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How to Create a Money Making Affiliate Blog

Are you interested to create a blog which will give you good affiliate sales from affiliate product promotion? Building blog to make money through affiliate marketing is not the same with building niche website. If you want to build blog that will give you steady affiliate earning, you have to make sure that your blog follows the proven tips of success in affiliate marketing.

1. Create bunch of quality content regularly

Since it is a blog, it means that you need to feed it with content regularly. Without regular content, your blog will simply die and it will never be able to attract any valuable visitors. However, make sure that your blog has good quality content inside. The content will help you to build expertise around your niche. Also, the content of the blog will help you to build positive connection with your readers. Before promoting anything in your blog, you need to create lots of quality content regularly.

2. Don’t promote affiliate product directly

The proven trick to promote affiliate product through your blog can be done with two effective methods. First, you can place affiliate link inside your content. This will allow you to recommend product easily within your content. Don’t forget to cloak your affiliate link. Second, you can place affiliate link in your sidebar in the form of personal recommendation. Remember that building good content in your blog is important for this purpose. Once you’ve built your reputation, people will naturally listen to your recommendation. When you place personal recommendation links in your sidebar, it will be more effective to generate affiliate sales.

3. Never sell or hard pitch in your blog

The rule of thumb of building affiliate blog is to refrain from pitching or selling product to your readers. Blog is a means of communication between you and your readers, so selling or hard pitching your readers will only result in bad image about your blog. However, there is better way to do the product promotion. It is by telling story to your readers regarding your use of particular affiliate product. Of course, this product should be your own personal recommendation that you’ve tried for yourself. Remember that you should never promote bad product or product with dubious quality because this will affect your reputation greatly. Once you start promoting crap product on your blog, your blog will be regarded as crap. And often, people will start to label you the same way.

4. Build a mailing list

This is a must-have item in your blog. By building a mailing list, you can promote further exclusive products not available on your blog. Also, you will know that people who subscribe to your mailing list already trust your expertise. Therefore, it will be more convenient and effective for you to promote multiple affiliate products to your mailing list. Create a free report with useful information and offer it to your readers for exchange of name and email address. Build your mailing list database and you will be able to really benefit from your promotion by doing this. Most successful blogs have a mailing list, so why not you?

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[box color=”red” icon=”information”]Those are 4 proven tips to create a money-generating affiliate blog. You only need to apply those 4 tips to your blog in order to start seeing some affiliate sales from your blog.[/box]

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