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Organic v/s Paid traffic

Organic Search vs Paid Search: Which kind of link building you would prefer?

Organic v/s Paid: Which kind of link building you would prefer?

Link building supersedes almost every SEO enterprises nowadays. Sans adequate link building, an enterprise would meet doomsday before treading the initial steps. Right from perfecting your rankings, to placing your webpage atop, the right linking can fetch you the business you never got and the clients you never had. Link building’s the trump card meant for higher and better rankings that you must definitely possess, both for long and short term business plans.

Webmasters usually go organic or paid when it comes to reciprocal linking or commonly known as link exchanges for target link building. The obvious question is which is better of the two.

Here’s a critical analysis:

Organic Linking versus Paid

As a marketing strategy that campaigns for your website, link building is critical. Organic linking is akin to the process of directing your quality content towards other webpages. As a quid pro quo they link their award your link with theirs and what you will find is exposure to their traffic. It works a lot like chain reaction in simpler terms. Consequently, what you gain is a faster momentum and speed in terms of growth.

Organic Linking-how it works

Guest posts and blogs are the popular methods to form organic links. On submitting a post, assuming it’s of a good quality, what you receive is a backlink; a sure shot way to increase readership for both you and the targeted website. The upside being better readership, followed by better exposure.

It is the best way to welcome incoming links to your website. However, this can be done with the help of solid content backup, because without quality no amount of linking is going to help you. On the other hand, with great topic-specific links and varied content backup you will certainly have an authority over the search engines.

Paid linking- how it works

With paid linking, the process of linking is shorter and faster. You must be in the position to pay for putting up links. Usually, it requires a monthly fee to search and place links in the appropriate sites and there are many companies who offer link build for you. Apart from providing an immediate boost, they also help keep your link live on their websites.

Comparing the two

At the outset, paid link building appears highly tempting and very lucrative too. For beginners, organic building of links could take months and sometimes ever years to set the right tone for the website. Paid services on the other hand are quite advantageous since it works on the principle of ‘have money, will work’. On hindsight, your website is in the hands of professionals that adds flavor to the kinds of websites that you will be linking with, owning to their expertise.

The reality of paid linking is that Google doesn’t appreciate linking in this manner, to the extent that they may also kill your website rankings. Because Google Algo has become more prudent in selecting what really goes into the rankings of each of the websites, links are verified by domain age, user data etc. if found faulty, may lead to devaluation of websites.

On the other hand, the organic way as the mnemonic ideally goes, is a slower and a tedious process of building up your website. No doubt that receiving the backlinks is only going to help your website do better. But a lot depends on time and slow fame in this case. You will certainly not receive top ranking over night with organic ranking since there is no way to give and receive backlinks steadily.

Time is of the essence in this case. The build-up is slow yet purposeful and that’s what makes organic the way to go for most SEO owners. Above all, you’re your website will definitely appear a top in search engines if link building is taken seriously by you over a period of time, which can be very rewarding for website builders.

You will see how you begin to understand the needs of other websites thus paving way for lasting relationships with webmasters by a healthy exchange of top-quality content.

Your approach

Organic linking may be a tedious process, but it ensures a steady way up the ladder for website ranking since it is a legitimate and a safe way to obtain success and sustained momentum. Imagine paying your way to the top, only to be disqualified at the end. To avoid such a fate for you and your website, it’s probably best to go organic. Secondly, nothing replaces the experience of relationship building, something which money can hardly buy.

Marketing both your website and brand will surely give you the leverage you need. Like the saying goes; ‘Slow and steady wins the race’; choose organic linking, you certainly won’t regret it!