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PopUp Domination 3.0 Review – WordPress Plugin

Popup Domination is one of the awesome plugin available to increase your subscribers in less span of time. The main aim of this plugin is to increase your email reader and to drive huge traffic to your site. These two results in making lots of income easily

Popup Domination helps to create simple and good looking popup in any of your site in less than 10 minutes. It has the capability to adjust with any site. If you have any e-books, Music, Videos etc. popup domination helps you to increase your conversion with popup. It has ability to target particular pages and articles for popup

Recently Popup Domination 3.0 is out with more cool features and designs. I have used it on my WordPress blog and I observed the result is few days. It has a very good look provided with more options to customize. These options made our work much easier. Many Online Marketers are using WordPress as CMS for better results. They are always looking to spread their business in all possible ways. Many of them have targeted emails to send their products directly to the Inbox. Popup domination work’s almost perfect for them. Popup Domination not only makes your site looks better but also helps to increase your online sales.

Why to Use Popup Domination?

If you are ready to build your email list then there is an urgent need to install popup domination in your site. As there is an update now, I recommend to use popup domination 3.0 as it is developed with more features.

Many blogger reject pop up’s. But in my opinion, why should we reject them if that is useful for us. You may reject pop up’s unless you think they are useless.

What’s new in Popup Domination 3.0 ?

We recently updated to Popup domination 3.0 and really we are shocked with it’s extra features. Many more options are added in this update. When I compared it with 2.0 I’m totally satisfied and many ideas strike my mind to customize it. I found some major updates like

  • Multiple Popups and campaigns
  • Analytics
  • A /B testing and lots more

Here is the brief explanation of these three updates

  •  Multiple Popups and campaigns:

In this new version we have ability to create as many popup’s you want for a single blog. We can use different themes or skips for different popups. We can target that specified popup on a particular page or posts.

For example we can set one popup on home page and another one on a particular post or page. This one is really a cool and interesting option.

Analytics help you to analyze each popup. It gives complete progress about your popup’s and how they are reaching our readers. So we can concentrate on low performing and high progress popup’s accordingly  to make them more useful.

  • A/B testing   

We said about Multiple Popup’s option in Popup domination 3.0. Using this A/B split testing method we can compare all popup’s at a time to know which one is reaching your readers and getting more subscriptions

Awesome Themes and Colors

Default Popup Domination 3.0 comes with 7 themes made with 14 different colors. These 7 themes are totally different from others and fully customizable. Even there is an option to change the color of Buttons too.  

Here are images of 7 different themes 


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Easy to customize:

Even a newborn baby is able to customize this popup domination without much effort. We can preview the changes we have made in a separate tab without saving it. So, we can get a clear idea about the changes we have made.

customization tab includes

  • Look and Feel
  • Content
  • Bullet list
  • Display Settings
  • Launch Preview

Let me explain them in detail

  •  Look and Feel

In this section you can select Theme and Skin for the Popup

  •  Content

In this section we can edit the content or text we need for your popup Such as headings

  •  Bullet List

In this section you can edit bullet points which attracts your readers. These bullet list play a key role in subscription. They change the complete look and make the popup more beautiful. So much attention is needed in this section

My Final Words:

I have personally tried this in my site and observed a huge increase in subscribers. So I made this small review to help my co-bloggers and my readers. We can even upload themes using theme loader. First of all we have to verify our installation using our order number. It’s costs only 77$ for lifetime membership. But there are some other plans for billing which you can know clearly on the Popup Domination official site. If you are not using this Popup Domination 3.0 plugin on your site, you are surely missing many things. So I recommended you to make use of this plugin and build your online mailing list in less time. If you feel there are some other plugin that is better than popup domination, let us know about it. But I’m sure there is no other such plugin available on the web now.

We hope you have enjoyed this review and please feel free to comment your experience. Make us live long by your shares and tweets.