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How to Write an Ebook in Under 30min and Make Money!


If you are here then you already know how important it is to create an Ebook.

Ebooks are great! they give you a change to create a brand name and provide huge benefits in long term for any blogger but the problem with most bloggers is that they find it hard to write an ebook because they think its going to take lot of time.

Am I right?

Today I will teach you how you can create your Ebook fast in just under 30 minutes for your blog which will bring in huge income for your blog and guess what you don’t have to sell this ebook , you can give it away at no cost and yet make lots of money.

Recently I have written an ebook on how to make money from Amazon , which got 500+ downloads in 4days and has generated more than $1000 for me and YES! I gave it free to my subscribers 😉

So let begin and learn how I made this ebook.

Step 1. 

Compile all your blog posts , make sure to choose the best content from your blog and another thing you want to make sure is that all your content is relevant to your ebook title. If I am promoting ways to earn to Amazon then I don’t want to put articles like “how to do affiliate marketing”. The more relevant your article will be the more your readers will engage and try to finish reading your ebook.

You don’t want to bore your readers by making your ebook lengthy so try to choose between 5-7 epic content post and note down the urls in notepad or somewhere.

Simple isn’t it?

Step 2

Go to and download their  free software , its just like Microsoft office but not very advance yet its great for creating ebooks (Thats what we want it for, yea?)

Now you have downloaded installed the software , open it and create a beautiful cover page including your blog logo , ebook picture and title.

On the next page , paste all the link which you have saved in notepad and do some formatting , Arial size 12 is good readable font setting for an Ebook. Make sure to add copyright footer text on all the pages.

What I love about openoffice is that your hyperlinks stay in contact when you save it as pdf , this is exactly how I made so much money. I recommended products like hosting , wordpress list building tools and created hyperlinks in the text. Additionally I added a resource page at the end of my ebook with all the tools that are needed to start an amazon site.

Now do a final check of your ebook , make sure all content is fine and is in order.

Now go to file > export as pdf

create ebook

Saving Ebook as PDF on openoffice

Final Step

Great your Ebook is ready! How easy was it?

Now its time to design a kicka$$ cover page for your ebook , remember that people are going to download your ebook only on based on the cover page so you have to make it as compelling as you can. 5 ways how your can achieve this is by creating a

  • Title that should be Loud and Clear
  • Ebook size on your blog page should not be small or too big.
  • Use colors that meet your blog theme.
  • Tag Line
  • Author name

Good Examples are like

ebook coverhow1_copy

If you are good at photoshop then you can make them or you just go to and hire someone to make for you in just $5.

your ebook is complete and ready to go on your blog! I hope this will tutorial help you create awesome ebooks in just a matter of minutes which your readers will love to share and read and boost your brand name.

Next Read Will be on 10 ways to promote your ebook ! Subscribe to my email listing and be the first one to know when its published.

by Saad Naeem

I am an Admin and Co-Editor at & T shirt Printing Dubai Company in Dubai called, providing fresh tips for blogging. Make sure to subscribe to my blog for fresh business ideas

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  1. hello Saad,

    it’s interesting to hear you’re having success with an Amazon related free eBook, congrats!

    I cannot wait to read the next article… as promoting your eBook is tougher (or more time consuming) than creating it, don’t you think?

    I didn’t know we can have a wonderful eCover for $5 on Fiverr — I prefer the first one you featured over the other, which seems like one from back in the 2005 :)

    1. Thanks Ryan , Yea I cannot believe it too when I got over 500+ downloads in just 3days.

      Next post is almost ready , make sure to join my mailing list so i’ll send a quick shout out on it. 😀

      I recently started using fiver and it has some crazy stuff , i started getting video gigs from people to promote amazon stuff and uploading it on youtube , 20 videos are getting me around 300-400 targeted traffic to my niche site 😉

      May be you can use that tip 😉

      1. 500+ downloads!!
        Thats something I must think about.:D
        I never thought of writing an ebook, but I hope one day I will. :)
        Thanks for your tips!

  2. Hi Saad,

    Thanks for this great post, it seems like more and more people are trying to publish e-books so it’s a good article with many links and resources.

    Do you know any on-line services that auto compile all your blog posts into a .PDF ?

    1. Thanks Amanda for dropping your comment.

      There are few online services which automatically create ebooks for you but I they didn’t fancy my a lot and had their watermark on it so I got this amazing openoffice program which did the jop pretty well.

  3. Thank you for this post and detailed tutorial about how to write an ebook! It was explained simple and easy. Simply great.

    1. Thanks Luqman for dropping your comment , Hope to see you again soon buddy :)

  4. When i read the title, i thought: its just impossible, you cant write a book no matter how short it is in 30 minutes, but you where right.

    1. Thank Ely , Hope you have great success with your ebook.

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  6. Excellent blog on how to create E-book great content any one can create E-books

    1. Thanks Smith , Welcome to seoallrounder.

  7. Really amazing brother just now i read article its simple superb thanks for sharing best article…..

  8. Thanks for the wonderful post about writing an ebook. I was speially happy to make use of open office which is always better to save huge money instead of using MS office. Open office has a free option to convert it to PDF as well.

    Thanks again!

    1. Your Welcome Kamal , when you save files as pdf in MS Office , the hyperlinks becomes dead so its no point getting it.

  9. Well, Honestly when I read the title of your post first thing come in mind is “This is impossible”. Before read this article I thought that books are never short but now you change my point of view even I can write a book now. Thanks for the wonderful post about writing an E book. I was specially happy to make use of open office which is always better to save huge money instead of using MS office.

    1. Thats great, Really glad that I could help :)

  10. Hello saad,

    Really informative post and to be honest i was looking forward to write an ebook, i think openoffice would be great for startup.

    Thanks for the great resource.

    1. haha , Thanks great. I came in at the right time then 😉 hope you have great success with your ebook.

  11. Hi Saad,
    this is a wonderful way of earning a lot without even selling the ebook. 500 downloads in 4 days is really appreciable.

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    Most of the bloggers are looking to publish e-book nowadays for their readers and you have done a good job by posting this article. I had heard about Openoffice but didn’t know that it is useful in making e-books. Thanks for mentioning it. I will give it a try :-)

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    Nrapendra P Sharma

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    Thanks for sharing those easy tips to write an ebook! I personally haven’t tried your strategy before, but I’ll definitely give it a try whenever I get a chance. My most successful ebook that I wrote, was a guide ebook that teaches how to register a business and import wine in my province (I’m from Canada). It is simply a unique book that nobody else wrote, and I used my personal business experience with the industry. All I do is some very targeted facebook ads and some craigslist offers. Make about $700-$900 a month with it.

    Anyhow, thank you again Saad for sharing this helpful info – keep my email in your newsletter loop, as I want to be updated of other helpful tips and tricks regarding SEO!


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