with 1000’s of request a day and there is a reason by many advertisers choose them because they provide quality service and keep the spammers away.

Here’s a link to the Adsense Appeal Form

Moment of Truth ( Which You all Have been Waiting For )

Here it goes what i wrote to google.

I think I was too rude to google Adsense ( my apologies ) but couldn’t help it.

15_AlreadyAppealed: no

16_OtherAccount: no


18_WebAudience: only me

19_UserGeography: America , UK , Canada

20_UserAccessMode: home

21_ScrapedContent: NO

22_ContentSources: I write most of the content and have 4-5 guest bloggers

23_NumAdmins: only me

24_UpdateFrequency: 3 times a week

25_BoughtTraffic: no

26_UsePayTo: no

27_TrafficSources: Facebook , YouTube , google , guest blogging ,


28_AdvertiserValue: The content is genuine and is very useful for my

readers , and can easily be monetized if advertiser put their ads in it.

29_UserIncentive: I know many people in the same niche but ads normally ad clicks were made by search engine visitors.

30_ViolatedTerms: No , I have never violated term of google ever.


31_InvalidActivity: the day i saw the inactivity in google Adsense , i sent the message to google Adsense so i dont see a reason why Adsense account is  penalized here. I removed the Adsense from my site as soon as i saw 27%ctr  on my site.

In that I message i explained that how one guy is sending me messages to threaten me that he would get my Adsense blocked.

here are the screenshots of his messages :

first message on July 7 :

second message on July 10 :


I went to my analytics and checked the people who visited my contact us  page on these those days , and I have seen 1 ip from same area.

I had sent a message about  suspicious  click on July 7th and removed all my ads from the website


Then there’s the box under it which say if you want to report any ip’s addresses , well I guess i had an advantage over here as I had the IP’s  which that stupid scammer forgot to hide lol

so i reported all the ip’s which used contact page on seoallrounder.

You can see that they all are from the same area 😀 cool isn’t it?

Thats pretty much it , I sent it and started looking for alternatives to Adsense , which normally we all do at desperate times lol , there was not a single post which talked about a better alternative to Adsense and people said they it’s very hard to get your Adsense back  , only one percent have a chance in getting their accounts back.

Well I guess that was the end of my Adsense earning i thought and I had $170 due in Adsense .


Friday The 13th !

Today Morning (13th July 2012) when I up , guess what I saw in my mail????

I just jumped out of bed when I saw this email on my blackberry ! and took a screenshot of this message and posted on Facebook , got many replies on how you did that and blah blah ! I really liked one comment so I am posting it here and you should learn a lesson from it.

So this is my story of getting my Adsense back 😀 , I am sure there will be a lot of details I am missing here because I wrote this 1000words+ article with in 20 minutes so please don’t mind the grammar mistakes , but you can drop a comments and I will edit this post accordingly.

Personally I don’t ask people to share my posts , but this one is kind a rare case and I think every blogger should know about it , so please I urge you to share this post using Facebook , Google or Twitter 🙂 will really appreciate it.

Update 1 : All my Adsense earnings are intact.

Still trying hard to get back into Adsense ? Don’t worry I have bagged 20+ Google Adsense Alternatives for you to forget about adsense and move on with better earning.

How Social Media Can Help To Overcome Google Penguin

Thanks to the latest Google indexing update, many website owners out there are asking about recovery from Google Penguin update using social networks. This article looks at two important parts of the answer: what Google Penguin is, and how you can recover your online standing using social networks.

What Is Google Penguin? Before we look at recovery from Google Penguin update using social networks, let’s first define what Penguin is. As you probably already know, Google releases changes to its search algorithms from time to time. These algorithms are designed to make the internet a better, more information intensive place, and to improve the experience for internet users. The changes that Penguin brings build on the last big change, code-named Panda, and it’s aimed at reducing duplicate content online, and on improving the quality of content out there.

Basically, if your site has relied on less than stellar quality content, or on black or grey hat SEO, then you might very well be in trouble!

How Social Media Can Help

The changes that Penguin brings is likely to negatively impact content heavy sites in many ways – not least of which because spun articles and low quality content is not really a viable option anymore.

There are ways to counter that effect though and social media is one of them – and in several ways.

1) If you own a small, content based site, adding a social networking element to your site itself is an option. There are cheap and free options out there, and they allow you to build an online community, and to have a constant supply of natural, original content!

2) Linking your social media profiles (for instance a Twitter Ticker or a Facebook box) on your website is another way to keep your site posting original, high quality content without breaking the bank on content creation.

3) Ramping up your social media activities is another good idea. Since you’re likely to suffer at least a little in the Google search results until you find your feet, driving traffic from your social media profiles to your site might just fill the gap.

4) Networking is another big opportunity to make recovery from Google penguin update using social networks work for you. Liking or connecting with related but not competing social network groups can boost your visitors, and that means more revenue – whether it’s ads or sales.

5) Multimedia is another good option. Make a low-cost YouTube video, post it on your social network pages, link to your site, and see your traffic grow.

The biggest problem for the owner of smaller websites has always been balancing cost and traffic, and until we all figure out how to tweak our sites to make the most of the Penguin search system, that’s going to be a little harder.

Thanks to social networks though – whether it’s YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or any of the others – and a targeted marketing plan, you can get more out of Penguin without bankrupting your business.

Getting to the top of the search rankings is still possible with Penguin – but it’s going to be a bumpy ride, and it’s the sway marketers that will stand the test of time.


Use the Right Keywords to Find the Right Customers

You know your products, and you know the types of consumers that would buy them. But for some reason, all your online marketing efforts aren’t getting through.

The problem might not be your offer or your message – it may be the keywords you’re using (or NOT using).

What are Keywords, Anyway?

Keywords are the words or phrases that web users enter when they want to search for a particular page, website or topic. For instance, someone looking for metal trim would enter that exact phrase to find sites that either sell the item or talk about ways to apply it.

Not surprisingly, keywords have become a vital part of Internet marketing. Since more and more websites are finding that the right keywords can increase their search engine rankings, they’re making keywords an integral part of their creative and marketing strategies.

What will Keywords Do for my Site?

The right keywords result in better overall website performance, particularly in three key areas:

Higher Rankings:  Web browsers are less likely to click websites that appear at the bottom of a search engine results page; sites on the second page are ignored altogether. If you want people to visit your site, fill your pages and blogs with keywords to increase its search engine ranking.

Greater Relevance:  Consumers are very particular these days and don’t have time to sift through websites that don’t address their immediate needs. Relevant keywords assure users that when they click on your site, they’ll find what they’re looking for.

Better Results:  The combination of high rankings and keyword relevance makes it possible to increase sales or bring more traffic to your site. More qualified leads click your link, more of them spend more time on your site and more people buy from you as a result.

How do I Choose the Right Keywords?

To add keywords to your marketing strategy, follow these steps:

1.Identify the most popular keywords.

There are several online keyword analyzers that show you which search terms people are using. Use these analyzers to identify the most popular terms, or enter your own list of keywords to estimate how much traffic you would generate from it.

2.Add popular keywords to your site.

The more often keywords appear on your site, the higher your search engine ranking. Make a list of 5-6 keywords that are relevant to you and your potential customers, then add them throughout your website.  Focus in particular on key landing pages like your home page or product pages

3.Test and optimize your efforts.

People’s interests change and new search terms emerge, so no keyword strategy is ever finished. Things like metal trim go out of style, and your businses may adapt to these changes, and so should your SEO.  If you want to know whether your keywords are driving traffic, use analytics tools to measure how many people click on your site and which keywords prompted those clicks. Refine your keywords to continually improve results.

Start typing now!

Now that you know what keywords can do for your popularity, don’t wait to add them. Fill your site with prime keywords and get found by potential customers today!

This guest post was written by Steph. Stephanie likes blogging about how businesses can use online tools and keyword optimization to find customers who are interested in purchasing metal trim and other useful items.

Google Algorithm Changes in 2011

2011 has been a pretty busy year for google , the PR updated after 6-7 months and then Google panda rolled out which created a lot of chaos and buzz in the forums and many of the website got lockdown on google ranking , unfortunately happened to one of my site but realsised that my author is copy pasting the articles from other site and making money on my site , so the first i did was to fire the author and then delete all his posts and eventually after one month of waiting I got the ranking back on Google.

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Anyways lets see what Google has done for us in 2011

So here you have seen what google has done to their algorithm , what do you this will happen in 2011?

Is your site has very low average onsite time,then read our Article on Ways to Increase Average Time On Site .