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4 Recipes to Create an Interesting Website Content

Do you need the proper recipe to make an omelet, or that special roasted chicken? Tell me, can you replace the salt with sugar? Can you remove one or two of the ingredients? You can’t. Even if you can, you will not be able to taste the intended taste, right? That’s the same thing with your web content writing.

You need proper recipe to make your web content writing “tasty”, which means easy to read, easy to understand, easy to digest, and interesting. Are you willing to eat a hamburger with a horrible taste? I’m sure you won’t. So, are you willing to read any web content that is boring and uninteresting? Sadly, you won’t.

So, what is the recipe to a tasty web content writing?

There are four components (or you can say ingredients):

– It must have unique style
– It must have an interesting title
– It must have a curiosity-arousing opening
– It must have useful and good body content

Now, let’s dig deeper into how to cook your web content writing using these four ingredients.

1. Unique Style

Chefs around the world are cooking the same spaghetti with the same recipe. But, what makes their spaghetti different?

They have unique style, unique to each chef.

Every article has the same component, but it is the uniqueness that keeps the readers flow with the content. That’s the uniqueness that keeps them reading, with the feeling of satisfaction every time they read a paragraph of your content.

Your web content writing should also carry its own uniqueness that is unique to you. With this uniqueness, the readers can recognize instantly that it is your content. This is the taste of you.

2. Interesting Title

This is the “cover” of your article, as it with book. The title is what your readers read first before they consider trying the taste of your content. This is the outer look of your web content writing that makes the readers want to read your content.

Make your reader curious about what’s inside your content by creating a catchy title. Craft your title before you write your article. Make the readers curious with your content.

3. Curiosity Arousing Opening

This is the first taste before you eat. When you see a big omelet that looks really tasty, what’s the first thing that you do before eating that omelet? You taste it, and this is the purpose of your opening paragraph. It’s the first taste of your content for your readers.

The opening paragraph is the continuation of your title. The curiosity factor should be included in your opening paragraph. In the opening paragraph of your web content writing, make your readers to actually want to read (or “eat”) your content.

4. Useful and Good Body Content

This is the chicken in your special roasted chicken recipe, the main meal for your readers. This is what you give to your readers. Your web content writing should contain useful and good information in the body of your article. This is the purpose of your web content writing.

If you have good content, present to your readers in an interesting way so that your readers will not bored with your content.

That’s it, the core recipe for your web content writing. In order to create a “tasty” content for your readers, you need to incorporate all the ingredients in your web content writing. Not only this will increase readership rate of your website, this will also persuade your readers to follow your advice and buy your recommended products or services.

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  1. Hey Saad! First time on your blog …but it’s awesome man! Keep up the good work!

    About this post – All the points are perfect. Just wanted to add one more – Adding Media! It’s really important, isn’t it?

    1. Thanks raaj , really appreciate your comment.

      Well social media can come to play in promoting your content but not for creating your content.

      just checked your website and you are doing great work with it too, liked your fan page (=

      Hope to see you here soon again , dont forget to join fan page to get new updates.

  2. The interest of your readers really depends on your title. Very few people won’t care to read what you have written from the first sentence to the last just to know something about it. If you don’t hook their interest to read through your article they’ll just go to another blog or post which makes your titles the most important part of your articles as it is the first thing that your readers will see. Thanks for the post! And I think your sidebar is a little off, or maybe that’s just with my laptop?

    1. Thanks, please next time use name @ keyword because using keyword as a name looks very spammy.

  3. Great tips bro.I think Title is the most important as when one title looks different when anyone searches ,he will be eager to click on our post in search engines.

    1. Thanks Gowtham , you are right for me title and unique style is must

  4. Fabulous article dude. The interesting heading and the unique style are the key factors of the blogging. Very informative article. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. Thanks shika , i am glad that you liked it.

  5. hello friend this is a nice site.very useful for me.thanks for sharing your important ideas.this is my first visiting .thanks.

    1. Thanks nuwan , glad you liked it.

      Hoping to see you again.

  6. Hello Saad,
    Really awesome topic !
    I would say that you have mixed blogging with kitchen this time and added spicy flavors to give an awesome look to this Article !
    Content is main part of your website, If content is unique and have power then you will get real users who love to get information !
    Keep doing great work 🙂


    1. lol yea , you know blog pretty much is like kitchen , great stuff comes out of it which is eagerly waited by the people.

      Same thing goes from the blog , if your content has a great taste then people would love to come again to get a taste of it.

      Thanks , i will try my best to produce great content.

  7. Lol Recipes:)
    I always consider these type ov post helpful and offcourse this one also:D

  8. I seriously think adding Images or other media matters a lot, because social sites like Pinterest and Tumblr are on the rise in rankings. So I think it is quite important to add images! Anyway all the other points were good.

    1. Thanks Aditya , this is what i have been telling my readers that to be more active on Pinterest as it the highest converting social media right now.

  9. Great way of citing those 4 Recipes to Create an Interesting Website Content. This is very informative in a way that it would help writers, bloggers and even just readers or researchers.

    1. Thanks Jill , Make sure to Join my mailing list in order get more awesome tips 😉

  10. definitely agree with good body content, i supposed if you do decide to put less than what is common, at least a good 600 words then you might not get a good response, this seems to carry into 2015.

  11. I’m still trying to work on better arousing content.. it’s not easy especially when your niche isn’t exactly exciting to write about. hmm.

  12. Good information about content writing. A good and unique content plays an important part for your website . I got useful information after reading this post.


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