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Top 5 Essential + Powerful + Premium WordPress Plugins

WordPress is probably the best known platform for blogging, and the main reason is that you can install various plugins and themes according to your requirements. Although several useful plugins are available for free too, there are some which have to be bought for they are worth it; they can change the entire way you work online by increasing the functionality to a great extent.

There are many premium WordPress plugins available in the market, but following are five plugins a blogger shouldn’t work without;

1. Popup Domination

Loaded with eight designed themes, Popup Domination is a very useful WordPress premium plugin which helps you to increase your subscribers. When a user lands on your page this plugin pops up an opt-in window so that your viewer can opt in to whatever you are advertising. This plugin comes with a range of settings which allows enhanced customizations; you can select when the pop up appears and for how long too. The plugin can be used by those too with no coding experience. Basic features included in it are;


  • Compatibility with all mailing list providers
  • Compatibility with cache software
  • Allows you to select on what page the pop up should appear
  • Different attractive themes
  • Standalone version

All of these features can be bought with a one-time fee of $47. Full Review of PopUp Domination

2. SEOPressor

Working as a virtual assistant, SEOPressor tracks the keyword density in a given post as well as the internal links in it. You can conveniently write a post with SEOPressor and target keywords accurately. For those who are new to search engine optimization strategies, SEOPressor can do a lot by making you understand how to optimize for search engines.


3. WP Subscribers

This premium plugin is an all-rounder and is equipped with several useful functions, all in one plugin. It is an effective email list building tool and the best thing about it is the Facebook integration it offers. With this amazing feature, users can subscribe to your product easily and in just one click. Main features included in it are;

  • Compatible with all opt-in marketing facility
  • Referral system for subscriptions
  • Auto fill user name and email
  • Allows you to add a custom opt in form where ever you want
  • Exit pop up with HTML content
  • It can opt in on commenting only
  • Opt in form analysis

This amazing plugin can be used with an unlimited access and lifetime upgrade facility at a cost price of $97.

4.Backup Buddy

As the name suggests, this plugin allows backing up and storing your WordPress; it also lets you to transfer your settings to remote locations including FTP, Email, AmazonS3 and Rackspace Cloudfiles. Although there are other back up plugins too which are available free of cost, they don’t store all the databases and files. This is very useful if you want to store and transfer your files.

5.Pretty Link Pro

All webmasters understand how important it is to create working links for affiliate products. This premium plugin for WordPress not only creates “pretty” links for affiliate products but also keep a track of hits too.  So, for those who want to create easy to remember links, PLP is the thing.

These are some of the WordPress premium plugins which are worth having.You might also like to check out different Ideas for blogging.Are you an amazon affiliate then you might like this article about Best Amazon Plugin for WordPress



by Saad Naeem

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  1. Great plugins, I use pretty link (not pro) it’s a great plugin for creating permanent 301 redirects for affiliate links 🙂

    1. Thanks Fab, Wordpress has great plugin to work with and to get the job done there are several plugins withs different features.

  2. Nice post bro.I use gocodes to hide the affiliate link in my site.I don’t know about wp subscribers,ll check it out.

    1. Wp-subscribers is same like pop up domination to build your list.

  3. Nice Post:)I will follow ur blog NOW:D

  4. Thanks for the post, I’m a new wordpress blogger and I hope this will help me. Installing PHP and mysql and bla bla bla was very painful.


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