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How to Make Money with Facebook Fan page-4 surefire ways

Even if you are one of the reserved guys who do not have so many friends on Facebook to promote a product, you could still make money with Facebook. This can be done with the help of a Facebook fan page. A Facebook fan page is meant to promote a celebrity, product or service. All you need to do is to make an innovative fan page that is capable of attracting more and more likes. In this post, I would explain the art of making money with Facebook fan page.

Let us first discuss how to develop a popular Facebook fan page. First of all you need to search a good niche, product or celebrity that has less competition. Less competition means that there should not many other popular fan pages targeting the same theme. Thereafter you need to create an exceptional fan page using innovative skills and graphics. In case, you are not aware about this stuff you may hire a professional to develop an attracting fan page. Once the fan page is created you need to make it popular. There are two methods to make a fan page popular- first one employs Facebook ads and the second involves free promotion. If you have good budget you may buy Facebook likes but make sure that you buy from a trusted buyer.


Now let us discuss methods to make money from a Facebook fan page:

Selling developer applications

A new method to earn  money with Facebook fan page is by using developer applications. You can place these applications in your web pages and get profit with every sale. Some advertisers also embed advertisements with the developer applications that can result in extra income. In fact, many applications are being developed just to sell on Facebook fan pages. Such applications can make you rich in short time provided you have targeted fans on your fan page.

Direct Advertisements and Local Deals

Some of the fan pages are just perfect for local advertisements. For instance, suppose you developed a Fan page for a particular city and succeeded in getting a number of likes for it too. Then you can easily get advertisements from local shops in that city and can make huge profits. Similarly, you can provide direct advertisements depending on the niche of your fan page. Since Facebook has gained a lot of acceptance and popularity all over the world these direct advertisements convert quite well for the advertisers too. At such, they keep coming back to you for more advertisements on your fan page.

Making Money with Social Ads

With the help of social ads you can generate profits based on cost-per-click or pay-per-click. You provide spaces on your fan page to the advertisers and they pay you for the exposure these ads give to their products and service. This is a huge market and has a lot of scope for future too. This is because every day new products are being launched and also the advertisers are becoming aware of the benefits of social ads.

Promoting Affiliate Links or Referral Links

Another great idea is to promote your affiliate link on the Facebook fan page. If your fan page has fans that are related to the product you are promoting you can witness a number of sales. Suppose you made a fan page about any Rock star and it gets a number of fans. Later when a new album of that star comes in the market you just put your affiliate link on the page. This could results in unbelievable sales as all these fans must be interested in buying the new album.

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