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7 Triggers that Will Attract People to Visit to Your Blog

If you ponder for a while, what makes you visit a blog over and over again? What makes people come back to your blog? If you want to know the answer, here are 7 triggers that will attract people to visit to your blog:

1. Valuable content

Of course, your readers will come back again to your blog if you can give them valuable information. Valuable content should be your blog’s main attraction because it will drive more and more traffic to your blog. People are looking for valuable content when they read any website or blog on the internet, so make sure to give them what they’re looking for.

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2. Controversy

People also like to take part in the controversial discussion about anything, whether it is politics, world affairs, or even hot trends. You will be able to attract people back to your blog if you write a controversial post in your blog. You will attract lots of comments to your blog, and you will be able to make people come back to your blog just to take part in the discussion.

3. Active community

If you have a quiet blog, people may not want to visit your blog again after their first visit. Why? That’s because there is nothing interesting in your blog. If you don’t have active community, you can’t attract loyal readers to your blog. The more active your blog, the more reputable it will be. People will be more willing to come back if you have an active community in your blog.

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4. High posting frequency

Your blog must be updated frequently in order to attract your readers back to your blog. There is no point for your readers to visit your blog if it is not updated frequently. What will they read? They don’t want to read your old posts over and over again. So, keep publishing fresh content to your blog frequently to attract people back to your blog.

5. Nice-looking blog design

A pleasant blog design will make people spend more of their time in your blog. This is what you should remember. Most bloggers are using cheap or even free blog design. This will only make their readers go away. First, it’s because your blog look unprofessional. Second, it’s because they are not comfortable reading your blog.

6. Well-known expert

People want to learn some information from the real expert in the niche. For example, if you want to lose your weight, do you want to learn the method from a fitness trainer or regular fat boy? Of course, you will choose to learn from the expert. So, if you can make yourself known as an expert in your niche, people will come to your blog regularly because they want to learn from you.

7. Blog reputation

The more reputable your blog, the more people will come back to your blog regularly. So, you should establish solid blog reputation in your niche. Make your blog an authority in your niche. In this way, people will trust your blog and come back to your blog again and again.

Those are 7 triggers that will make people to visit to your blog again. Remember, your loyal readers are the most valuable asset for your blog. So, apply those triggers in your blog to attract more loyal readers to your blog.