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Top 5 reliable shared hosting providers of 2012

There are dozens of shared hosting packages online, from most of the hosting providers, with the prices ranging from 1 cent per month (for a limited time) to $40 per month and more for a fully managed package. But most of the time, you’ll find that there are some drawbacks to getting a shared hosting package.

That is because a lot of the cheapest shared hosting packages are low priority for the hosting companies, and an even larger number of shared web hosting offers are from resellers, which most of the times have no support whatsoever and very loaded servers (because they go for quantity, not quality).

So, it is pretty hard for anyone, especially people new to the online world, to choose a good hosting company with great shared hosting offers. To make it easier, here is a list of the best (as voted by users on dozen of hosting review sites) hosting companies that provide reliable, fast and secure shared hosting packages with good customer support. While they may not be the cheapest, they are definitely worth checking out.


This is considered the best hosting company out there for anyone who needs professional, uncompromised service and no games when it comes to their hosting package. If you are starting something serious and need a great company that you can trust with all of your hosting needs, MediaTemple is for you – you’ll definitely never want to leave them.

InMotion Hosting :

 Another great hosting provider that has very affordable prices, yet still delivers when it comes to customer support and server performance. Their packages start at $7 per month for good business level hosting, and they include anything you need, so you can simply start working.

BlueHost : ( Our favourite , using since 2009 )

This is other of the leading companies that offer shared dedicated hosting, and they’ve been around longer than the above 2 companies, so they definitely know their stuff. Blue Host have always been known for their great packages that come with a lot of extra features and often free extras, and the customer support that is always helpful. Definitely a good choice if you need a cheap package that is still reliable and problem-proof.

Liquid Web :

 Liquid Web focuses most of their attention on customer support, saying that it is the most important part of any business, and they might just be right. They started a relatively short time ago, yet they are already rated as the best hosting provider ever by thousands of happy customers. While their packages may be expensive for what they offer, they do tell you the whole truth about what you get and what resources are really allocated to you.

JustHost :

Just Host specializes on cheap shared hosting packages and great customer support for people who are just starting out in the online world and want to try the water before jumping in. Their packages come with everything you need, and the prices start at $4, for which you not only get a good, reliable web hosting plan, but also a free domain, e-commerce templates and AdWords advertising coupons, all of which can help a lot when starting any kind of online enterprise, be it just a blog or a new service that will become the next Facebook.

There are other great companies on the market, and even big corporations like 1and1 have started improving their offers and services since they realized they’re losing thousands of customers because of their carelessness. But if you don’t want to risk anything, you can easily go with any of the providers listed above.

What hosting do you use for your blog.Which has got the best customer support.Do share your opinions with us.

by Saad Naeem

I am an Admin and Co-Editor at & T shirt Printing Dubai Company in Dubai called T shirt printing, providing fresh tips for blogging. Make sure to subscribe to my blog for fresh business ideas

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  1. These are great hosts, I’m a big fan of BlueHost they host all my blog’s and has done for the last 2 years, I’m very happy with their service.


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