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Understanding The Strengths & Weaknesses Of Internet Marketing

As more and more customers are making their shopping over the internet, finding new methods of reaching them has become more important than ever. The global reach of internet has minimized the real need of expensive ad campaigns, while offering opportunities for focused online marketing approach. However, putting up a site will not be enough. An internet campaign of a company will have to clearly communicate the philosophy, service and products of the company, or most customers will probably go somewhere else. Without a specific marketing approach, online businesses will most likely experience uncertain profits and sluggish sales.


Flexible Customer Focus

The online environment`s reach manages to help companies like online grocers determine when they have visitors on their sites, what they purchased or the quality of the other companies` service. Using all this info, most companies will know if their customer will be new. This type of flexibility will aid companies change all their tactics instantly for meeting the needs of their customers.


Low Advertising Costs

Minimal advertising cost is one of the best advantages that are associated with online marketing. Local phone directory ads may cost over $19.000, and can reach maybe only about 300.000 people, John Mitchell wrote in his “Web News Pro” article back in 2004. On the other hand, a well-developed site will cost about $5.000, having a global reach of potential customers of over one billion people, says Mitchell. This type of reach will allow companies to market products as well as their services only for a small fraction of their original cost.


Misconceptions & Effectiveness

Having a simple site will not entice customers to visit, not to say purchase services or products as well, according to John Mitchell. Online businesses will have to incorporate elements like search engine optimization as well, so customers will find them a lot more readily. While online marketing has greatly reduced the effort of reaching customers, traditional outlets such as television or radio should not really be abandoned. Realistic business owners have already understood that by mixing these elements, they will create the best opportunity for success.


Tough Customer Expectations

Negative comments will usually spread quite rapidly in online environment, making it rather important to businesses to respond in the same fashion. For instance, if customers will rate an internet grocer`s excessive packaging as one of its most negative features, the company will be able to respond by overhauling the entire production process.


Unfocused Web Experience

Customers who make their shopping over the internet are always in the search of fulfilling some extremely particular needs, according to Jane Fox, a small business consultant. A site which will send customers to a web page with similar products will practically invite them to go elsewhere, say Jane Fox in her “Internet Marketing Mistakes That Cripple Profits” article. A lot of companies always fail to post them phone numbers or any other type of contact info on their site. Such mistakes can made lose up to 1/3 of the customer base of the company, says Fox.


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