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Hot WordPress Plugins to Build your Email List

As we all know, the benefits of email marketing is much better in comparison to other ways of marketing strategies present in the market. However, in order to succeed with email marketing it is important to build up a great email list. An email subscriber list is the most practical way of marketing in today’s world. The reason behind this is that with regular email updates or news related to product update gets the attention of the customers at some point or the other. Moreover, it also maintains a healthy relation with existing customers as well. Sending out regular newsletter or personalized emails are much better than normal modes of advertising to potential customers. However, you might need to opt for plugins to build you email list for better business results.
Over the past few years, social marketing media has taken over the online advertising industry by storm. This has become one of them most renowned methods of advertising or reaching out to potential customers. Instead of sending personalized emails to a number of recipients, one can now send an invitation to like a certain website or product or can even persuade the potential customer to follow their updates on certain social networking mediums. This way, one can get the attention of multiple potential customers through one single like or follow.
There are numerous wordpress plugins available in the market which can help in building an email list. However, you must be careful and choose wisely to ensure you have chosen the correct plugins to build you email list for your online business. You might come across a number of wordpress plugins which are available for free. Although these free plugins make promises of helping you build up a great email list, in most cases, these plugins fail to live up to their promises. Therefore, you need to opt for the very best ones based their success history and user reviews.



Hybrid Connect is one of the wordpress plugins which surely has the ability to help you grow your email lists quite quickly and effectively. Creating the right kind of traffic to your website increases your chances of sales conversion. This is only possible if your potential customers are sign up as your subscribers and you are able to maintain a healthy communication. As a plugin, Hybrid Connect provides you the flexibility of using it on your website with minimal changes in the original design of your website. This high level of flexibility makes this plugin a great hit in the market.
With numerous templates to choose from and with video forms, detailed statistics and multiple browser compatibility, Hybrid Connect turns out to be quite a super performer in terms of wordpress email list building plugins. The Facebook connect and the Facebook Hybrid is the two unique features of this plugin which makes it quite unique. The ability to allow users to login register as subscribers through their registered Facebook email address is one of the great advantages provided by this wordpress plugin making it one of the essential plugins to build you email list for your business growth.

WP- Subscriber

WP Subscribers WordPress Plugin - Build a HUGE list!

Another truth about customer subscription is that the more number of option one provides for a signup the more likelihood of the customer to signup. It is a simple rule of persuasion. WP Subscribers utilizes this very same logic and allows you to setup multiple popups, signup pages, footers, sidebars and other such persuasive features on your website. Setting up such popups or footer sign up forms is quite simple. Moreover, it is more effective to set up such popups since it is important to catch the attention of customers as soon as they visit your website.
Displaying hidden content is another feature which WP Subscribers plugin provides for getting the attention of the visitors quickly. The curiosity of viewing the hidden content urges the visitor to fill up a simple form and become a subscriber. This is a great way of building up a great email list with the least amount of effort. The WP Subscriber plugin does most of the job for you and setting it up with your wordpress website is quite simple. No complicated setups or coding is necessary from your end. The instructions are quite simple to follow and along with Facebook connectivity and analytics available at your fingertips it is hard to say no to this plugin.

Subscribers Magnet


Among the potential wordpress plugins to build your email list, you might also want to consider Subscribers Magnet. As the name suggests, this plugin not only tries to attract the visitors to sign up with its features but also with its dazzling forms. The opt in forms generated by this plugin not only comes to up in the sidebar or footer or as a popup on your website but you can set up subscription forms on top for your blog posts or at the end of it.
Visitors can fill up these simple forms quickly before they keep on reading your post or even if they ignore the first sign in form, they can choose to opt for your subscription at the end of the post given the fact that the post is interesting enough. By becoming a subscriber for your newsletter, the visitor will be looking forward to similar type of interesting article or post which initially caught their attention. Not many plugins provide the subscribers the ability to submit their comments regarding the website. Subscribers Magnet provides a subscription form with a comment section which makes it interesting for the visitor since they are able to share their opinion or their requests along with the subscription request.

Optin Skin


Making changes to the design of your wordpress website’s skin can also make it quite interesting for the visitors. However, you must choose the perfect plugin which allows you to customize the skin for your website. Optin Skin is one such wordpress plugin which allows numerous features along with customizable skin which makes it highly essential for your website. Testing is one of the most practical points to know for sure that your website skin is attractive enough for your visitors. Optin Skin provides this facility along the option of making changes to even the smallest elements like buttons, box colors, form texts and other such minute details on your website.
You might be a person who always looks for perfection in their work. In order to do so, not only the look and feel of your website should be good but also it features so that the visitors eventually sign up as subscribers leading to higher conversion rates. Adding custom designs with html coding and CSS pages can not only improve the look and feel of a website but also user experience as well. Optin Skin promises to provide all the support for such customizations. Along with this, this wordpress plugin also provides the facility of adding affiliate links as well thus increasing your chances of sale even more.

Popup Domination


Although there are numerous plugins available in the market which provides popup messaging features for visitor signups, not all have impressive design and feel. If the user experience of a popup is not impressive then no matter how many you put up on your website, you will never be able to increase your subscription rates. Popup Domination is a wordpress plugin which addresses this issue quite effectively. This wordpress plugin provides beautiful and impressive popups which you can further customize as per your requirements to attract visitors to sign up for a subscription. A good popup message should be catchy and attractive, providing all the essential data about the benefits of subscribing to the website. Therefore, maintaining all these details within a small popup is a real challenge.
With the help of Popup Domination, you will be able to target specific pages on your website. This means that instead of simply clicking no or bypassing the offer on the first obvious page, the visitor might get a popup message for subscription on a specific page which might be an essential one for the visitor. This is tricky since now the visitor will be intrigued by the popup message and will definitely sign up for a subscription. Although numerous plugins offer popup message facilities not all of them allow complete customization of such popups. However, with Popup Domination you will be able to make complete customizations on your website without any issues at all.
After going through all these different types of plugins for your wordpress website you might have understood the importance of opting for one or more of these plugins to improve your business prospects. The more a customer is able to know about your company or the more they keep on reading about your success, the chances of sales from such customer increases over time. Moreover, you might not be selling a product directly to a customer. In case you are in affiliate marketing, it is important to build up a good email list since the more number of probable customers you are able to redirect towards the parent organization the more commissions you make.
Calling or making a personal visit to grow connection with potential customers or advertising in regular media to generate the interest regarding your product is not quite fruitful anymore. This is true especially if you are a small business owner and you have just started your online business. In order to build market reputation, it is essential to create a group of subscribers who will eventually talk about your product in the market. By using plugins to build you email list fast, you will be able to make a great impact in the online business world and will be able to increase your turnover dramatically within a very short period.

Let me know your thoughts and if I am unaware of any awesome plugin do shout it out in the comment section 😀

by Saad Naeem

I am an Admin and Co-Editor at & T shirt Printing Dubai Company in Dubai called, providing fresh tips for blogging. Make sure to subscribe to my blog for fresh business ideas

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  1. Yes no doubt in that e-mail marketing is one of the amazing idea to boost your business. This is one of the old and solid technique to attract many customers in less time. So when you will learn some secrets about this method then you can also get success to attract many customers for you site/blog.

    1. Thanks Hyptia for telling the readers how important emailing marketing is , your comment is very valuable.

      Thanks for dropping your comment :)

  2. Saad i know all about these plugins. Recently i found one plugin name List Eruption v2. It also promised to build email list very fast.
    The whole concept of this plugin is good. Concept is if someone joined your email list then you offer some thing like ebook or report etc. What they did you refer your five friends and he can earn Premium Content, Training Videos, Coupon/Promo Codes etc anything for referring friends. In this way site owner can build email list very fast because of subscribers. I like the whole concept. This is the reason why i am writing this.
    I am not affiliate with this site.
    url of site is

    1. WOW! i think i have to check that out. sounds like an amazing plugin may be I can use it in a creative way to get more subscribers.

      Thanks for putting value in here & hope to see you again.

  3. Yes, really informative post. Since building email list is important to bring loyal readers.


    1. Your Welcome Mark , Glad you liked the article. Make sure to scribe to my email list to get more awesome news. =)

  4. Excellent post. Email list building is really important for any blog. If a blog is not taking emails of the visitors then he is not a good blogger.
    I have been using popup Domination and it works awesome for me. I have more then 500+ real Email Id in my Email list. :)

    1. pop up domination is good but many more plugins have come out since and give many other ways to build list than just relying on pop.

      Make sure to check this post which I wrote earlier

  5. Email is one of the best way to reach directly to your user inbox and this one is also one of the effective way of communication with your user. This plugin you share in your post is very good and help to lots of blogger to make their opting user database email list.

    1. Thanks for appreciating there Rithvik , really glad that you liked it

      Hope to see you again soon. :)

  6. thanks a lot Saad you just really give us very useful knowledge and email list building is very helpful for reaching our visitors

    1. Thanks Varun for dropping your comment :)

  7. Email marketing is still a very important part in the success of an online business because it can help the promotion for our business. I just realized this and will further optimize the use of email marketing
    Thank you for wordpress plugin list above. With this plugin, we are not that hard to build email list :)

    1. Yup ! made a list of 1000+ with in 60days using these plugins but make sure to read the features before buying any plugin to build list.

  8. Hi Saad, this is very awesome article and helpful too. Thanks for sharing this article.

    1. your welcome Akhtar :)

  9. Dear Saad Naeem, I am using Jetpack for building my own email list, can you explain what is the basic difference between these plugins and that jetpack email subsriber list. right now i have more than 2500 email subscriber. Waiting for your kind attention in this case.

    1. wow! never used jetpack to build my list but with jetpack are you able to track your emails like who opened and how much have converted ? Can you send beautiful emails to your email?

      Thats where aweber comes in 😀

  10. i am a blogger user, but your post is nice.. i got a little bit of idea. your blog is nice.

    1. Thanks Vipin , Glad You like it :)

  11. Excellent post. Email list building is really important for any blog. If a blog is not taking emails of the visitors then he is not a good blogger.
    I have been using popup Domination and it works awesome for me. I have more then 200+ real Email Id in my Email list.

    1. Thanks great Tam ! pop domination is just one way to build your list. check this post below

  12. Hi Saad bro,

    Awesome post you have shared with us. I’ve started my new blog and really I’m looking for good looking opt-in forms which can attract readers attention and build my list fast. I’m going to check out these sites.

    Thank you.

    1. Great ! I hope you select the best one which will boost your online blog =D

  13. I am using Jetpack for building my own email list, can you explain what is the basic difference between these plugins and that jetpack email subsriber list. right now i have more than 2500 email subscriber. Waiting for your kind attention in this case.

    And from where I get Do-follow comment plugin.

    1. Jetpack has a lot of set back where as these plugins don’t

      1.have amazing optin boxes.
      2.send creative email with amazing designs.
      3.set up follow emails , your subscribers will get email everyday or week depends on how you set it. This is great for me as I have 10 email follow up setup so sell my product.
      4. track email like how many people opened your email , which email performed the best so you can optimise more and more to generate these.

      To start you can sign up at my favourite service and use these plugins to get optin.

  14. I am a blogger so I make blog through blogspot but I want to make website from wordpress so can you guide me about how to make website in wordpress.this is my blog weblittle.blogspot.comI am asking to you because you have made it.How many rupees will required to setup wordpress site.waiting for your replay.Thank YOu

  15. I think E-mail marketing is the best to reach directly connected to the user. E-marketing is effective way to interact with user. You share very good plugins in your post which is helps the bloggers to make their opting user database email list.

    Again Thanks saad

  16. Great post, thanks for sharing this blog. E-marketing is effective way to interact with user.Email marketing is still a very important part in the success of an online business because it can help the promotion for our business.

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  22. Really informative post. Since building email list is very important to bring loyal readers.

    Thanks :)

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  24. Hi,

    Thank you for sharing this ,Always email marketing is better way to reach right audience.

  25. Effective internet marketing or email marketing is among the best services that we deliver to our clients or customers. The time is passing so fast that a common person has not much time to read long articles or ads by turning the papers of newspapers, or browse any website to find out about offered services of any or a particular organization.

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    Great post.All points are effective.As we know that Email list building is really important for every blog. So If any blog is not taking emails of the visitors then he is not a good blogger.This post is help us to making us a good blogger.

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    Irashad Umar

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    wow great post Since building email list is very important to bring loyal readers .It is very detailed article about wordpress plugins to build your email list Thanks for the awesome infographic.
    Get some new idea and Hope will working good thanks

  32. Great Saad Naeem,

    This is very Knowledgeable Article about word press plugins for create email list.I have my own word press website and i like the hybrid connect plugin but i just want to confirm after installed this plugin if someone has Facebook user so they will see the “facebook connect button” section and rest of the users will see the regular sign up form ? Pls confirm
    Can we use “contact form 7” plugin for creating email list?

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