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How to Make a Blog Stand Out From Other Blogs

Starting with  statistics, millions of websites are floating in the space of World Wide Web network and among the millions at least a couple of millions are updated, designed and visited by at least 1000 unique visitors.  From these statistics its clear cut that it’s never easy to make your Website stand out brightly among them. Even the small niche idea which you think none will market is dealt with a 1000 of people everyday and this reveals the fact that its very hard to make your blog stand out. Basically every blogger should concentrate sharply to build traffic at the nurturing stages and towards the next stage the aim should be to make it solid enough. So here is how to make a blog stand out from other blogs.

Ultimate tip for making your blog stand out in the crowd is to make sure you are found. It doesn’t matter how great and elegant your site is , so all you need is some awesome content. Search engines love great content and the frequently updated blogs. As long you update regularly your blog will be glued at the top of the lists and no one could rub you off from your spot.Its very important that you inspect each word and sentence in the post to be published for any mechanical as well as grammatical errors. This is a step that many newbies skip. The worst method to turn away visitors from your site is shabby posts and poor content .Hence the dissection of posts is very vital to make your content stand out. Some of the SEO specialists may ask you to go for proof readings but such tips prove to be impractical and meaningless. Once your content base is concrete all you need is some  strong SEO signals to boost your site rankings.

Design of you blog is very important,  when a visitor navigates to your site the first aspect he notices is how your site appear. Better your site looks the more reputable your site appear. When your site become a source of great content and when it is combined with a cool design your blog will surely stand out as the best resource in your niche. So make sure your website looks professional . You could add a professional look by going for a favicon as well as a good logo. Both are important and if you are not an expert in this game, you could hire someone for it.  Further you could find dozens of site that will provide many fonts for your site which in turn transform your site into a professional one.  is such a site that provides many stylish fonts and will let you download custom fonts. This will add more ease to your problem of creating a logo or a favicon for your site.

Another important aspect that determines your blog’s success is its flow. By ‘flow’ what I meant is that, your blog should be comfortable while navigating from one page to another. The ‘flow’ should also make sure that relevant content is made available separately and precisely. This can be made alive by studying the attitude of visitors and the category of posts that they browse daily. By pointing out such a category the next step is to make it stand out. This can be achieved by creating sliding menus with glossy touch. Further your visitors eye should flow with ease through your website and any stack data’s can act as a halt for the effortless flow.

Another fact that many bloggers never mind is the kind of Internet connection that your visitor use. If most of the visitors in your blog is from a developing country (say India) then Internet connection speeds may not be so fast and if your blog speed is low then this will surely make your visitor navigate away from your content.  So assure your blog speed is good and this too come under the ‘flow’ of the blog.

Observation is another aspect  to make your blog stand out in a group . You should clearly observe what other blog deals with and they talk about. You should also generate some idea about the kind of visitors earned by the blogs working with same niche as yours. This will help you develop an idea about the weakness and strength of other blogs dealing with same niche.

Concentrating on the weakness repeated by other blogs, and implementing it on your blog after curing it will surely make you blog stand out among the group dealing with same niche. This attitude is an important one, and most of the bloggers hanging out in the blogosphere lack such a quality. Many bloggers tend to copy the strength of other bloggers and finally fail. But to have a successful blog and a great blogging career you should incorporate what other blogs are missing.

These all prove to be the basic tips that you all might know, but many forget to implement. Since action speaks louder than words its your duty to make all these into practice and make your blog stand out .