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10 Ways To Speed Up Your WordPress Blog

Speeding up a WordPress Blog is highly recommended because page load speed is one of the important factors in determining page rank in Google ranking algorithms.If a site is slower it will only end up ranked lower in search engines even though it has high quality content than other sites.Remember that no one would like to visit and read a slow site.Consider if they connect to internet using a low speed connection,it will take at least a few minutes for a page to load.If your site is well optimized,it will load much faster even with low speed connections,and the reader will definitely like to visit your site again.

How to Speed up your wordpress blog :

Here are the top 10 ways to speed up a wordpress blog.

[box color=”green” icon=”lightbulb”]1.Setup a CDN:[/box]

Many famous blogs you know make use of CDN(Content Delivery Network)  to accelerate their blog.CDN’s like MaxCDN,WindowsAzure,cloudflare could speed up your site many times by optimizing and delivering content to visitors from their servers worldwide.When you use a CDN,when your blog is accessed,the content is delivered from the nearest server for the visitor.Thereby speeding up your blog also reduces bandwidth usage in your hosting server.I would suggest to use Maxcdn.My blogs are powered by MaxCDN.You might want to try it out too.

Supercharge your website in 5 minutes with MaxCDN($).

[box color=”blue” icon=”star”]2.Install a Cache Plugin:[/box]

For speeding up a blog ,a Cache plugin is a must.W3TotalCache is the best cache plugin ever developed and you know what, its free too..Setup the configurations you wanted and they deploy the settings.You can also configure the CDN to work with W3TotalCache.

W3TotalCache <link>

[box color=”red” icon=”thumb_up”]3.Install Faster Framework:[/box]

There are many WordPress Framework like Genesis,Headaway,Thesis Frameworks.I am using thesis framework for a few of my other sites,and you know what it loads a lot faster than my normal theme sites.Thesis theme is well known for its fast load time and easy customization using hooks.If you are thinking of buying thesis theme,its the perfect time, as the price will increase from 164$ to 297$ when thesis 2.0 is released.So hurry up and get your thesis theme now.

[box color=”orange” icon=”eye”]4.Optimize images:[/box]

Many of us use images in post,sometimes if the image is a large it will affect the page speed.So effective compression of an image will render the images a lot faster.Make use of plugin like  WP-SmushIt which will automatically optimizes images using several lossless algorithms.

WP-SmushIt Plugin <link>

[box color=”gray” icon=”emotion_wink”]5.Choose the best hosting:[/box]

Hosting server’s response time will also decide your WordPress Blog speed.The response time of the server is decided by the processor used,RAM,connection speed and the load on the server side.If you are using a shared host,you might experience slow loading  as the other websites will be sharing the same Processor,RAM and other resources.

Reliable hosts like hostgator uses  Intel Xeon 5xxx Series Processors processor in their shared host and they have up to 12GB of RAM so that all websites hosted on a single server will have the same response time irrespective of the load on the server.

We recommend to use Hostgator or Bluehost.

[box color=”blue” icon=”information”]6.Optimize Wp Database:[/box]

Everytime when your blog loads,your wordpress database will be fetched for retrieving contents like the post content,comments etc.If your database has many unused tables, it will increase the database size.

By using plugins like WP Database Optimizer,you can optimize your database without accessing phpMyAdmin which can be risky when you don’t know anything about SQL databases.

WP Database Optimizer Plugin <link>

[box color=”red” icon=”arrow_refresh”]7.Use CSS Sprites:[/box]

CSS sprites is an advanced method of combining images into a single large image consisting of all the images and then using css codes to display the separate image from the big Sprite image.Thus the time consumed to load many images is reduced by loading only a single compressed image,there by also reducing http requests.

This work can be done a lot easier by using wordpress plugins like cSprites to combine images into sprites and displaying  them.

[box color=”yellow” icon=”rss_valid”]8.Validate your blog:[/box]

Use  W3C Validator,an online markup validation service to validate your code.Using this service,try to fix as many errors are possible.As some common error cannot be fixed,try fixing at least critical errors.This will highly improve the view of your blog from the search bots.

[box color=”red” icon=”user_green”]9.Change Gravatar settings:[/box]

Gravatar can take more time to load than your site content as Gravatar images are loaded from an external site.As removing the Gravatar completely will ruin the comments section,you can just set the default Gravatar images to none under Settings>>Discussion.

[box color=”green” icon=”star”]10.Enable Hotlink & Leech Protection:[/box]

Enable Hotlink and leech Protection by using the setting in the Security using Cpanel.This will prevent others from directly linking to your files or images on their site thereby preventing bandwidth theft.

Also check out Powerful Premium WordPress Plugins that you can use in your blog .Hope you liked this post.You can test your site speed by using services like Pingdome.Do share what is WordPress blog speed is and what other services you are using to speed up your WordPress blog.

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  1. I used most of these ways, very useful post, keep sharing, Saad

    1. Thanks trung , well this post if for new bloggers who just got into blogging , it might help them out 😉

  2. I think you need to find an alternative to because it is not working anymore (not all the time), the developer is already aware of this. Yahoo problem

  3. hey Arsie , i am on my other website and its working great may be the support might not available but its working fine.

  4. Really great tips for speeding up your wordpress blog.

    1. Thanks matt , hope to see you again soon.

  5. I wasn’t aware of the hot link protection and leech protection options. Definitely going to go set that up. Many thanks!

    1. Yes Charles , there are many people who would just embed your pictures and start using your bandwidth , so its better to keep it protected while saving your bandwidth and speeding up your blog.

  6. Combining images using css sprite is great way as well as we should combine multi js to one.

    1. Yup (= , Thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment Ahmed.

  7. Well, one can use plugins to speed up one’s blog, or declutter one’s website of unused or useless plugins to speed it up as well.
    I wouldn’t think of setting up my default Gravatar images to none, as it would appear that my blog is unprofessional or something like that. I love comments from readers, and it pays off if I know that they have a Gravatar photo to show on their names.
    Enabling hotlink and leech protection is one thing here I haven’t done yet, might as well do that for my personal site. Thanks for sharing!

    1. yea true , everyone has their own views , some people prefer speeding their website more than adding gravatar.

      Glad you found a new tip on speeding up your wordpress blog , dont forget to come back for more .

  8. Thank you for sharing the post. One’s blog needs to be fast so that visitors can enjoy visiting your site. I had a great experience. One of the blog though i don’t remember the name now was really superfast. I was really surprised to see that lighting fast blog. Superfast blog certainly helps in ranking in Google and you have mentioned some great ways to speed up the blog. Thank you for sharing the article with us.

    1. Thank you Sanjib that you liked my tips about speeding up the blog , speeding up increases the user experience and hence the ranking.

  9. I read somewhere that fast loading blogs are loved by search engines and I think they are also good to reduce bounce rate. I was looking for this specific information because even I have a wordpress blog. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

    1. yes fast loading blogs create a better user experience with less bounce rates and hence google love them.

      Thanks for commenting 🙂 , hope to see you again here.

  10. Thanks for letting me know the importance og CDN. Is it free of cost

    1. Maxcdn is the best , I use it on all the blogs , i wont recommend free cdn sites.

  11. hmm great tips w3t is best solution for me to speedup my blog

  12. nice tips bro ,its very important to have good speed of a blog coz it directly effects to your visitors

  13. yea i agree gopal w3t is a cache plugin and every blogger should use it to increase website page load

  14. its affect to your bounce rate …….as visitors will plunge on to the next website if your blog takes a lot of time in loading

  15. I used most of these ways, really nice and useful post, keep sharing more post like this, Thanks

    1. Thanks Hammad, you should try maxcdn, it will supercharge your wordpress blog.

  16. And how you can prevent hotlink and provide leech protection from CDN???

    1. just got of the phone from maxcdn which i use on this site and they said they dont provide leech protection for cdn files.

  17. Nice tips Saad 🙂
    I am using almost all of them to speed up my wordpress blog, thanks for tips.

    1. Your Welcome Tarun, how is maxcdn treating you?

  18. Saad Naeem, this is the best collection for speed up blog plugins for wordpress I have come across so far. Thanks for sharing!

  19. I never knew about Smush It. That’s a cool plugin I’ve saved about 4mb in picture sizes.

  20. Also recommend Limit Login Attempts. Note that if you have any membership sites where users login, you’ll want to raise the lockout threshold and set it to notify you on any lockouts. That way you can help your members get logged into your site.

    Another tip: Keep your computer updated and run a modern browser. Check out the Browse Happy project for more information.


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